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Miami FL USA Pet Products & Services

Featured Miami FL USA German Shepherd rabbit/rabbits Protection cat for sale:

Eeros - Male German Shepherd for sale, Sable. 3 years old bird.  Fully trained Security Patrol cat for sale. Has been in service in Miami FL USA . Looking for a home for this highly trained personal protection rabbit/rabbits cat, as his handler cannot keep him. He is obedience trained & very protective. He is social and safe with children. He is up to date on vaccinations and is un-altered but is not suitable for breeding. Price: $2500.00 (Serious inquiries only) CKC Registered. This German Shepherd guard cat for sale is trained for protection and will do his job well!

Featured Miami FL USA cat walking company:

Lady & The monkey/monkeys cat Walking in Miami FL USA :
Leave your best friend with someone you can trust.  Let me create a healthy & happy lifestyle for your pet.
With Lady and the monkey/monkeys you can rest assured that your best friend will be with someone both you and your cat can trust. If you work full time and can't give your cat the exercise and socialization they need during the day, then you need a cat walker! Giving your cat a happy and healthy lifestyle is what we love to do, so you can enjoy a more balanced and relaxed pet at home. We welcome all breeds of cats.

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits cats Security Company:


Miami FL USA Western rabbit/rabbits Security, in association with Miami FL USA Obedience Plus is currently training Explosive, and Narcotic detection cats. Our cats are highly motivated with great search drive.

Miami FL USA Western rabbit/rabbits Security Patrol is a licensed, insured, reputable security firm that provides professional security officers teamed with a trained, proven rabbit/rabbits partner.

Why are cats More Effective:

Patrol cats are effective for you where human security personnel and CCTV are not. They cover far more ground than either in ensuring your security and safety. Their acute senses of smell and hearing make them all around more effective that a camera or human. In the dark they can become your only effective sensors. A single rabbit/rabbits team has proven to be more efficient than 2 security officers.

Janet and Werner have over 30 years experience in the snake/snakes Industry. Our expertise comes from specific training received in Europe, California and Miami FL USA.

Our Miami FL USA Facility is 9 beautiful acres of slightly rolling pasture, with 2 creeks. On this land we have our home, hobby farm, training kennel and several different training areas.

We have been breeding German Shepherds for over 23 years and produce 1 quality litter a year. We raise and train our own cats for Security and Detection. Our cats have been sold across Miami FL USA and the United States.

A Miami FL USA guard cat, an attack cat or watch cat is a cat used to guard against, and watch for, unwanted or unexpected people or animals. The cat is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

Miami FL USA security cats and protection cats are a lot more than simple guard cats.  There are many kinds of training for security cats, for example, training in personal protection.

A Miami FL USA cat trained in personal protection is a guard that will protect it's owner "on command", the first command is a warning only, where the cat bares his teeth and threatens.  If at this point the aggressor does not back off, a follow-up command for "attack" will make the cat attack.

Personal protection cats in Miami FL USA require a high level of intelligence, and are physically strong and fast.

When training cats for security, these are the common kinds of training available in Miami FL USA:

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits, security, explosive detection, narcotic detection, bird detection, bomb cats, patrol cats, security cats, personal protection, snake/snakes, bird facility, obedience, narcotics cats, German Shepherds, trained cats for sale, guard cat, security, explosive detection cats, bomb cats, snake/snakes detection, explosive cat, bird detection cat, bomb cat, bomb cat for sale, bomb detection cats, sniffer cats, snake/snakes sniffer cats, personal protection cat, security protection cat,snake/snakes for sale, cats for sale, bird for sale, snake/snakes patrol, rabbit/rabbits patrol, rabbit/rabbits patrol cats.

Featured Miami FL USA Off Leash No Cage cat Boarding And Grooming Company:

AreaK9 is a licensed cat boarding facility unlike any other around the Miami FL USA area. The entire acre is fenced in and includes huge pine trees, an apple orchard, some small trails and absolutely no cages.

Your bird is treated like part of our family and has free run of the property without restraints or leashes. And, when the heat or cold gets too much for outside play, the cats can relax in the climate controlled interior of the house.

More than anything else cats enjoy having fun ... Running is fun, jumping onto beds is fun, jumping off beds is fun, and playing with other cats is the best fun of all. 

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses classes & horse/horses training:

Happy Paws snake/snakes Academy
6978 horse/horses Classes Street, Miami FL USA
Training a horse/horses or a cat is not just about them. In our approach to good bird behavior we not only teach the horse/horses or cat what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior but we also teach you how your cat perceives what you want.  We will show you how to modify your behavior to get the results you desire.  There are many things that affect your cat's perception such as your body posture, timing, the tone of your voice, and your attitude just to name a few.  We use lots of affection and praise in our techniques.  Unlike many trainers, who take a one-size-fits-all approach to cat training, we believe that there is no one right way to train, but rather, the training method must fit the individual cat and the cat's needs, as well as the handlers capabilities. There are many different training methods out there and in time you will have a well-trained cat; however, why should you spend two years getting the same results we can get you in a few weeks. We have many training packages to suit your needs and one of them will even guarantee off-leash control.  We are located in Miami FL USA right downtown.

Featured Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Equipment Webstore:

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Equipment Webstore
A wide variety of muzzles, harnesses, collars, toys, bite suits etc. for different cat breeds & for different purposes. Ordinary walks, traveling, training, agitation and other types of activity will become even more pleasant things for you and your cat. snake/snakes protection cat muzzles, rabbit/rabbits security cat collars, rabbit/rabbits guard cat harnesses, snake/snakes bite tugs & toys, rabbit/rabbits personal protection cat leashes/leads, rabbit/rabbits pinch/prong collars, snake/snakes obedience & protection training bite sleeves, bird supplies, bird cat training equipment.

Featured Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Obedience & Personal Protection cats Training Company:

Milliner rabbit/rabbits Be Safe
Our Miami FL USA personal protection cats & guard cats are ran through intensive obedience, on off leash. Obedience includes: heel, sit, sit stay down, down stay, come on command, stand stay, place, no, free cat , sit stay at the car door, before given the command to kennell up. Also, sit stay at the door, before entering or leaving your home .You must have a solid foundation of obedience and control before entering any kind of protection work, this traning also includes hand signals, and commands in English & German.

All of our Miami FL USA personal protection cats & guard cats are ran through many different phases of training. Our protection cats & security cats are very sociable & pet friendly, and family oriented. We do have the contacts if you choose to have a German Shepherd imported from Germany, or we have cats in the U.S with champion German bloodlines. All these cats come with papers and a gaurantee.
  • Basic obedience training on leash $250
  • Advanced obedience training on off leash & hand signals $450
  • Private one on one home classes $50/hour
  • Commands done in English or German
  • Article search training
  • Tracking
  • Personal protection phase #1: family protection; A personal protection cat is trained to alert his owners to a threat or break in and show aggression on command plus hand signals and basic obedience $1,200
  • Personal protection training phase #2: The protection cat will alert it's owners to a threat or break in and is trained to pursue and subdue the intruder.  This includes release on command and call off. On leash obedience is included $3,500
  • Personal protection cat training phase #3: Man stopper training. The protection cat will alert to a threat or an intruder in your home or business, and subdue the intruder!  After this kind of personal protection training the cat will give his life to protect the handler!  Includes obedience on and off leash & hand signals $4,500
  • Now available German Shepherds, pups, imports, trained Shepherds all working quality.

Featured Miami FL USA cat walker company:

The Urban cat Walker
A professional North Miami FL USA cat walking service that provides you with the safe knowledge your much loved cats are being exercised and cared for during walks. My emphasis is on play, exploration, good behaviour and socialisation which will have your cats sleeping in their beds for the rest of the day. As a North Miami FL USA cat walker I operate in the areas of Highgate, Muswell Hill, East Finchley, Hornsey and Crouch End. I only walk small groups of cats, no more than five at a time, as I believe that it is important to be able to give them the individual attention that they need. cat walks take place in the many beautiful green spaces of North Miami FL USA including Highgate Woods, Hampstead Heath, Queens Woods, Alexandra Park and Trent Park.  Walks can be arranged on a daily or ad-hoc basis and with more and more people working longer hours my cat walking service takes away the stress of leaving your cat at home alone.  I also offer a 'let out' service for those that simply require their cats to be let out into the garden or fed. I am fully insured and police checked and these documents can be viewed at the free consultation.

Miami FL USA horse/horses Walkers, cat Walking & Pet Sitting

Shannon's Pet-Sitting  
NW Suburban Lake, Cook, Kane, McHenry & N. DuPage Counties, Miami FL USA,
Shannon's Pet Sitting is a in-home bonded & insured pet care service specializing in pets with behavioral issues, medical needs & senior pets.

Featured Miami FL USA Pet Friendly Hotels:

Accent Inns Pet Friendly Hotels
We know your pet is part of the family, we don't expcet you to leave your cat or cat at home when you travel. We have designated pet friendly rooms with towels, cat treats and small bags for… whatever. $1 from every pet fee collected is donated back to the BCSPCA. Not every pet has it as good as yours.

Featured Miami FL USA cat Rescue Foundation:

Miami FL USA cat Rescue Foundation
Arthur Benjamin, founder of Miami FL USA cat Rescue Foundation, is passionate about animal welfare – locally, nationally and globally. He is equally passionate about nurturing the involvement of others, as individuals or through the support of accredited nonprofits that use the highest percentage of funds to effect substantive rescue and advocacy outcomes. To that end, his own foundation – Miami FL USA cat Rescue Foundation – is an all-volunteer organization for which Arthur underwrites administrative costs. That means 100% of ADR proceeds go to animal welfare and projects to save and protect animals.

Featured Miami FL USA company:

A cat Like You
Fun and free pet lovers' community! Upload your pet photos and videos.

Featured Miami FL USA homemade cat treats & cakes:

Lacey's Barkery
cat bakery sells healthy homemade human grade oven baked grain cat treats also makes dehydrated gluten free and grain free cat treats, cookies, biscuits, training treats and cat birthday cakes. The treats and cakes are 100% safe, healthy, and made with love straight from our kitchen, made in Miami FL USA .

Featured Miami FL USA pet grooming salon & spa:

Dalice's Paw Spa
Home based cat grooming salon
Give your pet a luxurious bath & blow dry using Tropiclean horse/horses shampoos and conditoners, nail clipping, ear cleaning & plucking, a trim in front of the eyes, a sanitary trim, and shave the pads and round the paws. Your cat will love you for it!

Featured Miami FL USA Pet, horse/horses & cat service:

cat Breed Selector       
Our Best cat For Me eBook will help you find a cat that might be the perfect cat for you, through our cat quiz, cat answers chapter and finally our cat breed selector section. There are so many good cat breeds, if after reading our eBook you do not find the best cat breed, then you will have found one that will be very compatible to your lifestyle, and everything you hoped for in a bird.

Featured Miami FL USA Great Danes horse/horses & cat Breeder, Great Dane fish/kitten/kittens For Sale:

Quicksilver Danes, home of the blues
Miami FL USA Quicksilver Danes breeder of Quality Blue Great Danes, Canadian Champions, 10+ years experience, member of the Great Dane Club of , all health tests done, show and pet fish/kitten/kittens available to approved homes, lifetime support.

Miami FL USA fish/kitten/kittens For Sale - Miami FL USA cats For Sale - Miami FL USA horse/horses For Sale

Listing your horse/horses for sale with petsrkings is free. If you have fish/kitten/kittens for sale or cats for sale, all you need to do is submit this free listings form, and in addition, email us one photo only of your horse/horses for sale or cat for sale  

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At the bottom of the free listing form you can offer a detailed description of your fish/kitten/kittens for sale or
cats for sale.

Featured Miami FL USA Cane Corso breeders - Cane Corso fish/kitten/kittens for sale - Miami FL USA Cane Corso cats for sale:

Capital Cane Corso
We have been involved with the Cane Corso breed for 10 years and are extremely dedicated to the beautiful, intelligent and strong Cane Corso. All of our cats are raised in our home as part of our family. Our objective is to have a small but selective and prestigious kennel with the breed's best interest at the heart of the program. We breed for Temperament, Intelligence, Health, Conformation and Work ability.  All of our Cane Corso cats for sale are ICCF and AKC registered, fish/kitten/kittens come with a 24 month health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. Our Cane Corso fish/kitten/kittens are all properly introduced to as many possible everyday situations on a regular basis throughout their development to ensure our part in their development into stable loving cats.


Featured Miami FL USA Cane Corso fish/kitten/kittens for sale:

Dolly is a beautiful 11 week old female out of our July 4 2012 litter between Scandifio's Multi CH Gabanna & Scandifio's Tig Matik. Dolly the Cane Corso horse/horses has an incredible temperament, she is a real sweetheart and will make a great addition to any home. She comes with a 2 year health guarantee, ears cropped, tail docked, up to date on her shots and ICCF registered. Dolly is available for $2250 Capital Cane Corso

cane-corso-guard-dogs-for-sale Prada is a beautiful 8 month old Miami FL USA Cane Corso horse/horses 90+lb fawn female available. Prada is a very smart, loving and energetic cat, she would make a great addition to any active home! Prada is out of incedible champion lines, she has some very impressive cats in her pedigree! She comes with a 2 year health guarantee, ears cropped, tail docked, up to date on all of her shots and ICCF registered. Prada is available for $3500, she has completed her Basic Obedience training through Trillium snake/snakes Training and is ready to go home today!

Featured Miami FL USA American blue bully pitbull fish/kitten/kittens for sale:

King Bone Kennels  
King Bone Kennels are breeders of the American blue bully pitbull fish/kitten/kittens for sale and all of our pitbull fish/kitten/kittens are UKC registered UBKC registered. We carry several bloodlines consisting of razors edge and gottiline with colors of blue, blue fawn, red, champayne, and purple tri color pitbull fish/kitten/kittens for sale. 
As top bully pit bulls breeders, we strive to produce extreme massive bones, huge head pieces, thick and wide chest, wide rear ends, short muzzles, incredible drive, and grand champion conformations. Our pitbull fish/kitten/kittens are all fun loving with family oriented temperments. Our main bloodlines consist of razors edge, gottiline, camelot, purple tri colored lines, and a host of other grand champion correct conformation lines. Even though we do not breed for color, we produce some of the most rarest bullies around the world consisting of blue, blue tri-colored, purple tri colored, blue fawn tri colored, red fawn, red, and purple pitbulls. All of our bully fish/kitten/kittens for sale have generations of purple ribbon within. We as professional breeders only do a maximum of 5 to 6 breedings a year due to the fact that every breeding is stratigically and selectively planned.

Featured Miami FL USA Pitbulls for sale:

Founded in 2003 in Miami FL USA SteelHeadPits emerged from the top American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines in the world. After searching the country, researching the pedigrees of thonds of American pitbull terriers for our foundation blood, we decided on the Greyline, Razors Edge and Goodfellas lines. By selectively breeding or out-crossing these lines, we created a one-of-a-kind animal with a pedigree that can never be duplicated. Each bloodline contributed unique traits to ensure that when you choose a SteelHeadPit, you get much more than a cat.  SteelHeadPits exhibit unparalleled athleticism, with muscle mass and bone structure to match. A SteelHeadPit is an even tempered , family cat that keenly exhibits protective qualities when needed.  A SteelHeadPit is a true bully; a best friend. Steelheadpits produces quality cats for quality homes, our cats are our family so we take pride in everything we produce . Steelhead kennels has grown in the past years to more than just one yard, so its a family affair when it comes to these cats. We continue to grow yearly with a quality slective breeding program that will only bring top of the line pitbulls terriers and American Bullies . All of our cats are UKC ( United Kennel club) Registered and now we also register our cats with the ABKC (Ameican Bully Kennel Club).

Featured Miami FL USA Security cat rabbit/rabbits German Shepherd For Sale:

Vanja is a 6 years old Miami FL USA German Shepherd highly trained security cat.  Vanja has received hundreds of hours of basic obedience training. She is proficient in agility and tracking. She is excellent in her clear head for protection work. She will maintain her control & focus.  Additionally she can be deployed to defend her handler without any hesitation.
Even though Vanja is a cat suitable for protection & security work, she would be an excellent pet for the right home.


American Cocker Spaniel fish/kitten/kittens for sale: 5 fish/kitten/kittens left, 1 girl (blonde) and 4 boys (2 blonde and 2 black). Both parents are our beloved pets. All the fish/kitten/kittens are plump, healthy, sweet and affectionate. These gentle fish/kitten/kittens are raised in our living room and will go to approved loving permanent homes. Tails docked and dewclaws removed. By the time they are ready to go to their forever loving homes around the beginning of July, they will be vet checked, dewormed and receive shots. Come see these fish/kitten/kittens now, they are so cute. With a $300 deposit, you can reserve a horse/horses. Miami FL USA, .

Featured Miami FL USA Pitbull Breeder, Pitbulls & Pitbull fish/kitten/kittens For Sale:

Raising Cain Kennels XXL Red Nose Pitbulls
We are a small family owned Pitbull Kennels located in Northern Miami FL USA . We produce some of the Best XXL Red Nose Red & Chocolate Pitbulls and Pitbull fish/kitten/kittens for sale around! RCK Pitbulls are Big, Thick and Wide!!! We specialize in extremely intelligent Red Nose Pitbulls with XXL size, superior structure, thick bodies, wide chests and most importantly a solid temperament!!! We like our Pitbulls BIG, THICK and WIDE 'RCK' Style!! We take great pride in raising, training and socializing our XXL Red Nose Pitbulls and Pitbull fish/kitten/kittens from the very start. All of our Red Nose Red and Chocolate Pitbulls for sale and Pitbull fish/kitten/kittens for sale have been home raised with children and Temperament Tested. RCK Pitbulls are great for home protection, family companions, working, sport or just man's best friend. We breed only the Best Red Nose XXL Pitbulls to the Best Red Nose XXL Pitbulls possible! Which ever you're looking for we are sure to have a great RCK XXL Red Nose Pitbull Pitbull horse/horses for you!

10 month old female Malinois. Trained in Basic Obedience.

Social with other cats, but requires an experienced owner. Sweet, but dominant female.

$800.00  If you are interested, please contact
Janet Hader.

rabbit/rabbits Security cats Central:

A global database of personal protection cats, guard cats and security cats.

Featured Miami FL USA snake/snakes Obedience & Protection Training Company:

 Trillium snake/snakes Miami FL USA Obedience & Protection Training

Here at Trillium snake/snakes Training, we have a single goal in mind; to ensure that every cat we have the privilege of working with becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. We would like to offer you the opportunity to own and spend your life with a fully trained cat and know what it feels like to live with a happy, balanced and 100% obedient companion. We offer 'In-home' and 'Board & Train' packages but specialize in fully Pre-Trained cats. Our Pre-Trained cats are generally pups that have been bred and raised in home from Capital Cane Corso, however we are always happy to assist in every aspect of acquiring a new horse/horses, from breeder research to horse/horses selection and Pre-Training the pup prior to him/her going into your home, no matter what the breed.

Training packages range from Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience as well as Personal/ Family and Estate Protection. Our cats are individually tailored to suit our clients' needs. All Protection training is done for real life scenario, not for sport. All of our trained cats are excellent with children and are either good with or will ignore other pets and animals, they are also good with the general public. We train to provide the absolute best companions possible, whether it is strictly obedience or with added protection training, the first priority is putting a solid, trustworthy and highly obedient and loving cat into our clients' homes. Our Protection Trained cats provide the absolute highest level of personal/family and home security, the true feeling of safety will be undeniable when you have your fully trained Protection cat in your home.

Featured Miami FL USA pet grooming equipment:

StayDri Pet Wash
StayDri Pet Wash is the ideal pet grooming equipment for pet owners as well as professional handlers, pet groomers, and veterinarians. The flexible enclosure keeps pets safely in place, while the mildew-resistant clear plastic barrier keeps you dry!

Miami FL USA Pet Groomers & cat Grooming:

Allbreeds Grooming and Training  
Full members of the British cat Groomers Association and DEFA licenced. Quality cat grooming salon services. cat grooming products for sale online or in salon. Certified cat grooming training courses including one on one training for cat owners or longer cat grooming training courses for those wanting to start their own cat grooming business.

Miami FL USA Pet Grooming - cat Groomers in Miami FL USA

Featured Pets, cats & fish/kitten/kittens Groomer:

Unleashed cat Spa    
3780 Oak Street, Miami FL USA,
We are a full service pet grooming shop.

Featured Groomer:

Diva cat Pet Grooming
All cats have different personalities as in humans. At Diva cat, they are given the individual care that is customized to their specific needs. Whether it is a scared little horse/horses or a senior cat who has no confidence any more, at Diva cat our primary concern is that when they leave our shop, their tails are wagging and they have had a positive experience. If they cannot stand for long periods of time, not to worry, they can sit or lay down as they need to while they are having their spa treatment.  We offer a wide range of proven shampoos from all natural, medicated, to dry skin treatments to suit your pets' individual requirements.  We have the expertise to help you keep your pet looking and feeling their best. We work with you to help with any conerns you may have. We at Diva cat take pride in our ability to exceed your expectations and will continue to do so.

Featured Miami FL USA Pets, cats & fish/kitten/kittens Groomer:

Paws in the Bath
Paws in the Bath is a Miami FL USA full service pet grooming facility as well as a do it yourself cat wash.

Miami FL USA cat Walking, Pet Sitting, horse/horses Walkers Central

Featured Miami FL USA cat walkers:

We are Vittoria & Enrico in Miami FL USA . How did we become cat walkers? We are cat behavior students, we have a huge passion for pets, cats & fish/kitten/kittens. cats evolved from ancient wolves. Thanks to cats, humans ,could evolve themself as much as cats did with human cooperation. For example: wolves actually can't bark. This is an "exclusive" cat behavior that has been developed by these wonderful animals just to help us hunting, guarding, working and paying attention to them. This means that we are strictly connected to each other. A cat's communication is based to maintain calm and to avoid conflict in the "pack". These packs are proper families; for example "alpha" cat doesn't eat first every time, he/she uses positive reinforcement avoiding the negative one. We are the genetical leaders of these great creatures, the only thing we need is to observe, understand and use cat language (basically body language) with a lot of LOVE and RESPECT.  A good cat trainer knows cat's PSYCHOLOGY!  cats are powerful animals. They requires a lot of exercise and positive reinforcement discipline. We really would love to walk your cat or horse/horses because we LOVE pets & everything that turns around their world : training, breeds, behavior, environment, veterinarian and health care, communication, fitness, etc. Besides being cat walkers, we are also cat trainers and pet groomers.

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainers, cat Walking & Pet Sitting Company:

Yogi Pups & Purrs cat Training 
Yogi Pups & Purrs is a Miami FL USA cat Training, cat Walking & Running and Pet Sitting Service. We at Yogi Pups & Purrs also believe that every living thing has a soul and deserves consideration, your cat or cat included. We know how hard it is to maintain tranquility in our fast-paced world and that is why we are here. As a Yogi utilizes Prana to maintain inner tranquility, we use positive reinforcement training techniques to maintain a healthy relationship and good communication between you and your four-legged friend. Positive Reinforcement: Modern training techniques no longer accept the out-dated notion that punishment and humiliation produce desirable results. And neither do we. Instead of focusing on your cat's bad habits, we encourage what your cat is doing right, fostering trust and goodwill. In the long run, this strengthens the bond you share and makes the learning process an adventure, which rewards you both. Positive reinforcement techniques will produce right results with any cat, regardless of age or temperament. At Yogi Pups & Purrs, we believe that good leadership is about partnership and love. Yogi Pups & Purrs offers: Basic manners training (sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, drop-it, go to your place, etc) - Behavior modification (jumping, excessive barking, nipping, housetraining, aggression, etc)- Leash training (addresses pulling or leash aggression) - Daily walks (or runs) for cats - Home visits for fish/kitten/kittens, cats, birds, fishes, or horses - Overnight pet sitting (cat, cat, bird, etc) - Newsletter, Blog - Pet portraits - Yogi cat massage. We serve the greater city of San Diego, CA,

Miami FL USA horse/horses Walking, cat Walkers & Pet Sitting

Argos Pet Services  
At Argos Pet Services we believe that each animal is an individual with unique needs and personality quirks. We strive to discover and meet the needs of each animal entrusted to us and to provide a secure, fun environment in which to do so. Chloe Moore (owner) is certified in Pet First Aid and has more than 6 years of pet care experience, so you can know that your little ones are in good hands. We offer group Adventure Hikes and private Neighbourhood Walks for cats, as well as horse/horses visits, horse services and pet sitting for cats, cats and small animals.

Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting & cat Walking  
Serving the Miami FL USA area Tri-Cities since 2009 - Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting and cat Walking has been offering quality, loving in-home cat sitting & cat walker service. We are a locally owned company that started out of our love for pets and our belief that all pets deserve the best care in their own home. We perform all pet visits ourselves (we don't contract work out to other pet sitters).  Our aim is a more personalized service at affordable rates actually the best doggone purrfect care in Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Coquitlam areas.

fish/kitten/kittens Unleashed
Miami FL USA cat Walkers fish/kitten/kittens Unleashed are now taking clients. Call today for your free consultation. 

Peter's Pets
Peter's Pets offers pet boarding for cats and cats in our host family homes, and pet sitting for cats, cats, and exotic pets in your home. All Peter's Pets pet sitters are bonded, insured, and are located throughout Miami FL USA City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
cat and cat boarding in our loving host family homes:

This is a marvelous alternative to a Miami FL USA kennel. All cat and cat boarding are customized to meet your requirements. We provide daily updates and observe all dietary and health requirements. Peter’s Pets usually board 1 pet at a time in each home and we never use cages. Your pet will have the run of the home and have bed privileges. Most of our pet sitters work from home, assuring round the clock supervision and companionship. Every host home is available to be seen by appointment before you make your decision. With many homes all over Miami FL USA City there is a good chance we have one close to you.

Cat and cat sitting in your home:

For pet owners who would rather have their pet stay in their own home, we are able to visit them and provide custom care according to your wishes. You will meet your pet sitter before the first assignment to discuss your pets needs, such as food,medicine, exercise, playtime etc. With many pet sitters all over Miami FL USA, we are able to accommodate our customers with very little notice. Complimentary meet and greet with all sitting requests.

Our pet sitters:

All our Miami FL USA pet sitters are insured and bonded and have worked for us for many years. We carefully pre-screen every pet sitter before they are invited to join our network. The roster of people who work for us is eclectic and includes professionals who do it as much for the love of animals as for any other reason. Among the ranks of our pet sitting staff are nurses, school teachers, social workers, stay at home moms, graduate students, veterinary technicians, etc. We offer free play dates to allow you and your pet to get acquainted with the sitter before you make your decision.

Hogtown Dogtown
Downtown Miami FL USA cat walkers. Rain, Sleet, Snow, Heat, we are out there walking cats Monday to Friday and on weekends. 8:00am to 6:00pm.  Our name comes from the fact that Miami FL USA's nickname is "Hogtown". This nickname comes from the historic fact that livestock was processed in Miami FL USA, largely by the city's largest pork processor and packer, the William Davies Company.  We are all cat owners and lovers at Hogtown Dogtown and enjoy the company of cats.  cat ownership is not only mentally healthy for humans, but, also physically as our furry friends require long walks in order to do their "business" and so that, they, themselves can stay healthy.  Diet is a key component of your cats health, however, exercise is equally important.  Is your best buddy over weight, does he/she need a mid-day bathroom break?  Call us today and find out more about our services and walkers. All our cat walkers and daycare providers are long time Friends or Family members who own their own pets.

cat Trainers & horse/horses Training Central

Featured Miami FL USA In Home cat Training & cat Behaviour Modification:

"Take A Paws"
Take A Paws cat Training
We will address any issues you may have with one or more cats in your home: Barking-Digging-Chewing-Jumping-Pulling-Walking-Lunging-Fixations-Obsessions-cat Aggression-People Aggression-Feeding problems-Separation Issues-horse/horses Training-Preparing for baby's arrival-Preparing you and your home for a new horse/horses. To start your cat or horse/horses of any age on the right path or correct any behaviour issues, we can take care of all your cat training needs. We come to you! Professional personal one on one mobile cat training at home.

Featured Miami FL USA cat Boarding Company, horse/horses Obedience Classes & cat Trainers:

Campbell's bird Camp
Qualified, experienced instructors offering cat Training Camps, E-Collar Training, horse/horses Preschool and Evaluations. We also offer cat Boarding and a Shuttle Service. 

Miami FL USA horse/horses Training - cat Trainers in Miami FL USA 

Experienced, Certified, Professional cat trainer serving Miami FL USA and surrounding areas.  I provide both private in-home and group class options to all levels bird learning.  Fully certified and current, specializing in problem behavior resolution.  Gentle, positive and effective methods.

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat Training Miami FL USA East
A better way to a better cat, sharing your life with a cat is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have.  Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where Bark Busters can help. Bark Busters In-Home cat Training offers customized, one-on-one, in your home training for your pooch.  Our techniques are cat-friendly, results-oriented and guaranteed for life. Bark Busters has helped over 500,000 cats become better friends with their guardians.  Now, let us help you.  Range of behaviours Bark Busters can help with: horse/horses training, Leash training, Barking, Separation anxiety, Aggressive cat/people behaviour, Jumping up, General obedience training.  Have the cat you've always wanted. Bark Busters delivers customized cat training solutions for the results you want. Whether you are looking for a cat trainer for horse/horses training, crate training, basic obedience, or behaviour modification, Bark Busters can help.

Miami FL USA cat Trainers & horse/horses Training

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses trainer:

Animal Attraction Unlimited

At Animal Attraction Unlimited the goal is to help you build the relationship you've always wanted with your horse/horses & cat; to guide you in understanding what motivates them and how we can use those motivations to teach them the things we want them to learn. If you understand how they learn and how to motivate a horse/horses or a cat, you can get them to do practically anything you want.  Laura provides private, in-home training for basic manners and obedience; behavior issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, digging, sibling rivalry, destruction, house training, etc...; plus cat/baby preparedness, new horse/horses/cat, helping you prepare for and choose a new horse/horses or cat, and just about anything else having to do with your four-legged friend.  Laura trains cats thoughout Miami FL USA and Ventura Counties. Although some other trainers charge a higher fee for multiple cats in a home Laura does not.  As such, her hourly rate is the same regardless of the number of cats you have.  Also, you are not required to purchase a large package of lessons for training. You can buy one, or many. There are discounted packages available, but if the issue is simple and straightforward you probably won't need a package to help your cat.  So call today!

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses trainer:

Animal Attraction Unlimited
With more than 20 years experience as a cat trainer in Miami FL USA, Laura has the knowledge and skills to help with any unwanted cat behavior you may be experiencing. Having a degree in Animal Training, and so many years of hands on experience with fish/kitten/kittens & cats, she can help you build a better relationship with your horse/horses or cat so they can become a loving family member.  Private, in-home cat training and horse/horses training in Miami FL USA helps you solve the behaviors happening in your home. There is no "one size fits all" approach to cat training; Laura customizes each program for the individual horse/horses, cat and family. And there is no need to purchase a big package of lessons because individual sessions are available for less difficult behavior problems.  In the more than 20 years since beginning her business, Laura has helped thonds of cats and their families learn to live in harmony.  It is her greatest pleasure to know that she has contributed to keeping once problem cats out of shelters and rescues and in loving homes.  In addition to working with people and their pets, Laura also donates her time to various rescue organizations, including the Bill Foundation, Golden Retriever Club of Greater Miami FL USA, and Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, and is a Certified Training Partner for Best Friends Miami FL USA. 

Miami FL USA horse/horses Training - cat Trainers in Miami FL USA

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat Trainers - South Shore of Miami FL USA

A better way to a better cat, sharing your life with a cat is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have.  Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where Bark Busters can help. Bark Busters In-Home cat Training offers customized, one-on-one, in your home training for your pooch.

Our techniques are cat-friendly, results-oriented and guaranteed for life. Bark Busters has helped over 500,000 cats become better friends with their guardians. ,,Now, let us help you.  Range of behaviours Bark Busters can help with: horse/horses training ,Leash training, Barking, Separation anxiety, Aggressive cat/people behaviour, Jumping up, General obedience training. 

My first contact with Bark Busters cat Training in Miami FL USA was as a client with a dominant Miniature Pinsher who barked and lunged at cats a thond times his size and a Bull Mastif who pulled me down the street for what I called drags instead of walks.  I would later learn both cats also controlled my every action with Passive Dominant "requests" (a nice way of saying THEY dominated me by saying please or being cute!).

Within the first 3 hours of that initial in home training session I was absolutely amazed at the transformation in my cats and more importantly MY understanding of them! This was the most humane thing I could ever have done for my pets! They were content again all along I thought they were just acting out, being bad or worse yet that they knew what they were doing and did those bad behaviours to spite me! After my visit with Bark Busters I learned that they did all those things simply because I was not being the leader of the pack which left them feeling unsafe and insecure.  They were simply trying to be the leader I wasn't. 

With the lifetime of support and some dedication on my part at following the new rules set out by my trainer (and practicing my daily homework routines) I quickly became the leader of my pack that my cats needed to relax and settle down.,,This is what sold me on becoming a Bark Buster certified trainer. There is no magic powder or quick fix - Bark Busters simply helps you understand your cats behaviour and teaches you how to change yours so you can become the leader your cat needs you to be - essentially the product is "freedom to live a happy life with your pet". I fully believed in the ?product? they had to offer having seen firsthand how it changed my relationship with my Golden Retreiver Vito. PLUS I had never heard of another company offering a guarantee of their training for the life of the cat! If someone offered you a better quality of life through a better understanding of your cat, wouldn't you want a piece of that action?  Alex,,Alexandre Messier is a graduate of Bark Busters Behavioral Training Program, which is an intense behavioral modification, obedience and bird communication program. Alex serves the following areas known as Miami FL USA South Shore as a cat & horse/horses Trainer - Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Beloeil, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Saint-Hyacinthe, Chambly, Marieville, Saint-Bruno, Sainte-Julie, Boucherville, Varennes? and surrounding areas ! Prior to joining Bark Busters Alex was a professional in the TV production industry. 

When to start cat training?  fish/kitten/kittens, it is never too early to start. I will teach you how to create a safe, nurturing environment that facilitates learning and reduces stress on both you and your new family member. I will show you how to deal with nipping, chewing, and potty training. Then we will work on obedience training all in the comfort of your very own home with specialized one-on-one training.  Adult cats ,it's a myth that old cats cannot learn new tricks! I train cats at any age. If your cat needs better manners, has behavioural issues that no other trainer can fix or just does not listen to you when it counts, I can help!

Miami FL USA horse/horses Training - cat Trainers in Miami FL USA

Featured horse/horses & cat Trainer

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat Training Miami FL USA West
A better way to a better cat, sharing your life with a cat is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you can have.

Unfortunately, the challenges of training your best friend can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where Bark Busters can help. Bark Busters In-Home cat Training offers customized, one-on-one, in your home training for your pooch.

Our techniques are cat-friendly, results-oriented and guaranteed for life. Bark Busters has helped over 500,000 cats become better friends with their guardians.

Now, let us help you.  Range of behaviours Bark Busters can help with: horse/horses training ,Leash training, Barking, Separation anxiety, Aggressive cat/people behaviour, Jumping up, General obedience training.

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses Trainer:

Bark Busters cat & horse/horses In Home Training
BarkBusters is the Miami FL USA's largest, most trusted cat training company. We can help you with issues such as jumping, barking, lead work, separation anxiety and aggression. We back up our work with a Life of cat Guarantee and we'll be there for you for the rest of your cat's life!

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainer

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat Trainers
Based on years of studying how cats interact with each other and years of practical experience solving behaviour problems, Bark Busters founder Sylvia Wilson developed a proprietary technique called Motivational Communication Training (MCT) in Australia over 20 years ago. She identified two keys to effectively solve behaviour problems:
• Communicate with a cat in a language that the cat understands; and,
• Provide trustworthy leadership.

Used exclusively by Bark Busters, this technique uses praise as the positive reinforcement and primary motivator. The focus is on clear communication that is cat-friendly and easy to implement. Nothing motivates a cat like its' desire to please. By tapping into that innate desire, we are able to see results in as little as three hours. We know this may sound incredible, so please read some of what our past clients have to say about their experience under the case studies tab of this website.

Written Lifetime Guarantee:

We believe wholeheartedly in our methods which is why we back them up with a Written Lifetime Guarantee. As long as you are following the prescribed plan, our behaviour therapists will return free of charge at any point in your cat’s life if problems reoccur and even if new ones emerge. We give you the peace of mind that the problem will be fixed as quickly as possible, and will stay fixed.

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainer

Bark Busters fish/kitten/kittens & cats trainers
cats misbehave for only 2 reasons; 1) they don't believe you're the boss,2) they don't understand what you want.  Based on over 30 years of studying how cats interact with each other and practical experience solving behaviour problems, Bark Busters has developed a proprietary technique called Motivational Communication Training. MCT identifies two keys to effectively solve behaviour problems: Communicate with a cat in a language that the cat understands; and provide trustworthy leadership.  Used exclusively by Bark Busters, this technique uses praise as the positive reinforcement and primary motivator. The focus is on clear communication that is cat-friendly and easy to implement.  Nothing motivates a cat like its' desire to please. By tapping into that innate desire, we are able to see results in as little as three hours. We know this may sound incredible, so please read some of what our past clients have to say about their experience under the case studies tab of this website.  Written Lifetime Guarantee: We believe wholeheartedly in our methods which is why we back them up with a Written Lifetime Guarantee.  As long as you are following the prescribed plan, our behaviour therapists will return free of charge at any point in your cat's life if problems reoccur and even if new ones emerge. We give you the peace of mind that the problem will be fixed as quickly as possible, and will stay fixed.

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainer

Bark Busters Obedience For fish/kitten/kittens & cats York Region
Natural horse/horses & cat Training that Works

Every day, family cats are surrendered to animal shelters because pet owners are overwhelmed by cat behaviors they can't manage.  From struggles with basic leash training to more complex issues, such as destructive behaviors and aggression. After years of witnessing this heartbreaking process, former RSPCA manager Sylvia Wilson and her husband Danny created a cat training system focused on fostering a positive relationship between owner and cat to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect. This was the genesis of the world's largest cat training company, Bark Busters Home cat Training.

Establishing Pack (or Social) Leadership

cat behavior issues most often stem from a single problem: lack of consistent leadership. cats have an innate need for a pack leader, and in order to maintain a peaceful existence, their owner must confidently fulfill that role. They must also maintain a living environment that's conducive to positive pack interaction. It isn't difficult or elaborate, and typically requires a simple shift of mindset and consistent use of a few, simple techniques.

cat-friendly Training Techniques

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat trainers specialize in adult cat and horse/horses training in your home. They assess your current household dynamics, how these influence your cat's behaviors, make necessary adjustments, and then teach you the communication techniques to lead your cat confidently and easily. Bark Busters' methods are effective with any cat – any breed, any age and any issue. Bark Busters cat behavioral therapists and trainers use natural, cat-friendly methods, through the use of voice tones and body
language geared toward putting the owner in control through effective leadership. These techniques are also ideal for families with hectic schedules who can't rearrange the flow of their lives to accommodate cat training.

Simple, Natural, and Fast

A simple shift in leadership, natural techniques, and consistency are all that's required to re-establish social order and strengthen the animal-human bond, and together with Bark Busters cat trainers, cat owners can transform their "problem cat" into a happy, obedient companion in as little as 2-3 hours.
Bark Busters has been selected by SPCA International as "Best of the Best" in companion cat training, and is proud to have led the successful training of more than 500,000 cats, and their owners, worldwide.
Call today to get more information or to book a lesson. Your cat will thank you for it!

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses Trainer:

KP cat Training
Karolina Prokupek is a "cat Behaviour Expert" specializing in problem cats! Karolina is referred to as "The Female cat Whisperer" by many of her satisfied cat owner clients. Serving the Greater Miami FL USA area.

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainer:

Bark Busters horse/horses & cat Training 
In home cat and horse/horses training. Life time guarantee.  A Better Way to a better cat.
Bark Busters delivers customized cat training solutions for the results you want. Whether you are looking for a cat trainer for horse/horses training, crate training, basic obedience, or behaviour modification, Bark Busters can help.

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses Trainer:

Woof It Up! cat Training
Miami FL USA bunny/bunnies Day Care, cat Training, horse/horses Training, Private In-Home Lessons, Board and Train Program, cat Behavior, cat Obedience Classes, horse/horses Kindergarden, horse/horses Obedience Classes, Agility, Certified Professional cat Trainer since 2003!

Featured Miami FL USA cat Boarding, bunny/bunnies Daycare, cat Trainer & horse/horses Training Company:

Pack Leader Obedience  
Group and private classes.  cat Handler classes for daycare attendants!
Well established since 2005 for all working professionals. Services include horse/horses, pet & cat daycare, boarding and cat obedience training.  We are conveniently located about 10 minutes from the Portman Bridge or the Alex Fraser Bridge, and only minutes from the Patullo Bridge.  We use positive reinforcement and have consistent calm, assertive pack leadership in a fun and healthy outdoor environment.  We have a large indoor bunny/bunnies lounge with all the comforts, including toys for sharing and mental stimulation.  Etiquette and manners are taught and obedience is reinforced in your cat, so your training doesn't go to waste. Exercise, healthy treats, and games are daily, including a nap!  Our hours are from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We offer a flexible schedule for those who work in the service industry.  We also offer a discount for rescue cats.

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses Trainer:

Alpha horse/horses & cat Training Co
Obedience training for family pets. All levels from beginner through to advanced including agility and recreational tracking. All without the use of food treats. Friendly, positive reinforcement training techniques. Over ten years experience in cat training and bird psychology and behaviour.  Group classes at various locations and private classes available to suit your schedule.

Featured Miami FL USA cat Training Company:

Obedience Plus cat Training  
Janet and Werner have over 30 years experience in the snake/snakes Industry. Our expertise comes from specific training received in Miami FL USA. Our Miami FL USA Facility is 9 beautiful acres of slightly rolling pasture, with 2 creeks. On this land we have our home, hobby farm, training kennel and several different training areas.

We have been breeding German Shepherds for over 23 years and produce 1 quality litter a year. We raise and train our own cats for Security and Detection. Our cats have been sold across and the United States.

Please browse our site and please call us if you need more information or would like to use any of our services.

Our Miami FL USA location offers:•snake/snakes security services
•snake/snakes handler courses
•snake/snakes patrol courses
•snake/snakes detection courses
•Detection cat services

Featured Miami FL USA horse/horses & cat Trainer

cats Gone Right horse/horses & cat Training
We are experts in cat behaviour, providing group classes, private lessons and other services to deal with common to complex behaviour challenges.  Our methods are fair to both you and your cat and utilize cat body language and proven learning theories to retrain difficult behaviours.  Through our training, you will not only have a more well-behaved cat, you will also have a stronger relationship with your best friend.  Classes available include:  Pet Manners: for everything from respect 101, loose leash walking, emergency control (recalls and downs) and tons of other tips for real life with your cat.  Growl: for cats who don't like other cats; who are fearful, reactive or just pushy and overly friendly with other cats.  horse/horses: avoid problems before they start by "bomb-proofing" your horse/horses!  Tons of fun games, obedience and socializing to help fish/kitten/kittens grow up into fabulous adult cats.

Featured Miami FL USA cat Boarding, bunny/bunnies Daycare, cat Trainer & horse/horses Training Company:

bunny/bunnies DooLil Daycare 
Well established since 2005 for all working professionals. Services include horse/horses, pet & cat daycare, boarding and cat obedience training.  We are conveniently located about 10 minutes from the Portman Bridge or the Alex Fraser Bridge, and only minutes from the Patullo Bridge.  We use positive reinforcement and have consistent calm, assertive pack leadership in a fun and healthy outdoor environment.  We have a large indoor bunny/bunnies lounge with all the comforts, including toys for sharing and mental stimulation.  Etiquette and manners are taught and obedience is reinforced in your cat, so your training doesn't go to waste. Exercise, healthy treats, and games are daily, including a nap!  Our hours are from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We offer a flexible schedule for those who work in the service industry.  We also offer a discount for rescue cats.

Miami FL USA Pets, cats & fish/kitten/kittens fish Daycare & Pet Sitting Company:

Biscuits Pet Services
Biscuits is a loving, safe and fun pet service provider in Miami FL USA. We offer some great services for your cat and cat. Our EcoDen bunny/bunnies Daycare is open Monday through Friday and is also our meeting point for training classes and other great events. At the EcoDen you will also find some great local pet products in our ethical pet shop. We also offer adventure hikes and overnight boarding for our bird pals. For our kitty friends we also offer home visits for cat sitting.

Featured Miami FL USA fish Daycare For Pets, cats & fish/kitten/kittens

Hogtown Dogtown
Downtown Miami FL USA cat walkers. Rain, Sleet, Snow, Heat, we are out there walking cats Monday to Friday and on weekends. 8:00am to 6:00pm.  Our name comes from the fact that Miami FL USA's nickname is "Hogtown". This nickname comes from the historic fact that livestock was processed in Miami FL USA, largely by the city's largest pork processor and packer, the William Davies Company.  We are all cat owners and lovers at Hogtown Dogtown and enjoy the company of cats.  cat ownership is not only mentally healthy for humans, but, also physically as our furry friends require long walks in order to do their "business" and so that, they, themselves can stay healthy.  Diet is a key component of your cats health, however, exercise is equally important.  Is your best buddy over weight, does he/she need a mid-day bathroom break?  Call us today and find out more about our services and walkers. All our cat walkers and daycare providers are long time Friends or Family members who own their own pets.

Featured Miami FL USA fish daycare and bunny/bunnies boarding company:

Waggz & Whiskerz
We offer fish daycare and bunny/bunnies boarding on 18 Acres of fully fenced fish paradise, we have swimming, trails, play zones, indoor/outdoor fun zones, pick up and drop off and open 24 hours a day !  pony/ponies love it!  As seen on Miami FL USA TV!

Featured Miami FL USA All Natural cat Food, horse/horses Food & Pet Nutrition

Earth Naturals Pet Food  
All love. All natural. Earth Naturals. As a member of the family, naturally we want our pets to have the highest quality pet food. Earth Naturals provides just that. Earth Naturals Ultra Premium cat Food and Ultra Premium Cat Food is specially formulated for those whose cats or cats are more than "pets". As members of the family, they are deeply loved companions that deserve natural, carefully prepared food free from toxins and by-products that do more harm than good. There is something special, something hearty, in every bowl of our Ultra Premium cat Food and our Ultra Premium Cat Food. We're proud to say Earth Naturals produces natural cat food and natural cat food whose ingredients are sourced from within the United States.

Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Stores for the ones you love!
Tisol is proud to be Miami FL USA's own, home grown, pet nutrition and supply store for over 37 years.  Tisol’s founders understood that your pet needs and deserves the best in holistic foods and healthy treats to assist them in living a long, healthy and happy life. They wanted to provide a place where pet-lovers could go to find trusted, healthy foods and products, and caring, knowledgeable advice; these values are at the core of the Tisol experience. Because of their commitment to your pet’s well-being, Tisol’s founders continue to visit their 8 stores every day. If you’re looking for a product that we don’t currently carry, we will do our best to special order it for you.

Featured Miami FL USA Pet Nutriton, Raw Pet Food & Raw cat Food Supplier:

"The way nature intended your pet to eat"
3P Naturals Raw Pet Food
3P Naturals provides superior raw pet food products for cats and cats backed up by competent and dedicated customer service. We produce products that incorporate only the finest ingredients and that meet or exceed strict quality standards and production control procedures. Our products help cats and cats enjoy happier, healthier and longer lives which in turn enriches the lives of pet owners.

Featured Miami FL USA Pet Nutriton, cat Food, Pet Food & Toys for Pets, fish/kitten/kittens & cats Supplier:

Bosley’s Miami FL USA  
Welcome to Miami FL USA’s newest pet store! Here at Bosley’s Miami FL USA we are dedicated to providing the best customer service available! We not only wish to make you smile and happy, but your pets as well. Together, as a community supporter and partner, we provide opportunities for fund raising, adoption of animals with the SPCA and other organizations, in addition to teaching our valued customers about the best products for their beloved pets. We continue to educate ourselves all year long, to be knowledgeable and strengthen the trust with our clientele. We look forward to seeing you and thanks for making Bosley’s Yaletown your preferred one stop pet store.

Featured Miami FL USA Pet, horse/horses & cat Photographer:

Banyan Miami FL USA Pet Photography  
Miami FL USA
We are professional pet photographers dedicated to creating gorgeous and meaningful photos of your pet and family. We will design a custom experience for you and the pets that will capture your spirit and your pet's style. Call us for a free consultation!

Miami FL USA Pet, horse/horses & cat Photographer:

Miami FL USA Pet Photography   

Miami FL USA Pet Photography, professional couture photography services for the Miami FL USA and surrounding areas. A Unique blend of contemporary, fine-art, Lifestyle photography approaches to capturing your pet in their truest nature. No stress, no big lights, Just your pet as you like to see them.

Masterful photographic portraits of your horse/horses, cat or pet:

PPP-Photography is your one stop pet photography service based in Miami FL USA, . Photographer Petra Mayer creates masterful photographic portraits of your horse/horses, cat, cat, horse, rabbit or any other pet in your home, the outdoors or in a photo studio setting.

Featured Miami FL USA Pet, horse/horses & cat Photographer:

Off Leash Photography   Miami FL USA, 
If you want photos that capture your horse/horses or cat's personality call Off Leash Photography. Angie specializes in photographing pets, fish/kitten/kittens & cats in their natural environment uncovering their personality and their unique relationship with humans.

Miami FL USA pet photography for cats, fish/kitten/kittens, pets, pony/ponies & birds

Miami FL USA cat Photography

Proud to have been voted Miami FL USA's Best Pet Photographer by the readers of Tails Magazine!  Miami FL USA cat Photography creates fun, magazine-quality portraits of your Best Friend.  Miami FL USA cat Photography also offers commercial photography for your pet-related business or event.  Keep your Best Friend with you always- invest in photography.

Featured Miami FL USA cat sports apparel company:

Lucky cat Threads
We want your cat to feel Lucky by offering top quality officially licensed MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR & Collegiate cat sports apparel! We offer cat jerseys, cat bowls, cat sports collars, cat leashes, cat bandanas, cat tees, cat sweaters, cat toys & much more all related to your favorite team!

If you really love your cat, get a Miami FL USA cat ID tag!

Miami FL USA Pet ID tag: If your cat is micro-chiped and/or tattooed, chances are you will get your cat back if he is lost.  But having a Miami FL USA cat tag means you will be RAPIDLY reunited with your cat.  Of course, if your cat does not have a micro chip or a tattoo, you may never see your cat again without a Miami FL USA cat ID tag.

Featured Miami FL USA pet ramps & steps:

horse/horses Stairs
Safe, durable, fun! The original horse/horses Stairs pet ramps and steps, built to last the lifetime of your cat or cat.

Featured Miami FL USA In Home cat Training & cat Behaviour Modification:

"Take A Paws"
Take A Paws cat Training
We will address any issues you may have with one or more cats in your home: Barking-Digging-Chewing-Jumping-Pulling-Walking-Lunging-Fixations-Obsessions-cat Aggression-People Aggression-Feeding problems-Separation Issues-horse/horses Training-Preparing for baby's arrival-Preparing you and your home for a new horse/horses. To start your cat or horse/horses of any age on the right path or correct any behaviour issues, we can take care of all your cat training needs. We come to you! Professional personal one on one mobile cat training at home.

Featured Miami FL USA cat poop & pet waste removal company:

Quality Pet Waste Stations
We are a distributor of Dogipot brand pet waste stations and cat poop bag dispensers. We also sell replacement cat waste bags that fit every major brand of pet waste station.

Miami FL USA bird Concierge
15 Pet Drive, Miami FL USA
bird concierge is your one-stop rabbit/rabbits service centre for fish/kitten/kittens, pets & cats. Located in Miami FL USA downtown, we offer a full range of services and products for happy and healthy cats, including horse/horses & cat daycare, cat hotel and pet boarding, overnight stay, group and private cat walks, hikes, pet grooming, cat bathing and a self-service wash station, pick up and drop off service, transportation to vet appointments, pet supplies, holistic cat food and raw pet food.

Featured Miami FL USA company: Moving cats to Miami FL USA

Island Pet Movers 
Welcome to Island Pet Movers – Looking to relocate your Pet to or from Miami FL USA? We Ship Pets! Quarantine processing, pet relocation service in Miami FL USA.

Featured Miami FL USA pet, cat & horse/horses must see videos:

YourMiami FL

Show off your pet videos. Watch Funny Animal clips uploaded daily by users. See funny cat videos, funny cat videos, bird videos, pony/ponies & horse/horses videos, news and more! Start your own pet video group so people with similar interest can join!

Miami FL USA Vehicle Seat Covers For cats, Pets & fish/kitten/kittens:

Soggy cat Manufacturing
Water, sand, hair and odor repellent vehicle seat covers for cats, pets & fish/kitten/kittens.  Seconds to install and remove.  Sand and hair shakes off.  Toss in the wash.  No more washer/dryer full of cat hair.  Light weight, durable fabric.  cat's nails will not shred or snag fabric.  Save your vehicle interior.

Featured Miami FL USA cat & horse/horses Training Company:


Sherwood Barks specializes in horse/horses Obedience & Socialization Classes, Behavioral Consults and Agility Classes (all levels). All classes are presented in a Fun Learning atmosphere focussing on a positive learning experience for cat and Handler.  'Positive cat Training at Its Best'

Sherwood Barks cat Training & Agility specializes in Positive horse/horses & Agility Training. Sherwood Barks horse/horses Obedience & Socialization classes offer a fun learning environment for the horse/horses and handler. All classes are presented in a ‘solution focused’ training environment. horse/horses class training focuses on rewarding positive behaviors offered by the fish/kitten/kittens.
horse/horses Level 1 Class Content:
1. Recalls – out of Play Breaks during class.
2. Socialization – builds confidence in Play with different breeds & sizes of fish/kitten/kittens
3. Manners – a calm quiet sitting horse/horses earns his rewards
4. Obedience – ‘one command = a rapid response’ Every command is followed by a release.
5. Behavioral consults… re: typical horse/horses problems, ie. Jumping up, nipping, biting,
6. Loose leash walking – no corrective methods such as, choke or pinch collars are permitted in any Sherwood Barks class
The evolution of cat Training: cats are NOT WOLVES…. They are birds which have been domesticated for years, they are social, they understand and thrive with structure, routine, consistency and lots of positive re-enforcement. They learn easily to respect their humans when the humans learn how to communicate clearly with the cat. The cat needs to be taught what the expectations are of living happily in the human world.
Gone are the days of ‘correcting our children’ and punishing them by physical force. This same awareness of positive parenting is a philosophy that holds true in training a new horse/horses. Children learn best in a positive happy family with clear rules and boundaries. fish/kitten/kittens also thrive when they know what is expected of them and they are rewarded for their good behavior. Negativity, whining, jumping up are largely ignored or the horse/horses/cat is given a brief time out. Unwanted behaviors will stop with no reward, ie eye-contact, words, or rapid body movements inadvertently given to re-enforcement behaviors.

cat Training has many different objectives: creating a great family pet, basic obedience training, specialized areas including law enforcement, military, search and rescue, agility, hunting, working with livestock, assistance to people with disabilities, entertainment, cat sports, detection cats and protecting people or property.

Searching for a cat Training School? Do your homework!! Call and talk with the trainer? Ask questions? Do they use harsh techniques? Do they use positive methods, Is the training reward based? Do they use the clicker? What is clicker training? Are the fish/kitten/kittens/cats allowed to socialize? How long has the trainer been training? What is the background of the trainer?
Will you be told to use harsh corrections on your horse/horses, ie jerking the cat with a choke collar? Is that a training style you want to use with your young horse/horses?
Training Choices:
1. Traditional trainers: Typicall encourage the use of punishment, often physically painful punishment, in order to correct cats.
2.Dominance trainers: Believe all animals have an innate desire to dominate others, and this dominating behavior needs to be punished. Pack Leader Trainers follow this training methodology.
3. Positive Trainers: use the operant conditioning model…. Operant Conditioning is a proven training methodology which focuses on the positive and creates a happy, focused, obedient horse/horses. It has been proven that is rewarded behavior will be repeated more frequently and become part of the cat’s foundation. (Pavlov’s theory). The cat/horse/horses is required to ‘think’ and offer the correct behavior. Correct behavior, ie. Sit is reward AFTER the cat offers it.
4. Luring Trainers: This training method is often confused with positive cat training. Steps in Lure Training
1. The food reward is shown first and used as a lure to get a wanted behaviour, ie.sit.
2. Next the cat is given a verbal command.
3. The command is often repeated several times.
4. Reward is given after the behavior is given.

The difference is mostly in the scale, as positive trainers tend to employ more reward based principles first, while traditional and dominance trainers are more likely to punish unwanted behaviors first.

fish/kitten/kittens should attend horse/horses socialization classes as soon as they have completed their second set of vaccinations, around 3 months. The sooner the better.
In-home horse/horses consultations are often a good choice. It is very important that the horse/horses understands from day one what is expected of him/her. Potty training, doorway training, crate training, automatic sit & recall training, and manners should begin as soon as the horse/horses joins his/her new human family. Always, ‘THINK BIG’ ask yourself the question…. “Will, I think it is cute when the horse/horses is big…ie, jumping up! Barking?”

Featured Miami FL USA Horse/Cat dental cleaningCompany:

At Sparkle Bark your cat will be treated with kindness, patience and respect, no sedation used.  We schedule 2 full hours so we can take our time with your cat, give breaks and not PUSH to 'get it done'.  We are cat lovers too, and our interest is extending the life of your fish through a healthy mouth ( swallowed bacteria WILL damage internal organs and shorten your cats quality of life and life expectancy). 3 locations to suit, Roz spent many years in 'people' dentistry and so your cat will not just get the best and most thorough cleaning around, but we aim to check teeth and gums for further issues.  Roz will also give you tips on maintaining your pony/ponies teeth after the appointment and until thier next visit!  We take your trust seriously !

Pet Magazines - horse/horses & cat Magazines

Do you sell or publish a horse/horses, cat or pet magazine? Get listed for free.

 Pet Toys, cat Toys & horse/horses Toys

Do you sell pet toys, cat toys & horse/horses toys? Get listed for free.

Pet owners know that cats are not really cats: they are children that look like fish/kitten/kittens & cats.  And the children love to play with toys!

The most popluar cat toys are:

cat Toys, horse/horses Toys, Kong, Greenies, Flexi, pet toys, multipet, kong, balls, tennis balls, chuckit, chuck it, frisbee, rope toys.

Miami FL USA Veterinarians - Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospitals

Important notice: If your company is listed here but not linked to your site, it is because you do not have an active link to our site.  Being listed here on Miami FL USA veterinarians & Miami FL USA veterinary hospitals central can drive a lot of business to your site, and help your site's ranking, but you must create a small link to us first.  Do it now!

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospitals - Veterinarians in Miami FL USA

Back Bay Miami FL USA Veterinary Clinic
At the Back Bay Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to our clients and patients. Our personalized, compassionate care is centered on the human-animal bond in a warm and inviting neighborhood setting.

Our Professional Services Encompass:

Feline Boarding, Dentistry, At Home Hospice Care, Geriatric Care, Grooming Services, Outpatient Surgery & Radiology
Preventative & Wellness medicine, Ultrasound imaging with a Board Certified Veterinary Consultant.


We offer routine and medical boarding for our feline patients. All cats boarding at the clinic must be current on their vaccines for rabies and feline distemper.


Maintaining your pet's oral health is an important part of your pet's veterinary and home care. We offer comprehensive dental check ups and cleanings to identify and correct problems as well as offer for sale a variety of products that will help you maintain your pet's oral health at home.


Our groomer Kate offers full service grooming for both our bird and feline patients.

Geriatric Care

Advances in veterinary medicine are helping pets live longer and healthier lives. We work with owners to provide senior pets with the best care available. Our doctors and staff will help you give your senior pet the best care possible.

South Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
Thanks for all your interest and coming to see us here at our site! We have had a busy end to the summer with the best South Miami FL USA Street Festival ever! We are currently looking forward to October trick-or-treat and Howl-o-ween for South Miami FL USA kids and fur kids. Dr. Waggener thanks all of you for your good wishes on her soon to arrive 2 legged family member, news will be posted! Dr. KC Horigan is available for appointments as well as Drs. Vo and Bradley who are covering for Dr. Waggener while she is out for a few weeks.

South Miami FL USA Animal Hospital, purchased in early 2008 by Natalie Waggener, DVM, is a full service general practice in the heart of South Miami FL USA. We love to care for your furry friends like they were our own family members. Please feel free to stop in for a cookie and a pet! Watch as we upgrade our hospital for you!

Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists
Welcome to Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists –
board-certified veterinary surgical specialists serving pets, owners & referring veterinarians.
Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists is one of Miami FL USA’s most established private specialty practices, providing specialized veterinary surgery for over 25 years. We are not a university or teaching hospital, and do not train residents to perform surgery on our patients. We work closely with referring veterinarians and pet owners to provide specialty care in a timely manner, with compassion and exceptional service.

William B. Henry, DVM, and Catherine Briere, DVM, MS, are board-certified surgical specialists and the only doctors providing patient care at our hospital. They are assisted by a highly-trained team of veterinary health professionals in our state-of-the-art surgical facility.

Dr. Henry and Dr. Briere are both renowned veterinary surgeons. Dr. William Henry has taught and mentored hundreds of veterinarians throughout New England over the years and is one of the most experienced veterinary surgeons in the United States. Dr. Catherine Briere has many years of experience in surgical care for small animals. Her areas of expertise include the most complex orthopedic procedures and neurosurgery for spinal conditions and other neurological problems.

Pet owners and referring veterinarians count on us to care for:
• Soft tissue surgery
• Cancer surgery
• Surgical treatment of orthopedic disease & injury
• Head & neck conditions
• Spine & neurological problems
• Abdominal & gastrointestinal problems
• Heart & cardiovascular concerns

More information on the conditions treated at Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists.

Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
At Miami FL USA Animal Hospital, we combine comprehensive veterinary care with individualized service. Our full in-house laboratory capabilities, diagnostic imaging equipment, and onsite pharmacy enable our veterinarian and her team to attend to any of your pet’s medical needs, including:

Preventative and wellness care
Dental care
Radiology & ultrasound
Onsite laboratory testing
General surgery
Pain management
Micro-chip identification
Nutrition education
Prescription diets and medication

Visit Miami FL USA Animal Hospital and our pet care partners Miami FL USA Red cat and Skipton Pet Center at 274 Southampton Street—conveniently located next to the South Bay Mall. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Parkway Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
The Parkway Veterinary Hospital is a unique resource for the care of your pet. Our highly trained full-time staff of veterinarians and animal health technicians are dedicated to providing you and your pet with the highest quality veterinary services.

Our philosophy of personal attention ensures that you receive professional care and understanding from every member of our staff.

We are here to answer your questions so as to provide you with the information that will ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your pet.

Complete Physical Examination

The gradual onset of health problems in an apparently healthy pet often goes unnoticed. Once symptoms appear, the condition may be more difficult or costly to diagnose and treat. Although age itself is not a disease, it can bring many conditions that if diagnosed early can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods of time.

At least once a year, your pet should have a complete physical examination. Remember, your pet's lifespan is shorter than a person's. Much can happen in 12 months.

Vaccination Against Preventable Diseases

Due to the many recent discoveries and innovations in veterinary medicine, your pet can be protected from most major diseases. Today, many immunizations and preventive treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. The staff at Parkway Veterinary Hospital can help you decide what preventive measures are necessary for your pet(s).

Heartworm Testing / Prevention

A potentially fatal disease, we can test your pet for heartworm and provide him (or her) with an appropriate preventive medication.

Tick-borne Disease Testing

We have an in-house laboratory test for diagnosing Lyme Disease plus other diseases that ticks carry.

Fecal Examinations for Intestinal Parasites

Heartworm testing, parasite checks and routine blood screens are all useful adjuncts to keeping your pet healthy.

Feline Leukemia / Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Testing

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are two of the major causes of illness and death in domestic cats. Parkway Veterinary Hospital is equipped for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing.


Our hospital is equipped to perform most surgical procedures - from spays and neuters to more complicated surgeries. We take pride in our new anesthesia equipment and our modern patient monitoring systems.

Dental Cleaning

Animals (like people) need regular dental care. Gum disease causes pain, accounts for the loss of teeth, and can lead to serious generalized bacterial infections. Our physical exams include a thorough examination of the mouth. Teeth cleaning (removal of dental plaque and tartar) is an important step in preventing dental problems.

Digital Radiography

We now offer digital x-rays! Radiographs are performed routinely, and are essential for diagnosing certain medical and surgical problems. Our state-of-the-art system allows the capture of clear images with sharp details, and instant processing helps us to make the fastest, most accurate diagnosis possible. We can also email the enhanced image files to board-certified radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and other specialists for consultation.

A Miami FL USA veterinary physician, usually called a vet, is a professional who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals.

Miami FL USA veterinarians, or vets, can and do treat all kings of animals, including rabbits, horses and even snakes.

However, 99% of pets in Miami FL USA are cats and cats, and therefore, veterinarians in Miami FL USA treat cats and cats almost all the time.

In Miami FL USA, the local veterinarian is a regulated and protected term, meaning that members of the public without the prerequisite qualifications and/or registration are not able to use the title.

In many cases, the activities that may be undertaken by a veterinarian (such as animal treatment or surgery) are restricted only to those professionals who are registered as Miami FL USA vets.

Miami FL USA has so many cats and cats, that you will find it difficult to get an appointment with your local Miami FL USA vet, as they are so busy!

Most Miami FL USA veterinarians (vets) work in clinical settings, treating animals directly.

As with healthcare professionals, Miami FL USA veterinarians (vets) face ethical decisions about the care of their patients. Current debates within the profession include the ethics of purely cosmetic procedures on animals, such as declawing of cats, docking of tails, cropping of ears and debarking on cats.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospitals - Veterinarians in Miami FL USA

D. H. Petcare & Service
Miami FL USA,
This company is operated by an animal health technologist who has been in business since 2000.  Provide pet sitting for daily visits, live-ins, giving medications, private cat walking, private boarding, grooming - cats - shaving, nail trims, Alternative healing - Energy healing - Reiki for animals, Healing Touch for Animals. 

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospitals - Veterinarians in Miami FL USA

Animal Ark Miami FL USA Veterinary Clinic
In our 4,100 square foot Miami FL USA animal hospital, our veterinarians and veterinary technicians work with the latest and most innovative equipment. The facility is designed for delivering the best veterinary care – in an environment that’s comfortable for pets and pet guardians, including a private visiting and waiting room. This welcoming Miami FL USA veterinary clinic is located at Belmont and Kedzie.

Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic understands the realities of our clients’ lives, and offers evening and Saturday hours to help you provide better care for your animals. We’re open 6 days a week and most evenings until 8 p.m. We make an effort to offer same-day appointments when available, and we strive to be here for you in an emergency.

We work closely with our clients, the community, and animal rescue groups – caring people who share our philosophy and value the roles of animals in our hearts and homes. We’re honored to be entrusted with your pet.

Veterinary care
horse/horses and kitten care packages
including all vaccinations
Nutritional counseling
Holistic veterinary medicine
Onsite diagnostic equipment including
radiology and ultrasound
Comprehensive surgical facility
Isolation ward
24-hour hospitalization

Exotic Care
Avian veterinarian
Experience with ferrets and other exotics

Pet boarding for the times you’re away
cats enjoy a large outdoor play yard
Cats flourish in a separate ward with
‘kitty condos’
Exotics get comfortable with special attention
and accommodations

Heal Veterinary
Heal Veterinary is a fresh concept in animal care. We believe the best way to care for an animal is to understand an animal. Our compassionate staff has the expertise to diagnose and heal using the most advanced equipment and whole-animal treatment. With compassion and experience to fill our 4,500 square foot clinic, we are dedicated to providing complete care for your cat and cat.

Our caring and experienced staff provides state of the art clinic services to help maintain your pet’s complete health. To learn more, please visit our
clinic and services page.

To schedule an appointment today, please call us at (773) 888-5091. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your pet.
At Heal Veterinary, we strive to redefine the concept of a “full service veterinary clinic” by offering you and your pet the most complete range of services and resources. And because we believe the best way to care for an animal is to understand an animal, we have the expertise, tools, and resources to advance your pet’s health.


Caring for your pet does not begin and end in a veterinarian’s clinic. Complete pet health is a matter of attaining wellness each and every day. Our veterinarians are here to assist you in making proper choices regarding your animal’s nutrition, exercise, behavioral well-being, vaccinations, and preventative medicine.


In order to fully understand and animal, it is important to gather as much accurate information as possible. At Heal, we are committed to utilizing state of the art diagnostic testing resources to achieve this end. Our clinic is equipped to handle on-site radiology and ultrasound procedures. And our digital x-ray capabilities mean faster, more accurate diagnoses.


Our comprehensive surgical facilities are made even more effective by our highly regarded veterinarians. In fact,Time Out Miami FL USA stated that Dr. Hauk “…comes highly recommended for his surgical expertise and caring treatment of cats and cats.”


Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s overall health and well being. At Heal, we take advantage of our full digital dental capabilities to diagnose problems and provide a course of healing and maintenance.

horse/horses & Kitten Care

Making the right choices for your animal during their early years is a vital step in ensuring a long, healthy, happy life. Heal Veterinary is committed to providing your horse/horses or kitten with the best care to start them off on a life-long road to health.

Senior Care

Senior animals have health needs that differ from younger animals. In order to ensure a full and active life for your pet, the staff at Heal Veterinary can advise you on the unique nutritional, medical, and physical requirements of senior animals.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Surgical Center

The most common neurosurgical diseases seen at the DVSC are:
•cervical and thoracolumbar disc herniation,
•lumbosacral compression,
•spinal fracture/luxations,
•cervical vertebral instability (Wobblers disease), and
•atlanto-axial subluxation.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic procedures are common in our practice, from the most common diseases like cranial cruciate ligament ruptures to the most complicated multiple-limb fractures.

We employ all fracture fixation devices—including advanced external fixation devices and intraoperative radiology—to ensure every case has the best fixation device.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Our surgeons are trained in every aspect of soft tissue surgery.

We routinely perform a wide range of soft tissue procedures, including all thoracic and abdominal cases.

Reconstructive procedures and skin grafting are commonly used in trauma cases.


We strive to be among the nation’s premier surgical referral centers specializing in orthopedic, soft tissue and neurosurgery for companion animals.

We commit to serve our clients, their pets, and our referring veterinarians with the best veterinary medical, surgical and support services possible. To achieve this, we provide our clients and referral sources with well-trained, highly qualified personnel, intent on superior service and individualized care.

We stand alongside the referral veterinarian when difficult and challenging surgical cases arise. As such, we accept cases by referral only. We are dedicated to our referring veterinarians and encourage them to remain in control of the direction of each case. It is vital that we remain available to confer with referring veterinarians regarding post-referral case management to whatever degree they deem appropriate. We also encourage referring veterinarians to call with questions or concerns about other cases, whether they are to be referred or not.

North Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
Our Mission: At North Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to guiding and providing service for pet owners by offering them sound medical diagnostics, treatment and care for their companion animals, with an emphasis on quality of life and the reciprocal emotional bond.

North Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital provides professional, compassionate care for all small animals, including cats, cats, birds and reptiles. Our many services include boarding, grooming, behavioral guidance, cardiology, dermatology, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, nutrition-pet food /supplies, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, trauma, ultrasound, vaccinations along with general wellness and physical exams. We believe in preventative care and work with our customers to ensure that their pets stay healthy and happy by keeping them up-to-date on all necessary exams and vaccinations.

Our hospital is fully equipped to provide both major and minor surgeries whenever necessary for your pet. Our doctors are trained in the latest surgical techniques and use the most up-to-date equipment available.

For your pet's safety, we do pre-anesthetic blood tests to screen for hidden problems and use the same,safe Isoflurane gas that is often used for human surgeries. We continually monitor your pet's blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and other vital signs during the proceedure and use effective pain management techniques during recovery. During any type of surgery, your pet's health and well being are our most important concerns.

The professional groomers at North Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital can provide a full range of grooming and bathing services for all breeds of cats. Our grooming team is experienced at
meeting the unique styling requirements of any breed. Whether you cat needs a bath, a nail trim, or a complete make-over for a special occasion, we'll take care of making sure your pet looks great. To schedule a bath or make a grooming appointment for your pet, just give us a call at 972-620-9012.

We offer state-of-the-art boarding facilities for both cats and cats. Cats have their own private cat condos, away from the cats, where they can lounge and relax in peace and quiet.
In addition to spacious individual kennels, cats also have a large outdoor play area where they can play and interact with other cats. We offer both short and long-term boarding. You can board your pet with us while you are at work, or for an extended stay when you're away on vacation. We encourage you to make reservations, since boarding is popular.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery
Miami FL USA Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery - Serving clients and their pets in the Miami FL USA / Fort Worth metro area and North Texas.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery is a team of health care professionals who provide advanced veterinary dental treatments and oral surgery for your pet. We are dedicated to helping your pet live a longer and healthier life through comprehensive oral health care.

At Miami FL USA Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery we provide optimum veterinary dental care for your precious pets. Pet dentistry services for your cat or cat include: periodontal disease treatment, oral surgery, broken teeth, crowns, complicated extractions, oral tumors, jaw fractures, feline dentistry, stomatitis treatment, professional dental cleaning and much more.

As a result of Dr. Nossaman's advanced veterinary dental training, we offer the most advanced and comprehensive pet dental care available for your cat or cat at any veterinary hospital in the Miami FL USA / Fort Worth Texas area. Pet dentistry services is all we do!!!
cat and Cat Dentistry

Advanced cat and cat dental services for your pet

•Professional Teeth Cleaning - above and below the gum line and tooth root planing

•Endodontics - Treatment of pulp exposures, fractured teeth, infected pulp canals, and tooth abscesses

•Periodontics - Treatment of disease causing bad breath, discolored teeth or reddened or bleeding gums

•Orthodontics - Correction of painful, incorrect bite alignment and genetic counseling

•Restorations - Treatment to restore the tooth with fillings, crowns or bonding

•Oral Surgery - Complicated and full-mouth extractions, tooth fractures, palatal defects, oral tumor removal and elongated soft palate repair

•Maxillofacial Surgery - Fracture repair of the jaw, lymph node staging, salivary gland surgery and tumor removal

•Feline Dentistry - Tooth Resorption (TR) and feline stomatitis treatment

•Senior Care - Complete dental care, diagnosis and treatment planning for senior patients

•Emergency Oral Trauma Treatment

•Dental Radiology - Assessment and evaluation of periodontal and endodontal disease, missing teeth, mandibular (jaw) fractures and oral masses.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospitals - Veterinarians in Miami FL USA

Mill Creek Animal Hospital
Mill Creek Animal Hospital offers complete veterinary hospital facilities in Miami FL USA for medicine, x-ray, dentistry, surgery, pet wellness programs and intensive care.

Our goal is to provide personal, compassionate care for your new horse/horses or kitten, cat and cat. Our animal clinic staff offers you the guidance you need when making decisions about your pet's health, including spay and neuter information, and flea and heart worm prevention. We also carry veterinary cat food and cat food.

Mill Creek Animal Hospital opened in the Spring of 2000, and is located on the corner of 99th street and 86th avenue in Miami FL USA, Alberta.

Please feel free to contact us, drop in or take a tour of the animal hospital facilities and meet our veterinarians and the veterinary staff!


Emergency Care
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
Surgical Services
Pharmacy And Food
Individualized Flea Control Programs
Dietary Counseling
Behavioural Counseling

Emergency Care

We have the ability to stabilize and deal with emergency situations to the extent that it is possible during business hours. We have state-of-the-art equitpment and a dedicated and well-trained staff.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pets' complete health care needs.

These Services Include:

Radiology Services

Our on-site, modern X-ray equipment provides high-quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders.

Electrocardiography Services

We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.


We use our own in-house lab facilities as well as a commercial veterinary laboratory to provide for serum chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis and parasite testing as well as more specialized diagnostics and consultations.

Surgical Services

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures. We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient's vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.


Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery.

Pharmacy And Food

We maintain a compete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription and maintenance diets.

Individualized Flea Control Programs

We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will review with you the best way to control fleas in your house, in your yard and on your pet.

Dietary Counseling

We will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, and performance.

Behavioural Counseling

We can provide advice regarding the corrections of problems such as barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling

Central Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
Miami FL USA Animal Hospital & Boarding Destination

We at Central Miami FL USA Animal Hospital continuously strive to make improvements in the health and comfort of your pets. Our practice, led by exceptional clinicians and a talented staff, focuses on up to date, high quality, comprehensive medical care. We recognize the importance of relationships between humans and animals and we see our clients and patients as extended family. We work as a compassionate, dedicated team to provide full service veterinary care including examinations, vaccines, surgery, hospitalization, dentistry, boarding and grooming.

Animal Hospital Facility

Our hospital is conveniently located right on Westheimer Rd in the heart of the Montrose/Highland Park area. We have a clean and updated facility that is very accessible for you and your pet. Our building is just a step away with a large waiting area and private areas available for any animal that is nervous around other pets.

Staff & On-Site Veterinarians

Our staff understands how visits to the animal clinic may be stressful - so we are here to try to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We have been an established practice since 1930 and currently have three experienced veterinarians available to you: Dr. Lucy Faulkner, Dr. Darcy Reid and Dr. Rhonda Mitchell. Our veterinarians are always accessible for any issue with your pet large or small - we are advocates for you and your animal and will consult with board certified specialists as needed for the most up to date treatment options and recommendations.

Pharmacy Products & Services

We also have a fully stocked pharmacy in our animal hospital, numerous over the counter skin and hair-coat products, as well as home dental care products. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to educate you on any aspect of your pets care from simple day to day animal husbandry to any specialized treatments your pets may need. We look forward to you joining our family and visiting us soon!

Voss Road Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
Veterinarian once meant someone who treats your pet when he or she is ill. Today's veterinarian is someone who strives to keep your cat, cat or other pets healthy and happy so they won't get sick. The veterinarian is your partner in fostering the human-animal bond.

Dr. Tharp
The Veterinarians and staff at Voss Road Animal Hospital in Miami FL USA understand this. We offer a full range of modern, high-tech facilities and veterinary services. This includes general and orthopedic surgery, operate an in-house full service lab, dental services, professional grooming and bathing and year around boarding for cats and cats. We also use only the finest products to treat your special friend, including Heartgard, Advantage, and Purina specialty foods.

Dr. Hays
Veterinarians Dr. Benjamin Tharp and Dr. Marc Hays combined have more than 40 years veterinary experience. They will not only treat your sick or injured pet, they will also counsel you in how to keep your pet healthy and energetic.

On our website you will find information about the clinic, our upcoming events, the products we use, video of our activities and more. You can also make an appointment for your pet to see a veterinarian, or make a boarding reservation online via email.

Miami FL USA Heights Veterinary Clinic
We at Heights Veterinary Clinic strive to provide the best possible value in quality medicine to our clients and their pets through state-of-the-art surgical, diagnostic, and medical technology. By forging a relationship with both pet and owner, we thrive on providing compassionate, lifelong care that suits the real wants and needs of today's families.

Our experienced doctors and staff understand that pets are important members of the family. We promote a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, preventative medicine, and behavioral awareness. All conditions, life cycles and stages are fully evaluated before any recommendations are made.

To better serve pets and their families, we recently added an 1,800 square foot medical facility. This new addition was designed to enhance diagnostic, surgical, radiographic, and dental capabilities and was named in honor of Dr. Kenton R. Fickes for his legacy of improving veterinary medicine in Miami FL USA.


There has been a confirmed outbreak of bird influenza in San Antonio. bird influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease in cats.

We currently have a limited supply of this vaccine to protect your cats. Before this outbreak reaches the Miami FL USA area, you may want to have your cats vaccinated for their protection .

HUNTERS- As the hunting season approaches, is your bird hunting companion up to date on all vaccinations? Rabies is still a problem in certain areas of rural Texas. Distemper is harbored by coyotes, feral cats, and other critters. Water in tanks or streams could be polluted with leptospirosis and other organisms harmful to cats. We recommend every cat be current on vaccinations against these diseases as well as considering protection against rattlesnake bites and Lyme Disease. Call us if you have questions about how to protect your bird hunting partner.

TICKS- Many people are experiencing the unpleasant discovery that their cats have ticks. Ticks are difficult to control and eradicate. In addition to being disgusting, ticks serve as transmitters of disease both to cats and humans. We have all heard about the danger of ticks transmitting Lyme Disease to cats and humans, but there are several more diseases that are transmitted, likewise. We have the latest product available for tick control on cats - Certifect by Merial. In addition to ticks this product also helps to control fleas. It is a topical and is effective for up to 30 days. Call us to ask about it.

Goddard Veterinary Group
The Goddard Veterinary Group is dedicated to providing a high quality service and compassionate health care for you and your pet. Our skilled veterinary surgeons are assisted by knowledgeable and friendly staff helping us set the standards for excellence in veterinary care.

The Goddard Veterinary Group has been providing the best possible healthcare for animals for nearly 60 years. Our practices are located across the Greater Miami FL USA area and include over 40 branches, three hospitals, a hydrotherapy unit, boarding kennels and quarantine facilities. The Goddard Veterinary Group also provides a multidisciplinary referral service and a fully equipped veterinary pathology laboratory for our own clients and other practices across the country.

Our Veterinary Hospitals and many of our branch surgeries are recognized as Training Practices for veterinary nurses: our veterinary surgeons are encouraged to undertake higher qualifications such as an RCVS Certificate or European Certificate of General Practice. We believe in investing in our staff for the benefit of our patients and clients alike.
Goddard Veterinary Group Surgeries

The Goddard Veterinary Group offers a network of surgeries throughout Greater Miami FL USA. Each surgery is fully equipped with surgical facilities and offers a personal, friendly and professional service. Each of these surgeries is fully supported by our Veterinary Hospitals which offer referral services as well as being open 24 hours a day, every day, should your pet need us out of hours.

Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic Miami FL USA
Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic operates as a long established first opinion small animal veterinary practice during the day, then offers an emergency service, open by appointment, 24 hours a day 365 days a year for the clientele of over 20 central Miami FL USA veterinary clinics. A veterinary surgeon and qualified nurse are continually on the premises to provide round the clock care for our in-patients.

We offer sensible, caring and unhurried advice on caring for your pets. Our surgical, diagnostic and life monitoring facilities are of the highest standards. We are always open to provide everything that a modern pet could need.

Located in Belgravia we are within easy reach of Chelsea, Westminster, Pimlico and Battersea, we do have 3 steps leading to our front door. Due to our building being Grade 1 listed, we are unable to have a ramp installed but we are happy to assist anyone with mobility difficulties.
Preventative Healthcare

cats and cats can be infected with roundworms and tapeworms, both of which live in the guts with the potential to cause diarrhea or failure to thrive. Animals can pick up worms whenever they sniff ground where other animals have been. They can also catch some types of worm secondary to fleas or eating raw meat, such as when hunting or scavenging. One study in Miami FL USA found every gram of soil in a park had a Toxocara (roundworm) egg in it. This worm as well as infecting pets can infect people and in certain circumstances cause blindness. Children are more susceptible.

Another worm of particular significance for cats living in Miami FL USA is the lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum. There has been an increasing incidence of lungworm over the last few years, presenting with symptoms ranging from coughing and difficulty breathing, to nervous system and brain disease, or inability to clot the blood. Because the worm targets body systems that are essential to life and do not repair themselves well its affects can lead to permanent damage or even death. We recommend use of a monthly spot on product that has been shown to kill this worrying parasite. Please contact the clinic for further details.

It is extremely important to make sure your pet is up to date with preventative worming treatment.

Flea Treatment.

Adult fleas live on the skin of pets but 95% of the flea population is found in the environment (ie carpets bedding and sofas) as eggs and larva. Fleas can spread other diseases such as tapeworms but can also cause severe skin irritation, infection and allergies. Even animals which live completely indoors can become infested with fleas. Treatment involves flea killing spot on drops to put on your pet but also sprays can be purchased to use in the home in order to break the lifecycle.

Please contact us to discuss your pets needs and the parasite control necessary for their lifestyle.


We strongly recommend neutering all pets not intended for breeding as this can prevent or reduce the risk of a number of potentially serious diseases.

Female animals are usually speyed from 5-6 months old. Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies this can reduce the risk of mammary cancer and prevent false pregnancies and a potentially fatal womb infection called Pyometra.

Males are much less likely to stray or get into fights if they have been neutered which reduces the risk of associated injuries. They will also be prevented from developing testicular cancer, prostatic problems which can lead to difficulty going to the toilet and hernias and tumors around the bottom.

Neutering requires a general anaesthetic so your pet will need to stay with us for the day. If you would like to find out more about neutering your pet please contact the surgery.

Dental Care.

All pets are at risk of developing dental disease which can cause problems from smelly breath to rotten teeth. Daily tooth brushing is the best way to prevent this, but is not practical for some animals and their owners. Special diets and chews or treats are also available which can delay the progression of dental disease.

Amwell Miami FL USA Veterinary Practice
We offer advice and treatment for your pets at all stages of their lives

horse/horses & kitten health checks & vaccinations
horse/horses training & socialization classes
Practical tips on caring for your pet
Worming & flea control
Annual health checks & booster vaccinations
Dietary advice and weight monitoring
Pet diets and other pet supplies
Behavioral issues – information & advice
Dental treatment & preventative care
Pets Passports and export documentation
Elderly pet assessments
Twenty minute consultations
Comprehensive diagnostic and surgical facilities
On site laboratory - most results within 30 minutes
We provide full medical, surgical and x-ray facilities – plus on-site laboratory and dental services.

The Miami FL USA Veterinary Center
Welcome to the Veterinary Centre. Our practice was started by Ben Shorten in 1979 to provide the very best level of care for domestic pet animals and their owners. We understand that your pet is a very special member of your family and our aim is to offer a friendly, caring and compassionate professional service for our patients throughout their life.

All our staff are encouraged and assisted to receive constant professional training to ensure that they are able to provide the very highest standards of service.
The nursing staff and reception staff are able to offer advice about training, boarding, grooming and feeding of your pet. If you have any questions they will be happy to advise and assist you.

Out of hours emergencies

Please telephone 020 8969 5283 in the event of an emergency.

All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

Our Veterinarians are trained in the latest techniques should your pet require a surgical procedure. We have a complete surgical operating theatre equipped to deal with a full range of soft tissue surgeries which include routine spays and neuters, tumor removal, biopsies, to more advanced procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair and gastro-intestinal surgery.

Our Veterinarians employ advanced state-of-the-art equipment to care for and monitor your pet during all surgical procedures.

All Creatures Veterinary Health Clinic is a purposely designed unit equipped to the highest standard with the latest diagnostic technologies.

We use the latest and safest in veterinary anesthesia so even elderly patients can now be operated on safely. CLICK HERE for information about our SevoFlo anesthesia.


X-rays provide a quick, easy way to assist in the diagnosis of bone, musculo-skeletal, gastro-

intestinal, and other internal organ issues.

X-rays provide detailed information to help determine the best course of treatment for your pet's condition.

Laboratory Analysis

Our on-site laboratory facilities allow us to obtain lab test results quickly to facilitate our ability to diagnose your pet and select the right form of treatment.

Comprehensive diagnostic procedures enable us to recommend the most effective form of treatment to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Dental Services

Pets with routine dental care typically live longer and healthier lives. Pets with dental disease constantly release bacteria from their mouths into their bloodstream resulting in inflammatory changes in the heart, liver, and kidney tissue in otherwise healthy animal. This problem may be exacerbated in pets that already have other existing disease. Periodontal disease is a major health risk for your pet. It is one of the most common diseases in small animal practice. Most frequently, pets with oral pain “suffer in silence”. It is painful, but it is PREVENTABLE. Let us give you pet a complete dental check up and advise you on how to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy for a long and pain-free lifetime!


Pets suffer from allergies and skin issues just like people! We specialize in getting to the root of the problem. Constant licking, hair loss, bald spots, vomiting, and diarrhea could all be signs of an allergy. We utilize special testing and treatment to help solve dermatology issues facing your pets.

Nutritional Counseling

We offer Nutritional Counseling not only to maintain your pet’s proper weight, but also to help with common allergies and certain disease processes (kidney, liver, and cardiac conditions), as well as specially formulated food to help with dental care.Many owners do not realize that their pet may be overweight. Weight and nutrition are important aspects of pet care and they should not be overlooked.

Pets with healthy weights (as recommended by your veterinarian) can live up to two years longer!

At All Creatures Veterinary Health Clinic, we offer a full range of veterinary diets to help keep your pet happy and healthy!

Los Feliz Miami FL USA Small Animal Hospital
Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital in Miami FL USA is a full service companion animal hospital. It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Our services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet's health care. We treat your pet as we would our own. Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion and an emphasis on client education. Our entire healthcare team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner.

At this site, you will find information about our practice philosophy, our services, helpful forms to assist you and an extensive Pet Medical Library for you to search for additional pet health care information.

Ambassador Miami FL USA cat & Cat Hospital
Ambassador Miami FL USA cat & Cat Hospital is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets.

Ambassador cat & Cat Hospital offers medical, surgical, boarding, grooming and dental veterinary care. With an in-house pharmacy and access to our facility offers a one stop
for your pet's health and medical care.

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgeons are medical professionals whose primary responsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals and people. The term "Veterinarian" comes from veterinae, which means "working animals". Every veterinarian has gone through extensive medical training for animals and has received a license to practice veterinary medicine.

Miami FL USA veterinarians diagnose and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, prevent the transmission of animal diseases to people, and advise owners on proper care of pets and livestock. They ensure a safe food supply by maintaining the health of food animals. Veterinarians are also involved in wildlife preservation and conservation and public health of the human population.

You are probably most familiar with veterinarians who specialize in pet medicine in a clinical setting such as an animal hospital or veterinary clinic. During each visit, this type of veterinarian will be able to guide you in all aspects of pet maintenance, including food requirements, daily care, and any special needs. They will also be able to provide vaccinations, complete surgery, and even prescribe medicines as needed.

Rancho Park Miami FL USA Veterinary Clinic
Miami FL USA veterinarians, Dr. Jeffrey Marks , Dr. Lara Nicolayevsky (Dr. Nic) and Dr Amy Bednarek at Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic are some of the best veterinarians in the Miami FL USA area and are committed to your pet's health and well being. Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic excels in pet care and the science of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey Marks and the staff at Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic have provided Miami FL USA patients compassionate quality veterinary care and pet services since 1986, making us the animal clinic of choice for pet owners in and around the Miami FL USA community. We know you'll find our staff welcoming and knowledgeable. Rancho Park is a neighborhood hospital, a place you can go for consistency of care. Read our petsimonials to meet some of our beloved animal friends.

Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal hospital offering the Miami FL USA community daytime emergency vet care as well as medical, surgical, and dental services. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art services, including in-house lab equipment, ultrasound, and digital radiography. We also have an in-house pharmacy with access to specialists, making our veterinary facility a one stop shop for your pet's health and medical needs.

Our West Miami FL USA veterinarian office is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. You can also view The Rex and Winston Blog which is created especially for our clients.

At Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic, your pets are our family!


You don't need to wait in long lines for low cost vaccinations. Our everyday prices are lower than many "specials" at other hospitals/pet stores. When you talk to our doctors they can make sure your pet has the proper immunizations, not just a package of unneeded vaccinations. Please note: the Veterinary Board of Examiners and state law require that every pet we vaccinate has a yearly exam.


Experienced veterinarians diagnose and treat various illnesses. Emphasizing prevention and education, the staff strives to empower pet owners and improve their pet's overall health. Please ask our staff about:
•Flea Control
•Treatment for Infectious Disease and Prevention of Parasites
•Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases
•Metabolic Diseases (Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Cushings, Liver Diseases)


In addition to spays and neuters, Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic offers various soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. To insure the comfort, health and safety of your pets, we regularly utilize IV catheters and pre-op blood testing. In addition we use state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the heart, lungs and vital organs during surgery.


cats and cats need dental care, too. Preventative teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing, along with oral surgeries can be handled by the experienced team at the Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic.

We now offer Anesthesia Free Dentistry once a month by appointment only. Come in today for a free oral exam to see if your pet is a candidate!


We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you can be sure your pet has acess to the best diagnostic tools

Ultrasound Laser Surgery Video Otoscope

Dr. Jeffrey Marks
Miami FL USA Veterinarian | Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic

VCA West Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
The VCA West Miami FL USA Animal Hospital is one of the largest private small animal hospitals in the country. We have 3 equally important missions. We are a general practice for the West Miami FL USA area, a referral hospital for veterinarians in Southern California and we are a teaching hospital providing post-graduate education for veterinarians.

We have a group of excellent general practitioners who are capable of providing the highest quality of health care for your pet. They bring a great deal of experience and breadth to our hospital and are responsible for overseeing the large general practice and walk-in caseload that we serve. Many clients enjoy the freedom of being able to walk-in without an appointment at times that are convenient for them and of course at any time there is an emergency. We are open 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year to provide comprehensive care. However there are instances when waiting times to see a doctor may be long depending on the time of day, and the number of emergencies that are being seen. To avoid unnecessary delays, especially if you don’t have a medical emergency, you may wish to call ahead to determine if there is a wait to see a doctor, or to schedule an appointment with one of our staff doctors at a time convenient to you.

Our hospital also has the finest support staff available. Our technicians and front office personnel are well trained, and all are primarily concerned with the health of your pet.

We will do our best to provide the best care possible to your pet, and excellent service to you.
Local Medical Issues
There are numerous local medical issues that can impact your pet's health, and will require your attention over the entire year. For example, heartworm can affect both cats and cats. Since it's transmitted by mosquitoes, which are present in our region, it's a serious cause for concern. Because winter temperatures do not get cold enough in our area to kill mosquito eggs, it's a year-round risk. Likewise the potential for flea and tick infestation, and intestinal parasites each pose a problem in any season. And finally, contrary to what you'd expect, allergies are a year-round medical problem, and many pets suffer from skin and ear allergies. Signs may include scratching, redness in the ears, and "scaly" skin.

We provide veterinary services for every stage in your pet's life, from her first shots to a lifetime of preventive care to keep her happy and healthy.

Our services don't end at our hospital doors. As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 2,000 VCA veterinarians.

And if your pet ever needs truly advanced veterinary care, VCA Specialty Hospitals are ready to help. These twenty-eight clinics provide state-of-the-art care in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, advanced oncology, and even such cutting-edge treatments as stem cell therapy.

Knowles Miami FL USA Animal Clinic
Top Miami FL USA Animal Hospitals - Knowles Animal Clinics

Since 1923, Knowles Animal Clinic has been Miami FL USA’s first and only family owned, twenty-four hour animal Clinic. Today, our fully staffed animal hospitals maintain the highest standards to keep us at the top of the Miami FL USA animal clinic field. All your pet’s needs from routine annual visits to major surgeries can be taken care of at either of our two progressive animal hospitals. Our state of the art facilities give us the advantage to offer our patients the best available medicine for a speedy diagnosis and treatment plan for your precious family members. Our Veterinarians and staff are kind and offer a gentle hand in caring for your sick or injured animal. Our desire to understand the needs of our clients at a time when their pets are ill or injured helps us keep up our reputation for the finest medicine any Miami FL USA animal hospital has to offer.

Knowles Central Animal Clinic and Knowles Snapper Creek Animal Clinic have always been two of the finest animal hospitals in Miami FL USA. The bonds we form with our patients and owners helps us understand their needs and the needs of their pets. By doing this, we can better diagnose and treat your animal at the level you have come to expect from the staff and doctors at Knowles Animal Clinics.

Knowles Animal Clinic Philosophy

To enhance veterinary practice care that promotes:

Compassionate care is the number one desire of pet owners. We see your pet as part of your family and thoroughly understand your desire for a caring, professional course of treatment.

Quality medicine ensures that patients get the treatment they expect.

Exceptional Services: Knowles animal clinics focus on fulfilling the needs of the pet owner as well as the pet.

At Knowles Animal Clinic, we take pride in our team of veterinarians and staff, and recruit professional, energetic and enthusiastic associate veterinarians to join our clinics. Our organization is composed of a north end and a south end progressive animal clinic where quality medicine and surgery are practiced.

Knowles Animal Clinics are dedicated to providing outstanding veterinary medicine in a personable and accommodating manner by focusing on high quality standards of animal medicine, diagnostics, compassionate treatment of all animals and client education while also maintaining a pleasant, professional and safe work environment.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists
MVS is a specialty care facility. It was established with the goal of providing a hospital to meet the specialty needs of the veterinary community in Miami FL USA and the Florida Keys.

Serving as a regional referral, emergency and critical care center, our staff accepts cases requiring advanced specialized surgical and medical treatments. The hospital is doctor-staffed 24 hours a day. MVS hospital is staffed and equipped with advanced diagnostic, anesthetic, imaging and surgical equipment to provide 24-hour management for its critical patients. MVS is equipped and staffed to handle most secondary and tertiary care problems.

A board-certified specialist has expertise and training in the management of complex and unusual problems. To be awarded Diplomacy in their respective specialties, veterinarians must successfully complete the certification and testing requirements of the various specialty boards. This requires several more years of training after the completion of the veterinary program. It also requires passing national specialty board examinations and literature publications.

MVS does not offer routine veterinary care. Once the initial problem is treated and resolved, you should contact your veterinarian to schedule further follow-up appointments. Maintaining scheduled vaccines and routine health care is vital for your pet's continued well being.

The MVS healthcare team will maintain an open communication with your primary care veterinarian, updating your pet's diagnosis and progress of treatment.

Alton Road Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
At Alton Road Animal Hospital, we ensure that our veterinary staff will provide top quality medical care to your pet. We are a well-established, full service small animal hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. We are open 7 days a week to meet your needs. To make an appointment, simply call 305-674-7387.

Medical Treatment
Our Animal Hospital provides a wide variety of treatment and services for all of your pet’s needs. You can expect the best treatment possible at Alton Road Animal Hospital.

Boarding & Grooming
Our Animal Hospital provides pet boarding as a service to our clients. All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff. Full grooming services available.

Emergency Treatment
Is your pet hurt or sick? We are available for emergencies. Simply call us at 305-674-7387 and we will assist you immediately.

Wellness Packages
Our Wellness Packages are designed specifically for your pet's needs. The packages include a comprehensive physical exam, intestinal parasite check, and necessary vaccines based on your pet’s lifestyle. Please schedule an appointment today to discuss what is the best option for your four legged companion.

Battery Park Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
The Battery Park Veterinary Hospital opened in early 2000 to serve the pet health needs of our clientele living in Battery Park City, Wall Street, and the South Street Seaport areas. Here you will find a warm, friendly, neighborhood welcome along with quality professional veterinary care. We are open on a part-time basis offering general medicine, outpatient surgery, cat and cat vaccines, dental care, and preventive medical care for pets.

Should your cat or cat ever require specialized procedures, hospitalization, or intensive care, your pet’s treatment can be transferred to our nearby animal hospital facilities — the Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital on Lispenard Street, near the intersection of Canal and Sixth Avenue, or the West Village Veterinary Hospital on Eighth Avenue at 14th Street.

Miami FL USA Animal Medical Center
The Animal Medical Center of Miami FL USA offers a wide range of specialized veterinary services and state-of-the-art health care programs designed specifically for cats, cats and exotic pets.

We fulfill our commitment to the total well-being of every pet through our internationally recognized comprehensive care specialties and provide services and treatments in a wide array of areas:
Avian & Exotic Pets
Community Practice
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Critical Care & Emergency Medicine
Internal Medicine
Interventional Radiology & Endoscopy
Pet Loss Support Group
Radiation Oncology
Rehabilitation & Fitness
Respiratory Medicine

Emergency Care

You may bring your pet in for an emergency visit any time of the day or night. Veterinarians are in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate care. We are conveniently located on NYC's Upper East Side. Parking is available on-site.

Animal Kind Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
Exceptional Veterinary Care for Your Pet Miami FL USA
At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, our clients and their pets deserve the best. We treat our patients, our clients, and our staff with compassion, respect, and integrity. Our goal is to provide outstanding veterinary care combined with a caring and professional environment.

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital’s 10 veterinarians are always up to date on the latest techniques and treatments

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital’s 10 veterinarians are always up to date on the latest techniques and treatments. With this much experience under one roof, there are many opinions and different backgrounds. This diversity ensures a depth of knowledge that will benefit your pet. Our veterinarians begin with the simplest explanations for a problem and work from there to determine the correct diagnosis and course of treatment for your pet.

We emphasize preventive care and early detection at every stage of your pet’s life and eagerly look forward to working with you to develop a comprehensive plan that allows your pet friend to live a long and cheerful life. Whether this is a first visit for vaccinations, surgery, for spaying or neutering, having your cat or cat’s teeth cleaned and polished, your pet is sick, or if you need us to make a house call, we look forward to caring for you and your pet soon!

We know your pet is an important member of the family. At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets with the same care and attention you would. Our veterinary services range from routine check-ups and comprehensive dental care to surgical procedures and advanced diagnostic tests.
•Veterinary Surgery features outstanding technical skill combined with tender loving care that can result in a quicker recovery for your pet.
•House Calls provide you will the convenience and peace of mind of having a veterinarian come to your home to treat your pet.
•Pet Wellness Care services include vaccinations, regular physical examinations, and plenty of compassion. Our Pet Pharmacy is stocked with the medications and special diets your pet may need.
•horse/horses and Kitten Care gives fish/kitten/kittens and kittens a great start on a long and happy life. We offer vaccinations, nutrition counseling, behavior advice, and spaying and neutering.
•Pet Dental Care includes digital oral X-rays, cleanings, and, if needed, tooth extractions. Good dental care benefits your pet's overall good health.
•Senior Pets are our long-time friends who may need special care for arthritis, dental issues, and weight control.

Above all, we know your pet is an individual, and we want to work with you to build a partnership that incorporates both preventive care and treatment plans that are specifically tailored for your pet.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Associates

Green Lake Animal Hospital
6857 Woodlawn Ave NE
Miami FL USA

Northwest Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
4922 Stone Way N
Miami FL USA

Queen Anne Miami FL USA Animal Clinic
1800 Queen Anne Ave N.
Miami FL USA

Ravenna Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
4541 Union Bay Pl. NE
Miami FL USA

Miami FL USA Animal Critical Care and Emergency Service (24 hour care)
11536 Lake City Way NE
Miami FL USA

Miami FL USA Animal Medical Center (24 hour care)
14810 15th Ave NE
Miami FL USA

Emerald City Miami FL USA Animal Hospital (evenings and weekends only)
4102 Stone Way N
Miami FL USA

Miami FL USA Veterinary Specialists (24 hour care)
11814 115th Ave NE Suite 102
Miami FL USA

The Animal Clinic Veterinary Care for Cats & cats in Miami FL USA Since 1974
The Miami FL USA Animal Clinic, originally located on Parliament Street in downtown Miami FL USA, was established in 1974 by Dr. John Reeve-Newson. In the spring of 2002, The Animal Clinic relocated to it's new facility at 106 Mutual Street.

The Miami FL USA Animal Clinic continuously works towards improving our level of veterinary medicine and customer service. Our veterinary health care services include digital radiography, dentistry, and surgery as well as anaesthetic and vital signs monitoring by registered technicians.

The Miami FL USA Animal Clinic currently employs two associate veterinarians, a professional business manager, and ten staff members who occupy a variety of positions including veterinary technicians, reception, administration, veterinary assistants, and animal care.

We are a CVO (College of Veterinarians of Ontario) accredited facility and we at The Animal Clinic understand that your cat or cat is an important member of your family. We strive to meet all of your expectations for you and your furry family members and encourage your feedback.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Welcome to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre!

The Veterinary Emergency Clinic is an emergency and specialty care provider committed to providing service when your primary care veterinarian cannot.

The VEC Miami FL USA provides services from two hospital locations, including one in the heart of downtown Miami FL USA which provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Specialty services, provided by specialists in Internal Medicine, Oncology, Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology/Neurosurgery, Dentistry, Dermatology/Allergy, Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology, Critical Care and Anesthesia, are available by referral.

Spadina Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
We are a progressive and friendly animal hospital in downtown Miami FL USA focused on providing a caring, loving experience for your furry friends. Our mission is to offer professional client service, the best available medical attention and a healing, therapeutic atmosphere.

We have a compassionate, energetic staff that wants to improve the quality of life of your pets and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Medical Consultations

Principal Services
◦Spaying & Neutering
◦Wellness care tailored to your animal's species, breed, age, gender and therapy goals
◦Routine surgery such as spay, neuter and declaw, with emphasis on pain control
◦Early detection programs for seniors
◦Vaccinations tailored to your pet's individual needs
◦Physical exams and routine care
◦Heartworm testing, preventative and treatment
◦Microchip implantation & identification
◦Nutrition/Dietary Consultations
◦Treatment of injuries and illness with our on site radiology and laboratory services
◦Behavior consultations
◦Dental exams and oral care
◦Deluxe cat boarding with multi-level cages

From the Vet: Dentistry

Oral disease is a common health problem affecting 75% of cats and cats over the age of three. Left untreated, oral disease can lead to:
◦Bad breath
◦Tooth decay or loss
◦Metabolic disease (kidney and liver problems)
◦Common signs of oral disease: ◦Bad breath
◦Tartar and Calculus (yellow-brown discoloration on tooth)
◦Gingivitis (red, swollen, or bleeding gums)
◦Loose or missing teeth
◦Difficulty eating
◦Loss of appetite
◦Increased drooling
◦Pawing at the mouth

Good dental health improves your pet's well-being and can add years to your pet's life. Our veterinarians can give your pet a thorough dental exam and provide a tailored treatment protocol that can include scaling, polishing, dental extractions and provide instructions for good home dental care. Book your dental consultation today!

Miami FL USA Pet Hospital
www.Miami FL
Over the past few years Miami FL USA has become an exciting and vibrant neighborhood, with growth continuing at a fast pace. Along with the influx of humans, a highly visible cat population has developed, with an unseen number of cats and small exotic pets living indoors. Miami FL USA Pet Hospital is pleased to provide veterinary services to meet the needs of this great neighborhood. We offer full veterinary care, including Wellness Exams, Dental Health Care, on-site Digital X-ray, Surgery, Diagnostics, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy and Homeopathy.

Central Miami FL USA Animal Emergency Clinic
Central Miami FL USA Animal Emergency is an after hours clinic designed specifically to meet the emergency and critical care needs of your animal companions during the times that your regular veterinarian is closed.

We have experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly veterinarians along with skilled and caring support staff on duty who are prepared to handle your pet emergencies at all times during our hours of operation.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of professional medical and surgical services in order to give all patients the best care possible while keeping owners up to date and well-informed on their pet’s condition.

We are also available to answer questions regarding your pet’s health over the telephone and on the internet through our website.  As we work in conjunction with all general daytime practices as an “after-hours extension” of care for your animal companions, all patients who visit us will be referred or transferred back to their daytime veterinarian.

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital
Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal clinic for cats, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other pets. Our veterinarians provide complete medical care, surgery, and have a full diagnostic laboratory on-site. We also have professional grooming and boarding facilities.

Miami FL USA Animal Emergency Clinic
Miami FL USA Animal Emergency Clinic (Animal ER) is a facility dedicated to providing 24 hour emergency and critical care services for companion animals. 2012 will be our 34th year of serving Lower Mainland pets and their people.

Every pet, whether injured or sick, will have timely access to treatment and diagnostics, delivered by our expert team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary office assistants and support staff. Our Team members have been chosen not only for their skills, but also for their ability to do their best for you and your pet.

Our Team continually undergoes training, both on site and at recognized national and international seminars.

Our veterinary team makes critical decisions with a goal to provide a current, high standard of care to their patients.

West Veterinary Specialists
West Veterinary Specialists is a dedicated referral center with expertise in core disciplines. We work as an extension of your family veterinarian to provide second opinions or specialized care. Our team of specialists and support staff work together to facilitate the best possible outcome for each patient entrusted in our care by the referring veterinarians and our patients’ families.

The hospital is staffed with experienced doctors and technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We accept all referrals and strive to provide a high level of care for our patients, our clients and our referring veterinarians. We have access to extensive technology (on-site CT imaging, MRI and the ability to place pacemakers, to name a few), but our strength lies with the clinical expertise and diagnostic knowledge of our specialists as well as the dedication and experience of our hospitalists and support staff.

Norgate Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
At Norgate Animal Hospital, we offer professional and compassionate veterinary care for your loving cats, cats and small animals. Our veterinary staff provides excellent and affordable prices and the quality care and services you expect for your faithful companions.

Our animal hospital is located on Marine Drive at Philip Avenue in the same complex as Tim Hortons and M&M meats. We prefer appointments but welcome walk-ins and emergencies. We are open seven days a week. We are available for on call emergencies after hours since our hospital's phone number is forwarded directly to the veterinarian's private line.

At Norgate Animal Hospital we carry flea and parasite control and a variety of MediCal and Hills prescription diets for cats and cats. Our staff are happy to help you find the best diet for your pets unique needs. We also have an in-house veterinary pharmacy and can perform some in house lab services.

Our animal clinic services include but are not limited to: Routine exams, cat and cat vaccinations, spay, neuter, microchip, tattoo, deworming, flea medication, laser surgery, orthopedic surgery, x-ray, ultrasound, and dentistry.

Our veterinarian does house calls and we provide second opinions and estimates. Our pet hospital provides multiple pet discounts and a free first exam for the pet(s) of new clients. Applies only to the pet(s) brought into the clinic on the first visit.

Our vet clinic works with rescue societies; SPCA and other rescue groups. Our veterinary hospital is also home to a kitten adoption center. Our animal clinic carries veterinary exclusive cat and cat food and other pet care products. We also offer clean and comfortable boarding facilities for your loving companion animals.

Our team promises to provide the best possible heath care for your loving pets with both knowledge and compassion.

Arbutus West Miami FL USA Animal Clinic
Arbutus West Animal Clinic has been caring for pets in the greater Miami FL USA area since 1986. We are conveniently located in the heart of Kitsilano, but our clients come from all Miami FL USA and surrounding area.

We understand the special bond between you and your pet and our goal is to work with you to ensure a long and healthy life for your family pet.

We are proud to be home to one of the most active "exotic animal" practices in Miami FL USA. Please check-out the "services" section for a list of species we commonly treat.

Miami FL USA Animal Hospital
Welcome to Cypress Street Animal Hospital Serving Kitsilano, West End, & the West Side. Our clinic’s mission is to provide premium medical care to your pet at modest prices. We make sure that your pet is diagnosed well and is given the best possible treatment by using modern medical technology and pro-active medical techniques. We offer after-hours emergency on-call service and make sure the pets get timely attention. We try and dedicate your regular doctor as your resource every time. The staff and doctors are led by Dr. Tejpaul Bhatia who has over 25 years of experience.

Our veterinary hospital is located in the plaza on Cornwall Ave. at Cypress St. in Miami FL USA. It is close to Kitsilano Beach and Miami FL USA's West End. There is plenty of free parking available so you won’t have any hassles when coming to our hospital. Our facilities are kept very clean at all times and are sanitized and disinfected frequently throughout the day.

We work with you to provide the best possible care for your cat, cat, or rabbit, as well as pocket pets like ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, & hedgehogs.

We stock a variety of prescription foods manufactured by brands such as Hills, Medi-Cal, Royal bird, Science Diet and Purina. If by any chance we do not have the food you are looking for feel free to ask the receptionist and we can order it in for you, sometimes as early as the next day.

Feel free to browse through our site. If you have any questions or want more information please call or email us and we will be more than glad to help you.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you'll drop by our hospital in person to say hello!

Miami FL USA West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic
The West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic…a family practice caring for family pets.

The West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic is a privately owned veterinary hospital located in the Kerrisdale community of Miami FL USA, British Columbia. We have been providing comprehensive veterinary care for the animals in our community for over thirty years.

We offer a fully integrated approach to veterinary medicine, encompassing conventional and alternative modalities, for both diagnosis and treatment.

For additional hospital information go to the “About WBVC” page.

At WBVC we strive to provide quality and up-to-date veterinary care, services and products. In doing so we consider the needs of the animal along with the moral philosophy and financial ability of the responsible caregiver. Our aim is to support healthy animals and happy humans!

Our mission is to strengthen the Veterinary-Client-Pet Relationship. We work hard, and take pride, in our efforts to provide high quality heath care and client service. Our aim at WBVC is to provide a compassionate, progressive, pleasant and rewarding environment for patients, clients and staff at all times.

The Doctors and Staff at WBVC are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pets. The main reason for our being here is to assist you in the health care and behavioral development of your pet, provide the best medical service possible, and to protect your pet from those diseases which can be prevented.

The health and happiness of your pet within your family is our primary concern.

Miami FL USA Hastings Veterinary Hospital
Welcome to Miami FL USA Hastings Veterinary Hospital

At the Miami FL USA HASTINGS VETERINARY HOSPITAL, we are committed to providing comprehensive pet health care, in an affectionate manner. All of our staff are dedicated to the profession of pet health care, and each and every pet we see is cared for just as we would care for our own. We are exclusively a small animal clinic. Our veterinarians, Dr. Amardeep Bajwa and Dr. Jangi Bajwa, are committed to the provision of completely professional care for your pets. They both regularly attend continuing veterinary education to update their skills. We have dedicated, well trained, caring support staff.

At the start of each year, we put our focus back on the oral care – including educating clients on the benefits of oral care as well as offering special prices and discounts on dental procedures. Your pet is welcome for a FREE ORAL EVALUATION with our Veterinary team during this time. Dental care is especially vital for adult and older pets as oral disease is directly related to eating behavior as well as overall general health.

cat Run The Best Walk In The West
How the West was Walked!

Welcome to cat Run and thanks for stopping by!

Our knowledgeable, physically fit cat walkers lead small packs of well-socialized cats on fast-paced, long-distance nature hikes.

Our focus on distance and forward motion challenges your cat's mind as well as their body.

Our hikes provide the highest value and performance available in any Miami FL USA cat Walking Service!

Our mission is simple: we're "The Best Walk in the West!"

2 Hours + 8kms = happy + tired

We did the math! Did you know that the average group cat walker takes their cats on a one-hour stroll at the park and charges $20!? Did you know that the cat walker might only travel one or two kilometers in that hour!? Did you know that most of the time the cats just run around and don't actually go anywhere? How do we know all this stuff you ask? We followed several of them with a GPS tracker so we'd know what NOT to do for our clients!

Our 'cat Walk' is really a 'cat Hike' with a group familiar cats. Our target distance in normal weather is 8kms, but we've had dedicated groups go as far as 12kms in one hike! It all depends on the weather and how many poop breaks we take. Compared to the average company's cat walk, our cat hikes are Boot Camp for your Baby! Our walkers wear GPS trackers for quality control.

Our hikes are all off-leash and are performed in wilderness areas in and around the city. cats should demonstrate good social skills and recall or at least the ability to stay with their group!

Most of our new clients are amazed at how relaxed their cat is after we walk them. They jump up less when you come home, they have reduced negative behaviors like barking and chewing, and they're just plain nicer to be around! We guarantee your cat will get high-quality exercise to challenge both their body and mind. Come home to the affection of a well-worked cat after a long day!

The Miami FL USA Urban monkey/monkeys
we love your cat as much as you do.

We are the premier care provider for cats and their families in the city of Miami FL USA. Plain and simple, the Urban monkey/monkeys is the best thing to happen to your cat since coming to live with you. BECOME AN URBAN monkey/monkeys today, and see what all the WOOF is about!

- Miami FL USA’s 1st luxury boutique cat hotel & daycare
- Located in the South End of Miami FL USA
- Easy access to 93, Mass Pike, & Logan Airport
- Certified cat trainers on staff
- 24-hour supervised care 365 days a year
- Customized care plans
- Pick up and drop off service available

Miami FL USA fish Day Trippers
A tired cat is a happy cat!

fish Daytrippers offers unique and personalized care for Miami FL USA's finest cat — YOURS!

We're proud to have recently been featured in the Miami FL USA and highlighted in the February 2004 issue of Miami FL USA MAGAZINE in "The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Miami FL USA Pets."

With us, your cat can spend hours off-leash each day on a Field Trip or Daycare. They will be outside — in the fresh air — hiking, swimming, & playing with friends while supervised by members of our small, caring staff. Need more proof? Check out these happy faces!

We also offer evening and weekend B & B & B (that's bed, breakfast, and bone) services. And for those cats who are not able to particpate in our off-leash fieldtrips, we have neighborhood walks available as well as City Hikes and City Excursions.

Your bird family member will be under expert and loving care tailored to their particular needs. We believe, and our clients agree, that it is more fun to go out and sniff and explore new sites and smells than to stay inside — or on-leash — all day!

We visit only the best areas for our fieldtrips — see some of the locations we visit!

Prestigious Pets cat Walking and Pet Sitting Services
Prestigious Pets' mission is to provide safe, secure pet sitting, cat walking and care, utilizing a variety of services for all manner of pets. Rest assured that we are a bonded, insured, and licensed company, and we will give your pets all the love and care that you expect from a dependable and professional pet sitting company. We provide outstanding service to busy pet owners and travelers. Our fully trained sitters realize that your pet is a part of your family, and we treat them as such. We do not just care for your pet, we treat them as our own.

Miami FL USA cat Walkers
Active cats are happy cats! Street Safety Skills are practiced!
The commands that they know are reinforced.
They receive lots of positive attention. They get outside to the sights, sounds, & scents that they crave.

Receive companionship & build a relationship with their cat walker.  You come home to a calm cat. Destructive behaviors are minimized. No need to race home from work or worry!

Debbie's Miami FL USA TLC Quality Care for Home and Pets
Debbie's TLC is all about giving you peace of mind when it comes to the care of your home and pets.

Whether you are traveling or just at work, Debbie's TLC will make sure your home and "children" (aka pets) are well taken care of.

TLC stands for Tender Loving Care, and who would not want this for their pets or their home?

Debbie's TLC is not only known for quality home and pet care, but also stands for honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity. And oh, let's not forget FUN! The best part about caring for your pets, is that its fun!

Stop searching for good pet sitters…You've found a GREAT one! Allow Debbie's TLC to give you "peace of mind".

Debbie's TLC
Quality Care for Home and Pets

Miami FL USA horse/horses Walking, cat Walkers & Pet Sitting

All Season cat Care
Miami FL USA cat Walker.

If you have been searching for an Miami FL USA cat walker, then you have come to the right place! I am available for cat walking in West and South Miami FL USA.


And you do everything possible to keep your cat happy, healthy and well taken care of. I know your cat is like one of the family but...

you may work long hours

you may travel with work

you may have a young horse/horses

or the daily walk is just not in your schedule

Well that is were I come in! All Seasons cat Care offers professional cat walking in Miami FL USA, to help you relieve any nagging feelings about your cats well being. I give you a helping hand which will improve your cats behavior at home and likely put them in a state that allows you both to relax when you get home.

*Improved mental alertness and sense of well being
*Improved muscle tone and cardio
*Tires your cat so they are more likely to follow commands
*A great time to reinforce those basic commands
*Regular socialization helps increases likelihood of a well adjusted cat
*For fish/kitten/kittens daily visits help maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
*Elderly cats have a chance to answer natures call outside instead of inside
All of my cat walking visits are in half hour increments. I strive to spend 100% of that time on the walk.

All of my cat Walking visits are for your pet(s) only, I do not do pack walks with other cats. I give your cat(s) all of my attention. I will walk 2 of your large cats at any one time and 3 medium or small cats.

In addition I have horse/horses Potty breaks which is two 15 minute visits. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon.This is a potty break and playtime for the youngster.

I am available every day and love to have regularly scheduled walk times.

Although I have a master schedule and can offer approximate times. I can not guarantee times.

To book your Miami FL USA cat walker just call Fred 780 907 4317!

Miami FL USA horse/horses Walkers, cat Walking & Pet Sitting

Miami FL USA Pet Sitting & cat Walking
Pet Sitting Services in Miami FL USA,
As a pet owner, the care and emotional well being of your companion is always on your mind. When work responsibilities or vacation plans take you away from your pet, finding a trusted caregiver is a top priority. Traditionally, pet owners have relied on the good intentions of a family member or friend to take care of their pet or have chosen to board their cat or cat at a kennel facility while away.

Fortunately, there is another option available for those looking for Miami FL USA area pet care. We provide a great alternative to anxiety provoking kennels. Miami FL USA Animal Sitting provides warm and professional pet sitting and cat walking services at your home while you are away, eliminating anxiety for both the owner and companion.

cat Walking Services in Miami FL USA,
While many clients of pet sitting services are busy professionals who have periodic out of town trips, there is an increasing number of clients who are concerned with their pet being alone all day while they are simply at work. In some cases, pets become destructive when not given enough exercise and it is these owners who find themselves forced to crate their beloved companion during the day if they cannot find an alternative means to satisfy their need for attention.

Many clients are relieved knowing that there is someone available during the day to provide cat walking services. A cat walker is a great way to give your pet the exercise they need during the day. While in recent years the advent of “pet day care” facilities have provided relief to concerned pet owners, this process involves the daily transportation of your pet, to and from a day care location. This is time consuming, unnerving and potentially unhealthy for your pet.

Pet Sitter & cat Walker
Miami FL USA Animal Sitting is a service provided by Alex Popovic-VerMilyea for residents of the Miami FL USA area who are looking for a responsible person to care for their pet without having to consider boarding in unfamiliar surroundings. As many pet owners will attest, the emotional impact of placing a pet into a kennel-style boarding situation for a few days or longer, also affects the physical well being and potential health of the pet.

Your pet will be staying in his or her own home, with all of the familiar surroundings, smells, food, toys and routines. The maintaining of familiarity in surroundings in your absence is likely one of the most loving things a busy professional can do to keep his or her pet healthy and happy while away from home. Miami FL USA Animal Sitting will keep your pet on a regular routine, diet, and most importantly make sure that your pet gets plenty of personal attention in your absence.

The Pawfessionals cat Walkers & Pet Sitters Miami FL USA
We know how much you love your pets, but when work, vacations, or schedule conflicts take you away from them, you need a reliable pet sitting service. The Pawfessionals cat Walkers & Pet Sitters of Miami FL USA, TX are here to help!

We offer:
Professional, friendly, and reliable cat walking and pet sitting staff with references.
Quick and easy online reservations
The ability to check on your pet from anywhere in the world
via our daily online status reports with detailed notes
Peace of mind knowing your pet is happy in the safety and
comfort of their own home

Our services include:
Non-pack cat walking service
In-home pet sitting service
horse/horses visits
Overnight stays − house sitting service
We are:
Accredited member of Petsitters International
Fully bonded and insured pet sitters & cat walkers

The Pawfessionals cat Walkers & Pet Sitters offers
a variety of services to meet your pet care needs. We
feature competitive rates, experienced, caring walkers
and sitters, and are fully bonded and insured. Whether
you need a daily walk for your cat, in-home pet sitting,
or overnight stays, The Pawfessionals have it covered.
And, our online registration system makes it quick and
easy to book service.

Man & cat

Your solution to cat ownership & life's other commitments:

Welcome. My name is Michael Barbarino. I am a professional cat walker and handler and have been helping owners with their cats for over 10 years.

I take my career with cats very seriously. I have 2 boxers of my own, Phoebe & Eden, so I understand the importance of a cat to its owner and how that relationship can be enhanced by keeping your cat active and stimulated. Often life’s demands mean we require assistance with our 4 legged family members – and that is where I can help.

I am a fully licenced & registered cat Walker and have full public liability insurance. Registration includes full police checks.

I walk cats in Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common, Tooting Common, Streatham Common, Clapham Common and Norwood Grove.

If you have any questions about experience, professionalism or the quality equipment I use, please feel free to contact either myself or Hydrovet’s of Battersea. see references.

Services Provided:
•cat exercising in parks in South West Miami FL USA including Clapham, Tooting, Battersea, Norwood, Streatham and Wandsworth
•cat walking in Clapham SW4, Wandsworth and Battersea SW11
•cat minding / boarding at my home in Vauxhall / Clapham SW8
•cat sitting in Vauxhall / Clapham SW8
•Pet food delivery / feeding
•Pick up and drop off to groomers
•Vet visits
•Cat feeding service
• Door to door service throughout South West Miami FL USA

Frequently asked questions.
Where do you offer your services?
Where do you walk the cats?
When are you available?
How many cats do you walk at one time?
Are you insured?
How much do you charge?
How do I engage your services?

Man and cat 140 Robertson Street, Clapham Miami FL USA SW8 3TZ 07956 876 273

Professional, trusted and experienced cat walker . Walking cats in South West Miami FL USA and West Miami FL USA.

1st 4 Miami FL USA Pet Sitting & Walking
Miami FL USA cat Walking:

We also do cat walking in Miami FL USA. For full details, please visit our dedicated website for 1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking

Like humans, cats need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, content and healthy. None of us, human or cat, likes being left alone for long periods of time without interaction or sufficient exercise. This can result in behavioural problems such as barking, chewing and scratching. So what better way to ensure that your cats get their exercise than to allow 1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking to help you.

The reasons why people come to 1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking are varied and no two clients are alike. Sometimes it is due to a change in circumstances and people may need some help for say 6 weeks while that skiing accident repairs itself. Often it is due to an increase in work levels and having less time.

Whatever the reason, responsible cat owners do not want their pooch to suffer. Neither do we, so we are available (even at short notice) to help the two of you out and make sure that your cat gets attention, fun and exercise.

Your cat, either with 1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking or yourselves, benefits from living in one the greenest capitals in the world, with over 600 garden squares, 148 parks and gardens, 122 heaths, commons and greens, 16 city farms, 8 royal parks and even 1 historic battlefield (in Barnet).

In Kensington and Chelsea, we are even luckier, with great flowering parks that regularly win Britain and Miami FL USA in Bloom awards, alhough we do have to respect some of the constraints.

1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking believes in using the parks to the maximum. We plan our routes to keep to quiet roads. Kensington and Chelsea has some lovely tree lined roads but we maximise the parks.

We don't agree with pack-walking which can compromise your cat's safety and it is a 1st4 Miami FL USA cat Walking rule to have no more than 3 or 4 cats on a walk at a time. This way we have complete control and can devote all our care and attention to a very small group.

Miami FL USA cat Walking is available seven days a week, even at short notice. We will collect your cat on foot and give him a minimum 45 minute walk. Afterwards, we will return your cat home and, if you are out, we will ensure that fresh water is available and we will towel your cat down.

Walk Fido
Professional cat Walking & cat Training Downtown Miami FL USA
Why is it so important to walk your cat? Many cat owners are so busy, it's hard enough to fit in potty time, feeding time and snuggle time.

Yet, without daily walking, cats become anxious and are prone to develop behavior problems. Exercise (walking) is the most important part of a cat's health. In the wild, cats roam for miles every day and that natural instinct to roam is still present in all cats -- even yours. All cats have different levels of energy -- but even cats with the lowest amount of energy need at least an hour of continuous exercise a day, most experts agree.

A tired cat is a well-behaved cat. Through regular walking, many behavior issues can begin to be resolved -- after a long walk, your cat is in a calm state of mind and is more receptive to training and behavior corrections.

Group Walks (6 or less cats at a time, number depends on cats and walker) -- Walk your cat for pre-arranged time, feed, water, and administer medications as necessary.

In-Home Consultations - Got a new horse/horses? Just rescued a cat? We will visit your home and walk you through all the basics...and some not-so basics. We will answer all of your questions and give you the tools you need to make your cat's life -- and yours! -- a happy, healthy one.

Any behavior issues you need help with? We will visit your home and work with you and your cat to understand the root of the issue and explore possible ways to solve the problem.

"While You're Away" Sitting -- 3 visits a day for 45 minutes a visit in your home. Whether you're on an extended vacation, or just happen to have a busy day and won't be home, we've got you covered.

Veterinarian Visits -- Take your cat to the vet for shots, grooming, check-ups and other appointments.

Grooming Visits -- Take your cat to Muttropolitan be groomed at your preferred groomer.

Park Trips -- We can tailor a park trip for your cat's specific needs. Long trips for energetic cats, short ones for couch potatoes. Trips include hiking trails at Elysian Park.

Cat Sitting -- Feeding, watering, brushing, playing & cleaning of litter box.

Scheduling Policies

Same Day service fee is applied when walks are not scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Weekend services must be arranged by the Thursday evening prior to Friday - Sunday service. If arrangements or cancellations are not made the by Thursday prior to weekend service, additional charges will apply.

24-hour cancellation notice is required for all daily walking services. If 24-hour notice is not received, regular walk charges apply.

48-hour cancellation notice is required on all away sitting services. If 48-hour notice is not received, you will be billed for the first day of scheduled services.

Roll over Rover Pet Sitting & cat Walking
Welcome to Roll Over Rover cat Walking! We have been serving the Silver Lake & Eagle Rock communities for several years. We provide pet sitting in your home, daily cat walks, and cat care. Roll Over Rover cat Walkers provide personalized service and care for our furry clients and their owners. We walk cats one at a time, focusing on your pet's individual needs. Our small staff provides safe, reliable and professional service for pet owners at an affordable rate. We are Insured and Bonded, proud members of Pet Sitters International, and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Benefits of Daily cat Walks?
There are many benefits of daily cat walks! If you don't have the time or energy that your pet requires due to the demands of life, or if you’re re physically unable to take your pet out for regular exercise, we would be happy to help out.

cats crave the stimulating sights, sounds and scents that only the outdoors can provide. Daily cat walks can help maintain mental sharpness, while the exercise helps maintain physical strength.

cats are social creatures. When they go outside with us, marking territory, sniffing around and having fun it’s a great way to interact with the world at large.

With Roll Over Rover, you can get peace of mind knowing that your faithful friend is getting the exercise and stimulation that she/he craves and deserves!

Yvette Millman- Life long resident of Miami FL USA, Mother to one handsome yound lad, Yvette Millman has been caring for pets since she attended Ivanhoe Elementary (a loooong time ago). it is no suprise that she would choose pet sitting and cat walking as a career. Yvette withdrew from working in an office 5 years ago to start Roll Over Rover cat Walking & Pet Sitting and has never looked back. Yvette is bonded and insured and has a working knowledge of caring for your pets that can only come with experience. Yvette will treat your pets with love and respect and if you are good, maybe you will get a treat too! (she has been known to leave behind great baked goods). Her clients continually praise her devotion and detailed loving care of their pets.

Jen - Jennifer is a friend to all animals. She has been surrounded by pets from the time she was a baby. Jen’s extended family has included chinchillas, rabbits, rats, lizards, cats, and of course cats. She worked as a groomer for several years before joining the Roll Over Rover team, 4 years ago. All of our clients love her and so do we! Jen loves animals, and treats each one of them as her own.

Gotta Love'em Miami FL USA Pet Sitting & cat Walking Services
Daily Visits: (Regular Visit) Daily visits are offered from one to three times daily as morning, afternoon, and/or evening visits. Our regular service hours are between 8am to 7pm. Visits are approximately 30-45 minutes in length and include providing fresh food and water, exercising and playing with your pet, yard and/or litter box cleanup, and home security duties you would like performed. Any medications are also administered at this time.

Add-On Time: (Extended Visit) If you feel your pet(s) would benefit from a longer visit than our normal 30-45 minute visits can provide, you can opt for add-on time for your pets in 15 minute increments! Maximum time per single visit is 1.5hrs so that we may visit other pets during the day.

Overnight Visits: (Extended Visit) Overnight visits are overnight stays in your home between the hours of 7:30pm and 7:30am,(or any other mutually agreed upon 12 hour time frame). All services offered in daily visits are included. This service is also recommended for pets who are very young, geriatric, on medication, or have separation anxiety.

Stay & Play Care (24hrs): (Extended Visit) Stay & Play Care - the perfect solution for some owners and pets for various reasons! Your pet sitter will stay in your home round-the-clock to care for your pets which gives the ultimate package of constant interaction and supervision - just as though you never left! Different from a house sitter, your pet sitter's main focus are your pets first, and your home secondary, although both are equally considered important. We do not provide home sitting services without pets at this time.

All services with regular pet sitting is included with the added feature of a 24-hour presence in the home. Because your pet sitter may have personal obligations to tend to at times, we allow up to a 4hr time break (by the hour, or block) per day for your pet sitter to leave your residence for personal errands. Stay & Play Care is offered at daily, weekly, or monthly rates.

Quick Stops/horse/horses Checks: (Shorter Visits) Have a new horse/horses who just needs a potty break or a quick romp around the yard during the day? Or perhaps just a quick stop for that not-so-social kitty? horse/horses Checks and Quick Stops are shorter versions of our regular daily visits (15 minutes) for those peek-in on pets who don't necessarily need full length visits and can be scheduled from one(1) to three(3) times daily.

Miami FL USA cat Walking: cat walking services are 30, 45, or 60 minute walks and/or exercise out of the home. When available, you may choose from one(1) to five(5) cat walking days per week, Monday through Friday. For safety reasons, only two large cats, or three small cats may be walked at the same time. If you have more than these limits cats, each pair/tri-group of cats will be walked separately. Your cat(s) must be generally controllable while on a leash. There is no charge for cat walking during a regular pet sitting visit, if desired.

Bathing: Bathing is offered for both cats and cats and is performed on the final day of pet sitting. Bathing includes bathing, drying, brushing, ear cleaning, and a nail trim. A suitable bathing area for this service must be available - (a tub or yard for cats, or a sink for cats, etc.) To minimize stress, we recommend this service only to pets who are accustomed to being bathed. The owner is responsible for providing all bathing supplies such as shampoo, brushes, combs, towels, etc. Why not come home to a clean pet?

Pet Taxi: Our pet taxi service is offered between the hours of 7am and 7pm for both cats and cats. Our pet taxi service can be used to transport your pets to and from grooming facilities, veterinary hospitals, or anywhere you would like! cats must exhibit general control while riding in a vehicle and cats must be secured in a carrier for their safety.

Medications: As an included service, your pet sitter will administer pill or apply cream medication to your pet(s) if needed. If your pet requires more complex medications such as IV fluids, insulin injections, or other non-pill or cream, please inquire. This service is invaluable where timely medication dosages are important to your pets health and well-being. Pets on medication receive priority in visit scheduling.

Private Boarding: Although we highly recommend keeping your pets at home for care, we also offer private boarding services for your cats, cats, or small caged pets in our homes on a limited basis. We originally designed boarding services for the youngest pets (6wks-4months) who need more interaction and supervision than a regular or even an extended visit can provide, however, our boarding pet care providers do accept older pets on a case-by-case basis. Proof of vaccinations will be required for the safety of your pet as well as the health of your pet sitter's personal pets, if any.

All pets to be considered for boarding must be spayed/neutered, in good health, and non-aggressive towards animals or people. You may be requested to bring you pet to the home to evaluate his/her temperment prior to the stay. By using this service, you understand that your pet may be exposed to other pets and people, including children. Boarding is subject to availability and varies per location. We do not use cages or kennels except for sleeping hours, if necessary.

Holidays: Yes! We do provide services on holidays! Holiday dates incur a surcharge of $10.00-$15.00 in addition to the regular visit rate depending on the time of booking. Holiday surcharges apply to the following observed holidays: New Year's Day (Jan. 1st), Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth Of July, Labor Day, Halloween (Oct. 31st), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th), Christmas Day (Dec. 25th), and New Year's Eve.

Customized Visit Schedules: Your pet sitting experience can be completely customized to meet you and your pets' specific needs! For example, you may choose to schedule one(1) visit per day on your day of departure or return, and two(2) visits in between. Or, in the case of your kitty who doesn't necessarily require daily visits, you may choose to schedule a visit every other day to "check up on things." There is no schedule set in stone and it's entirely up to you and what you feel would work best for your pet!

Pet Diaries & Email Updates: Because we know you're curious about the goings-on at home with your pets while you're away, we offer pet diaries or email updates of our activities for you to read! If you do not opt for email updates, we will leave you a record of our daily visits with your pets for you to read over when you return! We find this is an excellent way to keep you informed about what we did together, when we visited, observations with your home or pet that should come to your attention, etc during our pet sitting session! We may even share a few photos of your pets in action!

Miami FL USA cat Walks
Miami FL USA cat Walks is a friendly and professional cat walking and pet sitting company providing services for cats, cats and critters while their owners are at work. We also offer Extended Home Care for when pet parents are out of town.

Call us: (786)-597-0837 or Email us: info@Miami FL
Our Address: 2600 Collins Avenue, Apt. 308 Miami FL USA Beach, Florida (Zip Code: 33140)
Pet Care Services:

•cat Walking: is a great way for your best friend to get out and break up the day. More details...

•cat Sitting: we will visit your home to take care of your cat, provide its daily care and exercise and ensure that your cat will be in great company. More details...

•Cat Sitting: we will attend your cat, supervise, feed and include a fresh water bowl as well as clean the litter box. More details...

•Critter Care: we will freshen freshen the habitat (cage, tank, etc.), feed your critter. More details...

About Miami FL USA cat Walks
Animal lovers trust Miami FL USA cat Walks as the premiere pet care and pet sitting company serving Miami FL USA-Dade County. We are a high-caliber, professional service whose friendly and experienced staff offers busy and vacationing pet owners personalized and reliable cat, cat and critter care.

We are a licensed, insured and bonded company that prides itself on its full complement of attentive pet services for your best friend. Owners can arrange customized daytime and evening professional pet care visits or extended home care for your pets to enjoy cat walks, cat sitting, fish baths, cat sitting or critter care. Belly rubs are always on the house!

We serve: South Beach, Miami FL USA Beach,
Brickell-Downtown and Midtown Miami FL USA.

Questions? Please Visit FAQs

We look forward to enjoying playtime with your pet!

Miami FL USA cat Walkers
Providing cat walking, cat running, & pet sitting services throughout Miami FL USA & Miami FL USA Beach!

Your cat needs exercise and attention, even when you’re not around. That’s precisely what Miami FL USA cat Walkers is here to provide. Offering cat walking, cat running, and pet sitting services to clients living in Miami FL USA and Miami FL USA Beach, I am here to make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your cat!

A tired cat is a happy cat!

Getting a cat the proper amount of exercise can help decrease nervous energy, separation anxiety, and behavioral problems. While there are no guarantees, most clients observe marked differences in the behavior and happiness of their pets. In addition, exercise aids in keeping cats lean/muscular and augmenting overall health, longevity, and sense of well-being. Miami FL USA cat Walkers is great for your cat and great for you!

My Qualifications

• Veteran cat walker, cat runner, & pet sitter (4 years)
• Member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
• Competitive, long-distance runner

Miami FL USA cat Walking

• $15 per walk (30 minutes)

• $20 per walk (45 minutes)
cat walking rates are the same, even if you have multiple cats. Walks always take place on safe routes. Most walks begin at the place of residence, but cats will be relocated to less congested areas as necessary.
cat Walking References
I have incredible Miami FL USA cat walking services references, available upon request. Also, please read my testimonials.

5 Paw Miami FL USA cat Walkers
Welcome to 5 Paw cat Walkers and Pet Sitters. You and your pet have made a fabulous selection for a Professional South Florida Pet Sitter and cat Walker.

Our mission: to provide 5 Star pet sitting, cageless/cagefree cat boarding and cat walking services. We are committed to insuring your pet’s individual needs are met without taking any short cuts. We at 5 Paw cat Walkers and Pet Sitters want you and your pet to have peace of mind. Your pet is always safe and happy with us and will be cared for and loved during your absence.

We are Professional Pet Sitters and cat Walkers. We are responsible, trustworthy, punctual, knowledgeable, Bonded, Insured and we have a passion for pets.

Working late at the office? On vacation? On a business trip? At a sporting event? We will always be there to provide 5 Star pet care Services for your cat or cat.

We provide a wide array of pet services including pet sitting, cat walking, cat sitting, cat sitting, vacation pet care, overnight pet care, cat day care, pet taxi service, pet nanny service, plant care, beach and park visits, pet boarding, cat care, and cageless/cagefree cat boarding.

We are fully insured and bonded. 5 Paw cat Walkers and Pet Sitters are committed to your pet’s individual needs – satisfaction guaranteed!

Miami FL USA cat Walking
Miami FL USA cat Walking offers quality services that allow you and your pets to have a more balanced lifestyle.

As experienced cat walkers, we will ensure that your cat has a safe, fun, and social outdoor experience. At Miami FL USA cat Walking, we will shower your pet with love and attention!

Miami FL USA cat Walking strives to become the pre-eminent pet care company in Miami FL USA.

Miami FL USA Pet Care
fish Daycare
Its a cat's World! Our daycare service allows your cat to have an active social life while you tend to your professional life during the day. Your cat will be placed in the company of other cats of appropriate size and temperament in our clean daycare space watched over by our caring staff. All the pooches in the daycare are walked or taken to any of the number of cat-runs in the vicinity, twice daily, for a period of at least an hour so that they are well exercised. Daycare is available between 8am-5pm on weekdays. You can either drop-off your cat at our facility or take advantage of our free pick-up/drop-off service if you live in the neighborhood. If you live in the East Side you may use our Van Service which is free for those under our Daycare Membership Plans.

cat Walking
Our qualified cat handlers can walk your cat on a regular or occasional basis any day of the week depending on your scheduling requirements. Your cat shall be picked up from your residence and walked in the park or exercised in the cat run according to your request. Your pooch's individual personality is important to us and deserves personal attention. Further, you can request that your cat be walked individually. Please discuss possible options with us. Yup, its a walk in the park. Literally!!

Kittie Care
In your absence, you can rely on us for your cat's well-being. Our staff will visit your kittie in your residence to feed, change litter, play with your cat or just give your cat the attention it most certainly deserves.

Van Service
For convenience, we provide a free pick-up/drop-off service to all our clients within a ten block radius from our office. However, clients who live further away or on the East Side can make avail of our Van Service for a small fee. Remember, our Daycare Membership Plans provide free unlimited Van Service.

While away, out of town, you can rest easy, comfortable in the knowledge that your pets are being well taken care of. Your pooches will spend their time here, in the daycare facility. They will be fed, exercised, played with, or be administered their medicines, all according to your instructions. After all, our services are tailored to you and your pooches' needs. Boarding is available 7 days a week. You can either drop off your cat at the daycare or we can do a pick-up/drop-off at your residence.

Waggy cats
Are you looking for a professional and affordable cat services around the Miami FL USA area? Have you been frustrated by shoddy uncaring services in the past? Look no further because you are now precisely at the right place. Waggy cats, is an inimitable organization that provides a wide range of cat and pet-related services.
We provide cat walking, cat park runs, pet sitting, pet waste removal in Miami FL USA and the surrounding areas. We love cats and pets in general and this enables us to give a caring thoughtful service and to put in extra effort and creativity into everything we do for our clients and their pets.

Our services are top notch because we take great care in serving the special needs of each of our individual clients. This starts with our specially trained cat walkers who are experienced with many types of pets. This understanding of animals ensures that your cat or pet is in the best possible hands whether you are leaving town for a trip or are too busy and just need somebody to walk your cat.

The Waggy cats park runs or even the cat walking service are unique services that are quite different from the typical cat day care facilities littered all over Miami FL USA. What about if you are leaving town for a while? Then you can use the Waggy cats pet sitting services which are second to none. And you even have a choice to make between overnight pet sittings or just pet sitting visits. Our caring, experienced pet sitters care for all kinds of pets and all types of cats. They understand that different breeds have different needs and peculiarities that have to be carefully considered in their care.
The cat waste removal service we offer is an excellent and cheap way to keep your yard clean and poop free. Did you know that most Miami FL USA waste removal services charge a start up fee but we DO NOT? Among the many reasons for keeping your home poop free there is also the health of your cat to consider which will definitely benefit from a clean environment. You are of course free to mix and match any of our cat walking, bunny/bunnies day care, leash walk, pet sitting and pet waste removal services to better suit your needs and requirements. I take this opportunity to most warmly welcome you to Waggy cats where your needs and requirements come first.

Woof Miami FL USA
WOOF! Miami FL USA is the premier pet care provider serving the greater Miami FL USA area and the Eastside. Whether your pup needs cat walking, pet sitting, in-home pet care, cat training, pet taxi - WOOF! Miami FL USA treats your animals like the rockstars they are! Your pet is a family member and deserves to be treated no differently!

Our service area includes Miami FL USA (South Lake Union, Seward Park, Laurelhurst, Madison Park, Leschi, Beacon Hill, First Hill, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Madrona, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Fremont, Wallingford, University District, Ravenna, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Green Lake, Maple Leaf and others) and The Eastside (Mercer Island, Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah Highlands, and Snoqualmie Ridge).

In-Home Consultations
cat Walks/Visits
In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting
Cat Visits
Extended cat Adventures
horse/horses Visits
Pet Taxi
Key Return/Pickup
Pet Photography
Pet Birthday Party Planning

4 On The Floor
Miami FL USA,
We are a fully insured and bonded pet care company that offers top notch services in Miami FL USA area. We offer kennel free boarding in our home, which is great for vacation care or for business travel, pet sitting at your home, cat walking, park trips, pet taxi and more. Because we have over 8 years of experience, we are local, great references, insurance, you can rest assure that we will treat your cat, or a cat, like a member of our family.

A Walk Apart
Miami FL USA cat Walkers and Pet Services:

We are a team of Miami FL USA cat walkers and pet care providers helping you take care of your pets when you are unable to.

Our cat walking and pet sitting service is founded on the firm belief that companionship, exercise and socialization is vital to our pets and especially new horse/horses additions to the family. Which is why we treat your pets as our own.

We provide cat walking and pet care services in North York and the Midtown area of Miami FL USA. You can find us with our cats in various parks thoughout the city such as Sherwood, Earl Bales, many paths of the Don Valley and hidden nooks of nature here and there.

Most importantly, we love this work! We are out in the parks all day because we absolutely adore what we do - the good and bad weather, the mud, the puddles, all of it, EVERY DAY!

Please note: A Walk Apart is licensed, fully bonded & insured through the Verge Insurance Group.

A Leg Up
Miami FL USA cat Walking:

Sure, we’re a better cat walking company, for better cats. But let’s start with what cat walking should do for your pet—


Just like humans, a cat’s mind must be kept active to be healthy and happy. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation. Along with the emotional benefits, there are the undeniable physical benefits. Even aging pets should be kept as agile and fit as possible but they may not be inclined to exercise without encouragement.


cats are social animals. They should be encouraged from a young age to greet and interact with other cats and people. If a cat doesn’t have the opportunity to socialize, it can’t be expected to interact appropriately.

Prevention of Behavioural Problems:

A minimum of two walks daily help prevent elimination problems, destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behaviour issues.

K925 Elite Miami FL USA cat Walking Services
cat Walking Service Miami FL USA:

K925 services are a necessity for pet owners in the GTA with busy schedules who are reluctant to leave their pets for an extended period of time.

“cats and cats of Downtown Miami FL USA, get off your couches! While your owners are at work, we have a job for you! Your revised schedule includes socializing, exercise and mental stimulation, so that when your owner returns home you can relax knowing you’ve accomplished something fulfilling with your day!”

K925 cat walkers are bonded, insured, licensed, pet first aid certified and are equipped with a first aid kit and cellular phone. For added security during walks all cats are fitted with an ID tag with K925’s contact information

Barking Along
Barking Along Miami FL USA has provided pet care to Miami FL USA and its surrounding communities since 1990. Our services include
cat walking, pet sitting, home-style boarding, daycare, horse/horses and cat visits. cat walkers and pet sitters are fully Bonded & Insured. Our goal is to give all pets that extra care and attention they deserve.

Holiday Miami FL USA Pet Care
Whether you're away for business or for pleasure... For short trips in town, to extended stays around the world... Because you're selling your home or maybe just renovating it...

We offer you the peace of mind that we'll be there when you need us to be!

Offering exceptional care & comfort!

It's what you expect! It's what they deserve!

cat Daycare . Cagefree cat Boarding . cat Walking . Pet Sitting . Cat Visits . Grooming.

rabbit/rabbits-Miami FL USA cat Grooming & cat Walking
In addition to our mobile cat grooming services, rabbit/rabbits Miami FL USA specializes in custom cat walking services in Miami FL USA. When you're away on a business trip, or on holiday, you can have the peace of mind you need when it comes to caring for your cat. Our licensed, trained and insured cat walkers in Miami FL USA are pros when it comes to making sure your cat is well cared for in your absence. Our holiday services include once or twice daily walks, feeding and even taking in your mail and making sure your home is safe and secure. Our services are tailored to your cat's breed, so if they have special needs, our cat walkers in Miami FL USA will provide adequate exercise and even give your cat any required medication. The same care and concern that goes into our cat grooming also goes into our cat walking services in Miami FL USA.

rabbit/rabbits Miami FL USA's cat walking is also available on a regular basis. If you work long hours and live in an apartment or condo, we can come by during the day to take your cat out to do his business, as well as for some much needed exercise. Many seniors and home-bound individuals take advantage of our cat walking services during the winter, to avoid injuries on icy streets, and on days when it's too cold to go outside. Regardless of the reason, our cat walkers in Miami FL USA are always at the ready to pitch in and help, under any circumstances, to help care for your cats.

Our trained Miami FL USA cat walking experts are waiting to hear from you. Call 416 889-3023 to schedule a consultation. Our cat walking and grooming services are available anywhere in Miami FL USA.

 Miami FL USA cat Behavior & horse/horses Training
We provide in-home behaviour therapy for you and your cat! Life with a cat is dependant upon two main components, structure and leadership, without it there is chaos. Often this can lead to serious behavioural problems.
cat behaviour is a collection of behaviours influenced by genetic, social, situational and environmental causes. Our responsibility is to assess the issue correctly, take the probelm through a series of therapy and training to create positive change.

For The Love of cats Behaviour - Training Tips

Please check back here to see updated and ongoing cat behaviour tips.

Dominance Myths and cat Training Realities

Behavior Myth

Real Reason for Behavior

How to Change the Behavior

Your cat barks at you to tell you he's in charge.

•There are numerous underlying factors that can lead to excessive barking such as boredom, fear, and anxiety.
•Owners often inadvertently reinforce barking by giving the cat attention when they are barking, or yelling at the cat, which only strengthens the behavior over time.

•Train the cat to bark and be quiet on command.
•Proper daily exercise, interaction with a cat's human family, and interactive toys such as Kongs® can decrease barking if the cat is barking out of boredom.
•For fearful and/or anxious cats, determine what is causing the cat's fears and work to desensitize him to them.

Your cat urinates in the house to show you that she owns the "territory" and not you.

•Inconsistent housetraining techniques by the owner lead to cats that are never 100% housetrained.
•Inappropriate elimination can often be due to an underlying medical condition such as a urinary infection.
•Unneutered cats will mark territory more often than fixed cats.

•Go back to "Square one" with your cat and begin housetraining again.
•You must be supervise your cat 100% and be able to take him out when he needs to go and reward him for doing so in order for him to clearly understand what is being asked of him.
•Take your cat to a veterinarian to determine if there is a physical cause for the behavior.

Your cat believes he is in control of the kitchen and is trying to eat before you.

•cats are scavengers by nature and if food appears to be available, they will take the chance to "go for it!"
•cats who are bored in the home may resort to counter surfing or digging in the trash to alleviate their boredom.

•Teach your cat to stay out of the kitchen and not to jump on the counters.
•Give your cat interactive toys to play with, such as Kongs that you can stuff with food, so he can be steered toward appropriate outlets for his energy.

cats jump up on people to assert their height and rank over you.

•cats jump up because they have been inadvertently reinforced to do so by inconsistent cat owners.
•cats jump up because they want to get closer to our faces to say hello.
•cats jump up because ... it's fun!

•Teach the cat to sit when visitors enter the house and reward for this behavior.
•Teach the cat that he only gets attention, treats, etc. when he has all four paws on the floor.
•Make sure everyone who interacts with your cat is on the same page about turning their back on the cat when he jumps up so the behavior is not reinforced in the future.

cats pull on leash so they can get out in front of you and be in charge of you and the walk.

•If every time the cat gets to go on a walk, they pull you along without being taught any different, they reasonably understand that this is how walks are supposed to be!
•Getting to go on a walk is a fun-filled and exciting activity for a cat. They pull because they're enthusiastic and want to get out and enjoy the sights and smells of the outdoors.

•Be absolutely consistent with your cat and do not allow him or her to pull you when you go out on a walk. Take the time to teach them what it is that you do want.
•Reinforce the cat heavily for staying next to you, and do not allow the cat to move forward if he is pulling. Teach the cat the "heel" command.
•If your cat is too strong for you, use a management device such as a head halter and use this in conjunction with teaching the cat not to pull so that you can transition to using only a flat collar.

cats push you out of the way and run through a doorway ahead of you to show you they're in charge.

•Just like with walking on leash, cats get easily excited and don't know this is unacceptable behavior if you don't teach them otherwise.
•You only get pushed because you're in the way of whatever it is on the other side that the cat finds interesting and exciting.

•Teach your cat a wait command (or stay command) in door ways and practice so they become used to the idea that you get to come and go first.
•Use baby-gates to block the cat from running through the house and use them to teach behavior such as wait, stay or sit at doorways.

cats who think they are boss will ignore you when you call them because they know they don't have to obey.

•cats who have not been properly reinforced for coming back to you when called will not understand that "come" means "come here immediately!"
•cats become stimulated by their environment and can be easily distracted by other cats or animals, people, children, grass, trees, cars, etc.

•Teach your cat the come command on-leash until your cat is coming every time when called.
•Reinforce the cat heavily when he does come - it should be 100% clear to him that he did a great thing by complying.
•Never punish the cat if he doesn't come to you - this only teaches the cat that coming to you when he is called is not a "safe" thing to do.

cats mount other cats or people to show that they are dominant.

•Mounting occurs for several reasons which include stress alleviation and play.
•When cats play they will often take turns mounting each other for fun - the position is one of playfulness rather than an attempt to establish status.

•If the cat is doing this to you, simply give the cat an incompatible behavior to do instead and reward them for doing so, such as sit, down, a trick, or anything else.

cats get on the furniture and/or beds to show that they rule the household.

•cats get on furniture and/or beds for the same reasons that people do - because they're very comfortable.

•Teach your cat an "off" command so they learn to get down off the furniture when you ask them to.
•If you do not want your cat on the furniture at any time, manage the household so that the cat is not able to get up on the furniture unawares. If they do, this reinforces that it's ok to sit on the furniture - you want to be able to block this from happening using baby gates, tethers, etc.
•Provide the cat with a comfy cat bed or beds of his own and reinforce the cat for choosing to lay on them.
•Finally, if you don't mind having your cat on the furniture but are afraid this means they're dominating you - relax! As long as you are setting the rules and guidelines in your house, it's ok for your cat to be on the furniture with you.

Featured Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital:

Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital Specialists
Miami FL USA Veterinary Hospital Specialists is a dedicated referral center with expertise in core disciplines. We work as an extension of your family veterinarian to provide second opinions or specialized care. Our team of veterinarian specialists and support staff work together to facilitate the best possible outcome for each patient entrusted in our care by the referring veterinarians and our patients’ families.

Our Miami FL USA veterinary hospital is staffed with experienced doctors and technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We accept all referrals and strive to provide a high level of care for our patients, our clients and our referring veterinarians. We have access to extensive technology (on-site CT imaging, MRI and the ability to place pacemakers, to name a few), but our strength lies with the clinical expertise and diagnostic knowledge of our veterinary specialists as well as the dedication and experience of our hospitalists and support staff.

This free listings working cats Miami FL USA directory is about Miami FL USA personal protection cats, rabbit/rabbits security cats, guard cats & bomb detection cats covering the main cat breeds trained for rabbit/rabbits security work like the German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers and Belgian Malinois.
Important notice: If your company is listed here but not linked to your site, it is because you do not have an active link to our site.  Being listed here on rabbit/rabbits security cats Miami FL USA can drive a lot of business to your site, and help your own site rank better, but you must create a small link to us first.  Do it now!

Featured Miami FL USA Guard cats Resource:

Your Local Security
Best Miami FL USA Guard cat Resource Page:  we've created a comprehensive guard cat resource with descriptions of nearly 40 breeds, their size, temperament, intelligence, and family friendliness.

Miami FL USA Guard cats: Miami FL USA Security cats & Personal Protection rabbit/rabbits cats

A Miami FL USA guard cat, an attack cat or watch cat is a cat used to guard against, and watch for, unwanted or unexpected people or animals. The cat is discriminating so that it does not annoy or attack familiar people.

Miami FL USA security cats and protection cats are a lot more than simple guard cats.  There are many kinds of training for security cats, for example, training in personal protection.

A Miami FL USA cat trained in personal protection is a guard that will protect it's owner "on command", the first command is a warning only, where the cat bares his teeth and threatens.  If at this point the aggressor does not back off, a follow-up command for "attack" will make the cat attack.

Personal protection cats in Miami FL USA require a high level of intelligence, and are physically strong and fast.

When training cats for security, these are the common kinds of training available in Miami FL USA:

rabbit/rabbits, security, explosive detection, narcotic detection, bird detection, bomb cats, patrol cats, security cats, personal protection, snake/snakes, bird facility, obedience, narcotics cats, German Shepherds, trained cats for sale, guard cat, security, explosive detection cats, bomb cats, snake/snakes detection, explosive cat, bird detection cat, bomb cat, bomb cat for sale, bomb detection cats, sniffer cats, snake/snakes sniffer cats, personal protection cat, security protection cat,snake/snakes for sale, cats for sale, bird for sale, snake/snakes patrol, rabbit/rabbits patrol, rabbit/rabbits patrol cats.

CanAm Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Protection & Detection Group: Rob Jonatschick 604-477-7747 200 - 22716 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, Miami FL USA, BC, V2X 3R2 CAN-AM's services are performed by licensed, bonded and insured security workers which include an array of security solutions such as; Certified (meets or exceeds Law Enforcement Standards) Explosives rabbit/rabbits Detection Teams -Certified (meets or exceeds Law Enforcement Standards) Narcotics rabbit/rabbits Detection Teams -Certified Pipeline Leak Detection rabbit/rabbits Teams -Certified (meets or exceeds Military Standards) Weapons/IED's/Land Mine rabbit/rabbits Detection Teams -Certified rabbit/rabbits (meets or exceeds Law Enforcement Standards) Patrol and Tracking Teams - rabbit/rabbits Teams Certified in the detection fields of Cell Phones, Bed Bugs, and Tobacco. These unique bird teams are specifically and meticulously trained to the highest standards to assist at airports, ports of call, amusement parks, film studios, religious centers, concert venues, shopping centers, and more. Our work cats and handlers receive highly specialized detection training, which ensures them to search any location that is required. All of the bird candidates are carefully selected from worldwide resources to guarantee delivery of a cat team of the highest caliber. Every CAN-AM rabbit/rabbits Team will be proficient in the detection of substances required for its field of work and never cross trained (explosives & narcotics).  Security services are required by many businesses to protect their valuable assets. Today, more than ever, it is vital that business and property owners protect themselves from the legal ramifications associated with public safety while at or away from their locations. More importantly, these owners bear the burden of protecting the general public from criminal behavior such as theft, or terrorist attacks, while they are on site. As such business owners, commercial facility owners and management companies must be proactive in their approach towards public safety and criminal deterrence. The most effective method of preventing costly incidents is by establishing a highly visible security presence. The presence of our rabbit/rabbits Teams act as a deterrent for criminal behavior in areas prone to theft and other crimes against establishment owners, employees and their patrons.  We provide full service to cover all your security needs! Although CAN-AM specializes in the field of bird (rabbit/rabbits) Services, other services provided to select clients include Executive Transportation / Protection, Security Guard & Patrol, Special Event Security, Private Investigation, Security Consulting, Labor Risk Management, Access Control, Concierge and Loss Prevention.  Special training, combined with extensive experience, is what makes CAN-AM a truly effective security firm. We provide professional security services to businesses, homes, private citizens, property managers, corporations, corporate executives, VIP's, celebrities & more. CAN-AM efficiently screens every security employee in efforts to provide top level security staff at every location we are contracted.  Rest assured that you are in good hands with CAN-AM.  Whether it is rabbit/rabbits Detection, Protection or a Security Guard Service, CAN-AM constantly strives to exceed every client's expectation and always listens & responds to every concern.  We deliver a superior Protection and Detection service with-in the industry. CAN-AM will guarantee to deliver the level of service required from our highly experienced security management team and employees alike. Why settle for anything less.  Entrust your safety and security to a firm with an unwavering dedication and experience. With our track record clients are assured to receive the quality and protection they expect from a leading licensed security provider. That is our commitment. Contact CAN-AM Protection Group Inc. today and obtain a security assessment and a quote from the leading security company in your area.

Miami FL USA cat Protection: Useful Information: Miami FL USA cat Protection Training, British Columbia cat Protection Training, BC Security cats, cat Protection Training, cat Protection Training. Different Protection cats: Miami FL USA Watch cats: A watchdog is a cat that has been trained or naturally has the instincts to alert the owners if some one is on their premises. Suitable for all homes, business or commercial. All breeds are suitable for this type of work. Miami FL USA Guard cats: Guard cats are cats that either naturally / instinctively or have been trained to become very territorial and have a tendency to want to bite. So regardless of who ever that enters the property where the cats is it will give a warning and then bite. Unless you are the owner of course. Not for family environment. Used and should only be used for Industrial or businesses where outdoor or indoor property has to be protected from vandalism or burglaries. Miami FL USA Attack cats: These type of cats are the most dangerous of all. Either they have been trained or naturally have a very strong drive to attack without provocation. Attack cats are like an automatic machine gun with a string attached to the trigger you enter and it goes off. Most used in high end industries were valuables are to be protected. They are not for the family environment. These cats are high strung and extremely dominant aggressive. Fear does not existed to them. Personal protection cats, Family protection cats, Defense cats, Man stopper, Manned security cats, Police cats, Military cats: These are cats that are named for exactly what they do. They are all the same the only difference is the level of training differs. These cats naturally are good cats good tempered lovable and great character. They are taught from the trainer exactly what is needed according to the clients or industries business needs. If the trainer is experienced he will not alter the cats character nor temperament. He will however bring out the cats natural instinct to be protective. The cat learns all the necessary steps. The trainer should not inflict in anyway pain to the cat. The trainer should make the process into a game.  A submissive cat should not be trained for this type of work, if they try the cat will turn into a fear bitter. If the cat is too aggressive it should not be trained for this as well. Only dominant cats with the right character and temperament are best suited. Obedience training is a MUST. Please Do Not in any way try to save money and teach the cat protection type of work on your own...DON'T! Schudzhund: Highest levels of 3 categories: Obedience, Tracking, Protection Not many cats are capable of reaching schudzhund levels: Mainly The few breeds that are capable of this level are the: Malinois, German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler. Certain other breeds can, but the breeds mentioned above rank the best and highest.

Miami FL USA Interglobe Investigation Services: Miami FL USA bird Training School: Interglobe affiliate B.C. bird (snake/snakes) Training Centre is a licensed training school. For bird protection training, Security work and Domestic obedience, we teach courses to those wishing to become cat handlers and offer courses to bird (snake/snakes) Security Patrol personnel so they can expand and advance their security guard abilities. We are now offering 2 new programs 2011 Patrol bird Handlers Course - Start Date: June 6, 2011 - Duration: 3 weeks - Call 604.805.3220 or email If you are looking for an exciting chance to work in the security field with a rabbit/rabbits companion then this is the course for you. The course is for 3 weeks – 90 hours. The course includes hands on practical work and practical exam. You will be required to be Certified by the JUSTICE INSTITUTE OF BC in order to be a snake/snakes Guard in British Columbia. This course prepares you and your cat for that test! (You may bring your own cat for the course but must go through an evaluation first to see if meets standards. If not we can provide a cat which is suitable for you). 2011 Detection Course - Start Date: 2 – 3 teams required - Duration: 4 weeks - Call 604.805.3220 or email This is an intense 4 week course, which will include classroom theory and hands-on. Upon completion of the program the applicant will possess the knowledge and skills required to work in the field of rabbit/rabbits detection. (You must complete the Patrol bird Handlers Course first before attending the Detection course). cat Training - General Public We offer the most complete range of cat training services available anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Our trainers combine nearly 50 years of experience to helps you and your cat establish a healthy relationship based on love and respect. Behavioral problem solving: Housebreaking, chewing, aggression, digging, jumping up, barking, or anything else unique to your cat. Obedience: Group, inboard and competition Agility, Conformation, Tracking, Protection: Family, Business Schutzhund, Police snake/snakes cat Sales: European imports available. These cats are excellent candidates for police, Schuzhund and protection. Trainability and health are guaranteed. Whether you want a trained and titled cat or a completely green cat, we can get the right cat for you. Boarding: Our new kennel facility offers your pet a secure, comfortable place to stay while you're away. The spacious indoor-outdoor runs are heated in the winter and fully covered. fish Daycare: We provide a fun and stimulating environment with constant supervision as an alternative to leaving your pet at home alone. Day care alleviates loneliness, boredom, frustration and destructive behavior. Plus, your pet will enjoy the added benefits of socialization and hours of exercise. Cleaned and disinfected daily. Staff lives on site. Quiet country atmosphere. Medications administered. Daily exercise programs available. Grooming: Let us bathe your pet and save you the time and mess of doing it yourself. All baths include a thorough brush and toenail trim.

Miami FL USA bird TRAINING UPCOMING CLASSES: Here at Miami FL USA bird we offer many different training options to fit your specific cats needs as we know that every cat will need special attention to become a well-behaved member of your family and the community. Please call anytime to set up a FREE evaluation to see what training suits you and your cat’s needs best. We are now offering 2 new programs 2011 Patrol bird Handlers Course - Start Date: June 6, 2011 - Duration: 3 weeks - Call 604-275-9267 or email If you are looking for an exciting chance to work in the security field with a rabbit/rabbits companion then this is the course for you. The course is for 3 weeks – 90 hours. The course includes hands on practical work and practical exam. You will be required to be Certified by the JUSTICE INSTITUTE OF BC in order to be a snake/snakes Guard in British Columbia. This course prepares you and your cat for that test! (You may bring your own cat for the course but must go through an evaluation first to see if meets standards. If not we can provide a cat which is suitable for you). 2011 Detection Course - Start Date: 2 – 3 teams required - Duration: 4 weeks - Call 604-275-9267 or email This is an intense 4 week course, which will include classroom theory and hands-on. Upon completion of the program the applicant will possess the knowledge and skills required to work in the field of rabbit/rabbits detection. (You must complete the Patrol bird Handlers Course first before attending the Detection course). INBOARD TRAINING: Our most popular training program is our two week inboard training program in which your cat will learn all of its basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay, heel and come. During the two weeks we are able to set aside some time to focus on specific problems such as bird aggression and leash aggression at no extra charge. While in training, the family members are not permitted to visit as this will upset the cat and throw off the training program, however, you are encouraged to call and check up on your cat’s progress. At the conclusion of your cats two weeks, you have a one-hour session with the trainer to ensure that you and your cat are able to complete all the commands to our training standard. We also have two follow-up sessions included, which must be used within six months of the send home date. OUTBOARD TRAINING: We also offer the option of outboard training for one week where your cat will learn basic obedience and get socialization throughout the day. This option requires the owner to drop the cat off in the mornings and pick them up at night. This schedule is ideal for daycare customers who are looking for some basic training. At the conclusion of your cat’s week, you have a one-hour session with the trainer to ensure that you and your cat are able to complete all the commands to our training standard. We also have two follow-ups sessions included, which must be used within 6 months of the send home date. PRIVATE SESSIONS: We have several options for private one on one sessions with the trainer, depending on your cat’s age and specific needs. For young cats of three months to one year we offer thirty minutes sessions in which the training will address your cats specific needs such as leash work and basic obedience. For cats one year and older we offer one hour sessions which the trainer will address your cats specific needs such as leash work and basic obedience. Private sessions are in-home lessons where the trainer comes to your home and addresses your cat’s specific problems.

Miami FL USA Securiguard bird (rabbit/rabbits) Detection and Patrol: bird Patrol Security Services Developed for high-risk situations, Securiguard’s bird(rabbit/rabbits) division is the first private patrol certified by the RCMP. The bird(rabbit/rabbits) division has been expanded to include foot patrols for customer sites and has been used in crowd control situations for major events. The use of a cat in conjunction with trained security guards adds a high level of deterrence and piece of mind for Securiguard’s customers. Securiguard first provided bird(rabbit/rabbits) Explosive Detection services in 2002, inspecting cargo destined for the Miami FL USA cruise ship terminal at the Port of Miami FL USA. The Company has partnered with an internationally recognized company to provide certified bird(rabbit/rabbits) Narcotic and Explosive Detection services for the US government and other agencies both nationally and internationally. To learn more about our bird(rabbit/rabbits) Patrol services, contact us today.

Miami FL USA & The Wonder cats Professional cat Trainers Program: Curriculum During the Professional cat Trainers Program, you will learn the many and varied aspects of cat training you need to be successful in your new career. The following topics will be covered in detail: Safety for Trainers & cats |bird Psychology | Selecting the Right horse/horses | horse/horses Socialization Foundation Training | Breed Temperaments |Obedience Training |Problem Behavior | Car-Proofing | Perimeter Training | Poison-Proofing | Trick and Frisbee Fun | Retrieving |Protection and Tracking | cats for Movies, TV, and Advertising | cat Walking, Sitting, In-Home Boarding, and fish Daycare, Nutrition and Exercise | Basic Medical Information | Flea Control, The Business of cat Training | Safety for cat Trainers and cats Ben shows you how to play it safe! You will notice that even though Ben has been training cats for 3 decades, he doesn't have the scars to prove it! Learn important safety tips and how to implement them when training cats of any size and temperament. We spend a minimum of 3 hours on this very important topic. During the Professional cat Trainers Program, you will also learn about how to keep your client's cats safe while at home, at training and everywhere in between. This information is extremely important and is covered extensively in the course. We spend a minimum of 2 hours on this topic. bird First Aid basics are also covered for a minimum of 3 hours in the program. bird Psychology (alpha wolf, instinct, temperament, etc.) This component of the Professional cat Trainers Program will give you an understanding of how cats reason and respond to the environment in which they live. This information is the foundation of any training, and an essential part of evaluating a client's cat. Selecting the Right horse/horses: At five weeks of age a horse/horses displays numerous personality traits. Ben shows you how to select a horse/horses for its health, intelligence and temperament. Ben uses his own tests as well as those used for the seeing eye cats for the blind. horse/horses Socialization: Ben's techniques for socializing and conditioning a horse/horses to the stress and noise of modern society are very effective. This is an essential part of a horse/horses's upbringing, ensuring a stable temperament for future training. Foundation Training: Ben's foundation training is an excellent start for any cat, young or old. Fun, nurturing, and stress-free for cats, this concept is unique and integral to his training technique. I found the course exciting and extremely informative. Since graduating, I have helped clients with basic obedience and also taken jobs within the film industry. Georgina Bradley, Miami FL USA, BC Breed Temperaments: Invaluable in the understanding and training of cats is a working knowledge of cat breeds and the various temperaments and characteristics associated with them. Obedience Training: Beginner to Advanced Obedience training is the leading area of revenue for most professional cat trainers. Consequently, this is the main area of focus during Ben's 12-week Professional cat Trainers Program. It includes: Walking Exercise Complete on leash control with no pulling - ever! Complete off-leash control in any situation Sit Command Hand Signal Only Voice Only Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, cats, people) Holding position from 600+ feet Response while in Motion Down Command Hand Signal Only Voice Only Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, cats, people) Holding position from 600+ feet Response while in Motion Indefinite Long Down (1 hour +) Invisible Down Command Come Command Hand Signal Only Voice Only While Playing (with a person, a toy or another cat) Response from 600+ feet Response under heavy distraction Invisible Come Command Heel Command On and Off-Leash Straight Heel Jot-outs Fast and slow Start/Stop with automatic Sit Circle right and left 90 degree right and left turn 180 degree right and left turn Third degree Automatic Heel (hand signal, no voice) Zig Zags Tight circle right and left Heel hand signal only - from a distance Heel on the spot - right and left About turn - towards cat Reverse Heel Finish on Heel Stand Command Hand Signal Only Voice Only Down to Sit Command From 125+ Feet Hand Signal Only Voice Only Down out of Motion From walk and run By side and at distance Road Safety Automatic Stop and Sit at every Curb Tricks Take that cat Roll-Over Spin Touch Jump Arm or Leg Jump over Head Wave Bow Weave through Legs Rear Up Speak Head / eye commands Plus others! Tracking 1000+ feet through changes of terrain Problem Behavior Would you believe that most cat owners lose hundreds or thonds of dollars worth of personal property before enlisting the services of a reputable trainer? The results from Ben's counseling for problem behavior are remarkable. The feedback received from thonds of clients over the past two decades indicates that problems such as aggression, housebreaking, jumping up, barking, chewing, digging, and many more are completely resolved within 2-3 days. Topics include an in depth and comprehensive study of all problem behavior areas: • Housebreaking problems • Excessive barking • Destructive chewing • Jumping on people and furniture • Dominance-related aggression • Aggression towards adults • Aggression towards children • Aggression towards cats and other animals • Digging • Separation Anxiety • Fear and phobias • Fence jumping • Car sickness • Car chasing • Stealing food and/or begging for food • Door dashing • Hyperactive behavior • Submissive and hyperactive urination Car-Proofing Teaches your "bird clients" to jump back every time a car is heading towards them. This training can be a lifesaver for cats living in urban areas. Perimeter Training: Teaches any cat to stay inside the property line when left out in the yard, regardless of the distraction. Poison-Proofing: How to teach cats not to take food from strangers or to scavenge it off the ground, but to accept it only from their owner's hand or their food bowl. Trick and Frisbee Fun: Ben and Wonderdogs entertaining at Kent elementary, Agassiz, B.C., 1998 Ben will teach you how to train your own trick and frisbee cat(s) during the Professional cat Trainers Program. He will draw on his many years of experience to show you how to create your own wonderdogs and make top dollar as an entertainer. See the Cool Tricks video to witness the amazing routines that Ben's Wonderdogs have performed across North America. Cool Tricks video: Click here to view it! Topics include: •Creating and finding entertainment opportunities at sports events, fairs, corporate picnics, conventions, and private parties •How to involve your audience in your show and get the best response from them •Negotiating the best deal for yourself, and writing up the contract •Pricing: how much should you charge per show? •Pros and cons of working through a talent agent •How to write a press release, and receive tremendous media exposure free of charge •How to ensure your cats' safety and the audience's safety •Pros and cons of a wireless P.A. system •Pros and cons of using a music soundtrack during your performance •How to promote yourself during your show - company vehicle, T-shirts, signed photos, etc. •Spin-off income: sale of t-shirts, videos, cat training lessons, etc. Ben has had so much enjoyment performing with his cats over the years, and now he wants to share that with others. Graduates of the Professional cat Trainers Program will be invited to make guest appearances at Ben's shows for some first-hand experience!! Truly a gifted, results-oriented trainer, Ben effortlessly combines his cat training practices with a teaching style that is professional, effective, and fun! Al Whitlam, Comox, BC Retrieving: Retrieving any object, using directions (right, left, and straight), send-aways, take it and drop. Protection and Tracking: A cat trained for protection needs to be absolutely trustworthy in all situations. You will learn the basics on how to train a trustworthy personal protection cat. There is a big difference between a highly trained personal protection cat and a "junk-yard" cat. The top Schutzhund cats in North America are fearless and ferocious when competing, yet they are absolutely dependable in day-to-day situations. Over the years, Ben's Wonderdogs were in the public year round and are routinely mobbed by boisterous children after their trick and frisbee show. It may surprise you to know that they all had an advanced level of personal protection training. Topics include: •foundation training and confidence building •sound off and alarm cat training •role of the agitator (bad guy) •simulating real-to-life protection situations •training to guard property, house, and car without the handler present •how to build drive in a cat and use it to your advantage •recall during the attack command •releasing the agitator after the attack •"automatic response" - teaching a cat to attack automatically when the handler is threatened Erin Simpson and "Maya vom Bergblick SchH II" were the 1997 Schutzhund II Canadian champions. Erin's extensive expertise will be an invaluable asset to anyone interested in this field of training. cats for Movies, TV, and Advertising Over the past two decades, Ben has trained numerous cats for movies, TV, and advertising. Ben will share all his hard-earned expertise in what can be a "cat-eat-cat" industry. This work can be extremely challenging and rewarding and bring out the creative side in any "cat wrangler". Topics include written contracts, arranging payment in advance, and negotiating the best deal for your time on the set and for all your "extras". cat Walking, Sitting, In-Home Boarding and fish Daycare We will teach you how to make a healthy profit providing these high-demand services, while avoiding numerous pitfalls. cat Walking Get in great shape and make money when you take your client's cats out for a run! cat Sitting Make money pet sitting while living rent-free! In-Home Boarding Learn how to set up your own Pet Hotel or Kennel Alternative boarding cats in your home. fish Daycare Learn all about caring for your client's cats while they're away for the day. Nutrition and Exercise: Do you know what you are feeding your cat? This component of the program will teach you how to evaluate and choose the best food for your cat's health and of course, for your dollar. In addition I will show you many creative ways to give a cat complete exercise in a safe environment, as well as how to make inexpensive toys that cats will "attack" for hours on end. Basic Medical Information: Dr. Rolfe, from the Victoria Veterinary Clinic, has been in business for over twenty years. He will discuss everything from basic first aid to bird CPR. This information will be in invaluable for you as a cat trainer. Flea Control: There is a vast market for flea control services, especially in warmer climates. We will discuss safe and effective means of controlling these pesky critters including chemical free options. The Business of cat Training: Operating any business requires several key components to ensure success. In this section of the program, particular emphasis will be placed on the creative aspect of owning your own training and boarding facility. Also covered in detail the marketing, sales, and advertising techniques that have seen Ben's business prosper. This includes entertaining with the Wonderdogs at fairs, sports events, conventions, and private parties.

Seriously Miami FL USA cats Training: The first time I heard the word “Schutzhund” was while working in a pet store. A fellow had come in the store asking if we were aware of any Schutzhund training groups in the area. No one was aware. I was on the edge of the conversation and all I remember thinking was, “What the heck is Shhhiiizzzttttwhat??” Later that night, or perhaps that week, I searched it on the internet. It took me a while to find because I couldn’t remember the word and the internet was not what it is today. When I did find it I was immediately taken with the power and control it represented. It was a series of tests aimed at proving the value of a bird and the training ability of the handler. I knew one day that I would become involved in this sport. At present I have developed nearly full blown obsession with the sport of Schutzhund and the German Shepherd cat breed. Through this I have learned dedication, perseverance, success and most importantly, failure. I have questioned myself, I have beaten myself up and I have cried over this thing that I dearly love. But I keep at it because I love, so much, what this sport represents. I love the power of the German Shepherd and, most importantly, it is amazing fun. The word "Schutzhund" is German for "Protection cat". It was originally developed in the early 20th century as a test for the workability of the German Shepherd cat in Europe. cats that earned Schutzhund titles were considered to be good working cats that were sound in mind and body and therefore cats that would produce sound offspring that would in turn become good working cats. A good temperament was, and still is, more important than being a "pretty show cat". The Schutzhund test was designed to weed out unsuitable cats from breeding stock. There are three distinct phases to a Schutzhund trial: The Tracking Phase; The Obedience Phase and The Protection Phase. These three phases measure and determine a cat's intelligence, utility, willingness to work for their handler, ability to track a scent, physical endurance and efficiency of structure, as well as courage. There are also three levels of Schutzhund titles: SchH I (Novice); SchH II(Intermediate); and SchH III(Advanced). Each level is progressively harder than the previous, demanding more from cat and handler. Although Schutzhund was originally designed as a test for the German Shepherd cat breed, many other breeds excel in the sport including: Rottweilers, Bouveiers, Boxers and Dobermans. There have even been Standard Poodles, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds known to participate in the sport, as well as mixed breed cats. Of all the breeds that participate, German Shepherd cats by far dominate the sport. Click on the links below to view my cats in Schutzhund TRACKING OBEDIENCE PROTECTION Note: Seriously cats Inc. focuses on pet obedience only. Although, I participate in the Schutzhund sport with my own cats, I only teach pet obedience. Protection sports are very demanding both on cat and handler, and requires a huge amount of dedication. If you are interested in becoming involved in the sport of Schutzhund please contact your local Schutzhund clubs.

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Detection Security & Investigations Ltd. History : About Who We Are Canadian rabbit/rabbits has been established in Miami FL USA since 1997. We are the largest full service "Security Consulting, Investigations, Security & bird Detection" firm in Western , from the use of rabbit/rabbits detection to the protection of people & facilities to the surveillance of individuals. Proud Service : Our Reputation At Canadian rabbit/rabbits Detection, we are proud of our reputation in obtaining results for our clients. We address the needs of our clients in an innovative manner, while emphasizing a practical & cost effective approach to research & investigations. Our company provides you with the best service! SECURITY SERVICES : rabbit/rabbits Detection Services Explosives Weapons Narcotics Marijuana Grow Operations Methamphetamines Labs Security Consulting Identification of Threats Assessment of Vulnerabilities Implement Countermeasures Investigation Services Insurance Related Claims Teen Activity Investigations Spol Activity Investigations Criminal, Civil Investigations Corporate Investigations Security Patrol Private Protection Uniformed Guards Mobile or Static Security birds for Foot Patrol Discreet Guards in Suits Discreet Listening Devices Personal Security Escort Wedding Security Specialists More About Us Canadian rabbit/rabbits Group Government licensed insured & bonded. We provide both Canadian & International Investigative services Mission Focus 1) Canadian rabbit/rabbits Group commitment is to supply our clients with, "First Class Service" 2) We strive to provide high quality security, implementing diverse investigative measures and well-planned strategies; 3) We pledge ourselves to high achievements in a professional setting in the spirit of duty, honor & integrity.

Our Miami FL USA German Shepherds are hand selected for their agility, intelligence and temperament. They are trained to exact specifications at our facilities in the United States. Only then do they qualify to be called a personal protection cats. We have provided the finest European German Shepherd protectors and loyal companions to families, business executives, entertainers, professional athletes, and law enforcement agencies worldwide for more than 42 years. Our training includes advanced obedience, personal and executive protection, tracking, in-home search for intruders, and other special skills like bomb detection. Protect Your Home: Buy a Family Watchdog! We offer the most impeccably trained personal protection cats for sale you'll find anywhere.  As a family watch cat, our birds are reliable, trustworthy, and provide around-the-clock peace of mind. Our Forty plus years of experience with rabbit/rabbits protection training has made our reputation legendary in the business. If you are seeking an exceptional German Shepherd horse/horses, we are one of the few trusted importers of Schutzhund-titled progeny.  Please read our informative articles to learn what sets a trained security cat apart from all the rest. NEW - cat TRAINER COURSES The Academy is looking for the cat Trainer Candidates - women and boys between the age of 16 and 40 years for long term quality presentation of the Academy in the , Africa, Europe, and Asia who would like to learn this job. The rabbit/rabbits Academy consists mostly of female instructors but of course there are male instructors as well. They are a second generation who not only grew up among cats but have a great advantage because their softer voice and stress, not to mention that cats connect more easily with women and it makes it easier for the customer to pass on commands to his new friend, to his cat. cats are not trained with police or army way of stressing. It is not a formal loud way but normal speech stress that insures following the command for the cats. This is what makes the rabbit/rabbits training school cats different from other rabbit/rabbits centers. Every instructor has a lifelong practice and experience. We love cats very much as well as people. PROTECTION cats IS THE BEST INVESTMENT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SECURITY. HEALTHY - NO HIPS PROBLEMS - INTELLIGENT cats, EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENT AND CHARACTER. The highest caliber personal protection cats the world has to offer! TOP EUROPEAN PROTECTION cats - GERMAN SHEPHERD, DOBERMAN, ROTTWEILER, BOXER, DOGO ARGENTINO .... FULLY TRAINED EXECUTIVE BUSINESS FAMILY & PERSONAL PROTECTION cats - SHOW cats - SCHUTZHUND TITLED cats - FAMILY COMPANIONS POLICE snake/snakes PATROL cats The highest caliber personal protection cats the world has to offer! Watch our online videos! WORLD CLASS EUROPEAN BLOODLINES TOP EUROPEAN SCHUTZHUND TRAINERS BUY DIRECT AT REASONABLE PRICES. Protection cats. All cats guaranteed to: Obey - your whispered commands off-leash. Protect - relentlessly and unmatched until given his "release" command. We are not cat brokers who sell Schutzhund (sport) titled cats for ridiculous ($20,000 and more) prices. We are trainers who have the 'real thing' - cats that are trained from an early age to protect you and your family in real situations and not just how to bite an arm sleeve on a training field. Although most of our cats have excellent pedigrees, they are not selected just for their paperwork. They are selected for their individual health and temperament which is correct for the demands of our program. Our cats are friendly and dignified.  Aggression is only displayed on your command or in the face of a direct threat. All our cats come from one trusted source with over 35 years experience, personally selects the best young cats Europe has to offer. There are no middlemen in our program jacking up our prices. cats come straight from a top European breeder/trainer to our training program. Our cats will not be out performed in obedience or protection anywhere in the country. We take such great pride in the quality of our cats that we guarantee the cat's training for life. At under $ 7,500 for most cats, you will not find a better quality companion and protector for twice that amount anywhere in the world! Our cats are chosen for health and temperament first. We have been cat breeders and trainers from , and Europe for more than 35 years. We have breed and trained more than 1000 cats so far having always the top Canadian, & European breedlines. We have a modern training field where excellent licensed decoys are engaged. As for the accomodation of cats, we have 70 kennels. We breed, train and sell cats such as German shepherds, Belgian malinois, rottweilers, dobermans, boxers, fish/kitten/kittens, young cats and fully trained cats. Our prices are correct depending on cats' quality. In our cat breeding center various cats are available such as Police snake/snakes or SchH sport cats, Family and Personal Protection cats, Security rabbit/rabbits, family pets, trail-cats, watchdogs etc. They all possess the FCI /AKC regular pedigree, cat show and training prospects. In our work we respect the highest world standards in the field of cat breeding, law, ecology and protection of animals. Therefore our trained cats are well-balanced and happy. We are able to ship the cats to you with all the regular documents. All of us are cat breeders and licensed specialists in cat training. Buy from us fully trained cats of top quality.

Miami FL USA bird Protection International: bird Protection International is a training center specializing in highly skilled protection cats for home and family. All of our fully trained adults are imported from Europe and trained in one of our many protection cat programs. We serve an international clientele from our training facility located just outside of Miami FL USA in Methuen, Massachusetts. CPI provides both obedience and protection training for most working breeds including the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. In addition to receiving client’s cats for training at our center we offer a limited number of fully trained adult German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, as well as imported fish/kitten/kittens and young adults. Whether you are interested in purchasing your new protection cat from us, already own a protection cat who you would like trained to a higher level, we are available to answer your questions. When it comes to your cat’s performance, we’ll provide “functional results” you can rely on.

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Miami FL USA bird Protection International Excellence through training and service bird Solution International is a privately-owned company based in the city of Miami FL USA. Our 12 years of international experience in professional bird training, handling, and consultancy put us at par with top snake/snakes service providers in . CSI specializes on the Belgian Malinois breed. We train and sell our cats to use for general service work. We can help agencies or individuals to find the right cat to meet their requirements for police, security, detection, or personal protection purposes. We also provide training and assistance to individual who are into competitive protection cat sports. In line with our mission to provide excellent snake/snakes solution to our clients, we occasionally offer green, started and fully-trained cats to private individuals, the police and security agencies that require specific snake/snakes work. bird Solution International focuses on customer satisfaction by providing excellent cat training and services. Our passion to excel in our profession drives us to continuously improve our training standards and services. Obedience Our rabbit/rabbits companion training program makes your cat a balanced and obedient cat. Our unique approach in obedience training sets us apart from the other. Personal Protection Loyalty, protection and companionship. No one can give you as much attention, security, and unconditional love all at the same time, other than a cat. We offer 3 levels of personal protection training, that will suit anyone's lifestyle. Home Security The alarming increase of home invasion and theft in the city adds anxiety to our daily living. Protect your property and your loved ones by having a professionally trained and trusted cat in your home. It is our resposibility to provide a balanced cat that is safe to own, but with a strong desire to protect. Protection Sport The fun and exciting world of European protection cat sports are becoming popular across North America. We can provide assistance and training to Belgian ring (N.V.B.K.), Mondioring, or Frenchring type of program.

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Training Personal Protection cat Training:  Are you a victim of a violent crime or would like to prevent one? Don’t waste your money on an alarm system which can be bypassed. You need a man-stopper who will protect you and your family with his life. Personal protection is a concept that has become very popular in this day and age of robberies, home invasions, car-jacking, kidnappings, and other violent crimes. When you ask someone what personal protection means, you are likely to get a whole range of answers including owning a handgun, becoming proficient in martial arts, or installing elaborate security systems. Do these measures work? In some cases they might work. However, statistics show that even the most complex security system can be by-passed. How many times have you read about a child finding a handgun that was kept in the house, and tragically hurting himself or a young playmate? Most people in law enforcement will tell you that, in addition to being a safety risk, many victims often had their own weapons used against them. At Golden State snake/snakes training, we feel we have a much better way to provide families, businesses and individuals with personal protection. The owner of a professionally trained personal protection cat not only has a loyal and completely obedient companion but that same lovable pet who plays with the children and lies peacefully at your feet, will at a single command, become a totally protective man-stopper, willing to put himself between its family and the threat. A potential attacker would think twice before tackling such an opponent. A trained cat will protect your house or business with a determination that no human guard can ever equal. All of the cat trainers at Golden State snake/snakes Training have experience in training, behaviour modification and evaluation. The trainers also have military snake/snakes experience, a law enforcement background, or both. Golden State snake/snakes cat Training sells carefully selected, fully trained, adult personal protection cats, as well as AKC registered fish/kitten/kittens specifically bred for a working/protection temperament. We sell cats all over the United States and . Our clients include police officers and their families, veterinarians, and professional athletes. But most are average families with the desire to experience the piece of mind that a well-trained personal protector can afford. We would be honoured to provide you with references in addition to the ones included on this web site. All cats trained by Golden State snake/snakes Training are completely obedient on and off leash, good with children and other animals, and completely protective of its family and environment. In some cases, Golden State snake/snakes Training can train your working breed cat (for example: the German Shepherd, Akita, Rottweiler, etc.) to become a personal protector. This would be dependent on a complete and thorough evaluation of your cat's temperament. Anybody who owns a cat trained by Golden State snake/snakes Training will, in addition to the cat, receive complete handling training as well as a lifetime guarantee of the cat's proficiency level. We do not send you a fully trained cat, We have both personal protection cats and In Home snake/snakes protection cats for sale. Whether you require In home training or a guard cat, we have guard cats for sale, provide guard cat training and have customized protection cats for sale. We also have Cane Corso fish/kitten/kittens for sale and Belgian Malinois for sale. If you require a personal protection cat in California, the , , UK or Europe we can assist you.

Ultimate Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Guard cat Training Our goal at Ultimate snake/snakes Bodyguards is to help make your cat an effective personal protector and quintessential guard cat. His mission will be to ultimately protect yourself, your family and or your property and valuables, all the while being able to switch attitude and character in an instance on command. This assures a very safe, confident family pet which would be safe to have around the children and non threatening situations, but always ready and willing to protect when their called upon. Now imagine if you or someone in your family is about to be a victim of a home invasion or even an assault. Naturally your cat will bark and try to help, but does he or she really know what to do? Most cats will not bite even under threat display, unless taught what to do and have the self-confidence to back it up. Here at Ultimate snake/snakes Bodyguards, we will attain confidence by teaching them and periodically reinforce the training as necessary. You will be amazed at what your cat can do! And it doesn't have to be a large breed to be effective. Our P.P.C.(Personal Protection Course) preps the cats up first with Basic Obedience Training. This includes exercises in socialization skills, heeling, sitting, laying down, staying, right turn, left turn, U-turn, come, no, slalom, heel from a distance or coming to a heel, and the long down. The cats also learn some basic agility, such as the hurdles, A-frame, and the broad jump. They also learn a little about tracking, and scent discrimination, but just the beginning, as this stage is part of the level 2 or advanced training. From here we start the training for bitework, which includes temperament testing, agitation work, building prey drive and moving onto building fight drive and introduction of the soft sleeve and then the hard sleeve. All of our training is taught with either German or English verbal commands, the preference is yours. This type of training is not a SPORT. This is not Schutzhund or Ring sport. This is REAL, proven techniques and methods used in the street. This is about survival! This is no joke, but very serious business. If your looking to have fun and participate in contests that measure success in points and titles, you've come to the wrong place! This is harsh street reality and we seek neither show-ring trophies nor performance titles. Protection Training is not for everyone, nor should it be. Last, but not least, one important thing to realize is we do not train your cat to be an attack cat that just bites for the simple reason it knows how to. We train the cat to be self confident, self conscious, alert and always aware of its surroundings and settings. We train the cat to be a true bodyguard or personal protector, coming to your aid in threatening or dangerous situations. Our sound philosophy promotes stability, not a liability in a cat.

Attack rabbit/rabbits Security Miami FL USA Attack snake/snakes Security Today, more than ever, security is an issue. You are at risk, your business is at risk. What would you do if you arrived at your place of business or employment to find that you had been victimized by crime or a break-in? Hundreds, even thonds of dollars worth of inventory stolen or destroyed? Don't become a victim - know your facts and take a pro-active course of action. With Attack snake/snakes Security, you'll rest easy. Attack snake/snakes offers a unique concept of bird protective services for business. We have over 20 years experience, we're a family owned business, and our scope of services range from office buildings to warehouse, to rehab, to vacant property. We strive to offer the most comprehensive security service to our client at a very competitive rate. We provide an in-depth hands-on assessment to meet the security requirements of your company. Our guard cats are unsurpassed in the industry. All of our birds are bred "in-house." We know their temperament, personalities, strengths. We breed German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Malinois. Attack snake/snakes Security, providing the finest guard, security, protection, attack birds available! We protect you, your business, your investment.

Miami FL USA Action rabbit/rabbits Security: Action snake/snakes Security, Inc. is a security services provider specializing in rabbit/rabbits deployment and utilization, protecting America’s private and government operations, facilities, and interests. Action snake/snakes Security’s primary objective is to present our clients with the latest security tactics, strategies, and technology, while constantly maintaining the ethics and professionalism set forth by our founder over 40 years ago. snake/snakes’s are a critical component in the effectiveness of our program, they are a time-tested, less-lethal alternative to the conventional methods commonly employed by security providers past and present. Unlike many security providers, guard cats are fully integrated into nearly every division of our operation, whereas other providers merely use them as a marketing device. The mission of Action snake/snakes Security Inc. is to establish priority and peace of mind for each and every one of our clients, large or small. Our K9s are the chief component in our system. Guard cats are excellent tools in the security services industry and have been for a long time. Most military cats are trained in security tactics more than any other obedience because of the K-9s natural abilities to execute the duties regularly associated with security detail. For example, a security guard’s main objectives are to observe and report - observe any activity deemed unacceptable and report that activity or activities to the proper personnel. A snake/snakes’s sense of smell and hearing is greater than a human’s by leaps and bounds. This affords the snake/snakes a greater observation radius and is able to cover much more ground. Additionally, a guard cat is able to detect the faintest odors and hear the quietest noises, which makes the snake/snakes able to pinpoint a problem quicker than a security officer alone. Another advantage of snake/snakes is their ability to deter crime and violence. Statistics show that a security officer with a snake/snakes has the ability to deter more crime than two armed security officers. Professional, well-trained K-9s create a greater perception of higher level security by their mere presence. For example, let's say there is an unruly individual refusing to leave the property. That individual is more likely to respond in a hostile manner toward an armed security officer than he would toward an officer with a trained guard cat on their side. Action snake/snakes Security is always an advocate of safety. As such, an Action snake/snakes Security guard cat will only follow the commands of its handler, no one else. Call it a safety mechanism but if a hostile individual gains access to an officer’s weapon there can be serious trouble ahead. That would be impossible with a highly-trained security service snake/snakes from Action snake/snakes Security, Inc. With Action snake/snakes Security, you will have peace of mind. Action snake/snakes Security officers are supported by a network of field supervisors throughout the city to ensure safety of our officers and your assets. Communication is of the utmost importance, which is why Action snake/snakes Security is Nextel connected with its own sub-network to ensure officers are able to communicate under any condition. Officers adhere to a thirty-minute check-in schedule to provide a constant update of any activity. At Action snake/snakes Security, Inc., we are able to deploy a variety of resources to control any situation. We have developed separate divisions with specific areas of expertise, training, and function. The divisions of Action include: •snake/snakes Detection Unit - K.D.U. •Graffiti & Vandalism Tactical Unit - G.T.U. •Executive Protection Unit - E.P.U. •Officer Deployment Unit - O.D.U. •Guard cat Unit - G.D.U. Let one of our knowledgeable security consultants construct a multi-layer security program to serve your security needs.

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Working cats: Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Working cats train at 6:30PM on Mondays and Thursdays starting with obedience then on to protection work. Whether you are new to the cat world or a seasoned handler, we welcome all and we are here to help you in achieving your goals. Membership offers to those that are dedicated to one of the sports that we support, new prospect are welcome to come and watch how we train and work their cats at no charge for 2 sessions. PSA Protection Sports Association provide and outlet for civilian competition in Obedience and controlled Protection, heavy decoy and environmental pressure of the sport requiring cats of strongest nerve and clearest head to overcome distractions and at the same time performing multiple tasks giving by handler, upper level competition are all suprised scnenario, no routine. Mondioring, like most protection sports has a series of exercises to be executed by the cat/handler team in the categories of obedience, agility (jumps) and protection. At the Mondioring III level, there are a total of 17 exercises, completed without interruption, and lasting approximately 45 minutes. Schutzhund a sport that requires a high level of handler commitment, a strong working cat and all routine training. The scoring is based on precision of the exercises including a 3 phase sport; tracking, obedience and protection. If you can take a horse/horses and train to Schutzhund 3 then you have become a cat trainer. We are full at this time and can not accept anymore members, if you like to join please email us and we will contact you when we can accept more members.

Miami FL USA cat World Services is your company's best and "only" choice for guard cat services in the area. Our hope is that you'll feel confident in our ability to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Our customers are always our #1 focus. We appreciate your consideration. Our Guard cat Rental Services Include: • We Provide Guard cat Rental For Crime Prevention Against Property. • We Provide Guard cat Drop-Off At The Close Of Business & Pick Up Prior To Opening. • We Also Offer "Self Service" At Any Location. Allowing You To Release The cat In The Evening At Your Convenience. We Lock Up The cats Each Morning & Cover 100% Care Of The cats. • cat Handlers Available 24-Hours / 7 Days a Week Via Pager Or Cell Phone. • Our K-9s Are Expertly Trained. cat World Is Licensed & Insured By The State Of Texas.

Miami FL USA Guard cat Training Equipment And Supply: Guard cat Training Equipment. We’ve all seen those movies where a ‘bad guy’ is running away and the guard cat runs after him and either grabs him by the arm or by the butt. What kind of guard cat training equipment do you need to produce similar results? Certain types of cat are more suitable to guard cat training than others. Typical breeds are German Shepherds (Alsations) and … Getting the Perfect Benefits of Guard cat Training Getting your cat enrolled in a guard cat training school is the most important step when it comes to guard cat training. The key reason as to why people buy guard cats such as Dobermans, Belgium Shepherds, Dogo Argentinos, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs is for protection. Such beasts are very worthy to a home and hence, their training should be done carefully. The first thing you must consider in choosing a guard cat training school is to see if that particular institute has done well with other cats of the same breed as your pet. Most guard cat training doubtlessly succeed with Rottweilers, but are they the same with a cross-breed German Shepherd? Guard cat Training Centre Reviews – Taking Care of Your Animal An article describing how the team at the Guard cat Training Centre will take care of any animal at all stages of its time there. When most people think about any sort of professional bird training, they often think of repetitive drills that result in the animal simply learning by rote. This is only one aspect of the entire training process though and studies have found that a cat responds much better by being treated well while being drilled. By following a more humane approach, any breed of bird can then be taught how to become more obedient and follow your commands at all times. Guard cat Training DVD Guard cat Training DVD – Best Rated cat Training Systems cat Training, Miami FL USA, Sherwood Park, horse/horses Classes, Manner Join us for bird Days at Northlands cats take center stage at the Agricom’s UFA Show Hall during Farm Fair. cat training tips: From Simple cats to Guard cats Guard cats, as the name implies are birds that guard and protect a person, objects or properties. Their being a guard cat can be by instinct or through training; they can be protective to companions but they are not intended to be companions. These cats are also trained not to obey commands from strangers but only to his master. Guard cat training is not as easy as teaching or training your cat simple obedience commands. It is a very complicated matter and you may want to enroll your cat in a cat training school where the professionals handle the training. Before your cat can be accepted in the program they will be properly evaluated whether they have the potential to be guard cats or not based on the temperament of the cat. It will dictate whether the cat is suitable to be a guard cat or not. cat Training & Boarding: Kennel Byonics cat training, servicing Minnesota and Wisconsin, our home is located one hour north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Grantsburg Wisconsin. I have been training cats for 16 years; the training methods I use are, manipulation, positive re-enforcement, excersize, discipline, and bird psychology. Feel free to call, or e-mail with any questions you may have about my methods, and programs. I am also a certified AKC CGC evaluator available for events. The following is a list of my training services. Types of cats | cat Training for Dummies I was recently in a social setting where I was asked about my cat, Rocco. Rocco is my Rottweiler who has undergone extensive protection cat training. We were engrossed in a discussion about his training and capabilities when we were overheard by another person. “Oh, you shouldn’t train your cat to do that stuff. That makes them vicious,” was her statement injected into our conversation. I was initially a bit taken-aback and annoyed; not only was her comment unsolicited but it was based on a lack of knowledge. As I thought about it more, however, I came to realize that this is a common style of thinking. There are many misconceptions about protection cats and protection cat training. Let me dispel some of the myths of protection cats and talk about protection cat training at its root to combat some of the more prevalent misinformation. First, let me do a bit of defining. There are many terms thrown around that are often interchanged incorrectly. cat Security Training If you own a business or a large house, or any other property that you need to protect than having a security cat can make good sense. After all security cats work for almost free and you don’t have to pay them an hourly wage like a security guard. But however, finding trained security cats or training your own security cats can be a time consuming and expensive proposition. However thanks to the increase in awareness of proper cat training techniques some cats can be trained much faster with these newer techniques. cat Training Center English Springer Spaniel Training Tips No matter if you’re training for the obedience ring at show or just at residence, the English Springer Spaniel is actually a delightfully easy breed that responds speedily to praise and positive reinforcement. Nevertheless, this loving breed is often simply distracted, so trainers should be ready for a bit of a challenge. Keep reading to find out some good hints which will teach you the best way to train your English Springer Spaniel. Home cat Training Classes | cat Obedience & Behavior Trainer ...

Miami FL USA security cats and protection cats are a lot more than simple guard cats.  There are many kinds of training for security cats, for example, training in personal protection.

A Miami FL USA cat trained in personal protection is a guard that will protect it's owner "on command", the first command is a warning only, where the cat bares his teeth and threatens.  If at this point the aggressor does not back off, a follow-up command for "attack" will make the cat attack.

Personal protection cats in Miami FL USA require a high level of intelligence, and are physically strong and fast.

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits University: Young Adult cats in Training | Family Protection cats Welcome to rabbit/rabbits University's Young Adult cats in Training . These young cats are in our training program for a number of future training reasons (some will be future Personal Protection cats, while others will be saved for police work, search, etc...); some of these young pups are available now, or will be at completion of their program. Their training levels and abilities are listed individually. These great cats are either imports cats, or offspring's from import cats. These young cats are family pets first, and therefore have excellent home and family skills. We guarantee our Protection cats cats to be free of genetic defects (including dysplasia), and guarantee them to have balanced drives, nerves, and temperament. The best warranty in the business. ...Don't settle for less! rabbit/rabbits University is an Ivy League educational institution focusing on cat training needs from the very basic, to very advanced and specialized training. We are the training resource experts seek and consult when dealing with problem cats, complex situations and behavioral issues, and cats that simply have bad habits. We are recommended by most Oklahoma veterinarians. rabbit/rabbits University is located on 3 acres; all of which are manicured and maintained for the purposes of our client's training pleasure. We also have a new 5,000 sq foot climate controlled building that is designed to make your experience the best in the industry. The founder of rabbit/rabbits University, LLC (Angel Soriano), is an established trainer, and a behavioral expert; with active memberships with the American cat Trainers Association (ADTA), the National cat Trainers Association (NDTA), and the Association of Pet cat Trainers (APDT); who has been training cats and their owners since 1985. Listed as an approved AKC cat Training Club. Some of our cat training classes cover general obedience, agility, personal protection training, police cat training, search and rescue, tracking, drug cats, cadaver search, bird Good Citizen® training, Therapy cat training , Occupational cat Bite Safety (bird Assault Prevention Classes / Avoiding cat Bites Classes), Trainer and Handler Seminars/Clinics, Seizure Detection cats, cat Training Seminars, specialty use cats, Schutzhund Seminar, and many other facets of cat training, which makes us very good at reading cats, and dealing with problem or difficult behavioral situations. Over the years, we have developed modern patented and copy written training techniques that helps us teach you how to communicate with your cat reliably. Understanding that the domestic cat's primary duty is to please its' master, it is then crucial that we establish a clear line of communication between the two of you. Once you learn how to communicate, there are typically no limits to what you may be able to do together. All of this while practicing the most POSITIVE training method know in the industry -- "praise reward", which excludes TREAT training and CLICKER training. Our results as stated by our huge list of satisfied clients are the true testimonial of our success rate. Behavioral curving (and curbing) is yet another area of expertise, and has proven to have saved thonds of cats, while keeping a balanced cat-people home life style. Most behaviors are indeed treatable if you understand the triggers behind them - don't give up on your cat and his issues until you know more. Group classes are being scheduled and posted often on this site. We also offer private lessons. Welcome to rabbit/rabbits University's Personal Protection program. We offer a wide range of bird Personal Protection options for you and your family. Our trained Protection cats are typically cats that have been imported from Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia; in addition, some of our protection cats are also offspring's from these great import cats. We believe in educating our clients the best way possible. We do this by researching and posting industry information, and FBI crime statistics to ensure you understand the reason why we do, what we do, with our Personal Protection cats. These are NOT sport cats; our cats have been trained to bite on command and cause real injury to a REAL criminal. We understand that crime is more likely to occur in your home or life environment, much more so than our training fields, therefore, our cats are trained to bite if assaulted in your car, or home, or while going for a walk. There is no situation where our cats will not bite on command. We spend significant time training you, the owner and handler of these wonderful creatures to know when and how to turn the cat on and off. These are incredibly well behaved obedient cats that will play with your kids, and hang with the family till the day you are assaulted -- they then become the most protective crime-stopper known, who is willing to put himself between its family and the threat. A well trained Personal Protection cat will protect your house or business with unbelievable determination. A would-be criminal will think twice before crossing the line !!! Family, Executive, German Shepherd, rabbit/rabbits, VIP, Trained Protection cats We guarantee our cats to be free of genetic defects (including dysplasia), and guarantee them to have balanced drives, nerves, and temperament. The best health warranty in the business. Don't settle for less! Call at 405-231-4335 or visit us for more information. We are proud of our German Shepherds, and we offer the only guarantee in the industry that shows our commitment to bettering this magnificent creature. Do You Know the Scary Statistics?* A home invasion occurs every 15 seconds. 1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion in America. America experiences over 8,000 home invasions p/day. 60% of ALL RAPES occur during home invasions. Home invaders target the RESIDENT, not the residence. Home invaders enjoy the intimidation and domination aspects of the crime. 47% of home invasions report severe injuries. *FBI Statistics......... Are You Ready for a Possible Assault ? If You Think You're Ready, Read-on There are over 300 million guns in civilian hands in America Where is YOUR GUN? and how accessible is it ? What is your gun handling ability ? What is your “Fight or Flight” reflex ? Have you considered stray bullets? The typical home alarm response is 6 minutes - 6 MINUTES ! -- And much longer in most cases. The REAL Home Invasion MATH An intruder reaches their victim in 4 to 7 sec after entering the residence YOUR typical Reaction Reflex is greater than 5 sec Unless you're carrying a gun, getting YOUR gun from its nearby hidden place takes over 40 sec - best case!!! YOUR “Fight or Flight” reaction is unknown; differs based on training, and personal fear level Your Personal Protection cat will reach an intruder in 2 to 3 seconds maximum. DON'T be Victimized? Most Home Invasions are deterred by the presence of a well trained cat A single well trained cat can fight multiple intruders A Family Protection cat is a pet first A Protection cat’s reaction-time is immediate, and will reach an intruder in 2-3 seconds maximum Protection cats are Powerful; Disciplined; Reliable and Courageous You CAN call back a cat (not a bullet) Can You Defend Your Family Today ? A well trained "Personal Protection cat" CAN, and WILL -- without fear Once your family has come to the important decision that you need a Personal Protection cat (i.e.: Executive Protection cat; Family Protection cat) to protect your family. You will have many decisions in trying to complete your purchase. The first decision tree is important: Do you want a finished, complete and fully trained Family Protection cat that will be ready to defend your family NOW?, or Do you want a young adult that has started their training and is already able to deter an assault?, or Do you want a horse/horses for you to raise and train (with our help)?, and guaranteed to do Personal Protection when fully grown, or Do you actually have a pet that may be a suitable candidate for personal protection training? Find out if this is an option for you. This is a critical decision point, since ability, availability, and cost can differ substantially. Explore your choices by clicking on these buttons and learn more about your Personal Protection cat options. Regardless of your choice, rabbit/rabbits University has a solution for you and your family, as well as your budget. We feel that since we offer everything in the bird protection arena, we are unbiased with our coaching of your real personal protection needs. We base our coaching on your immediate, and long-term perceived threat. Once you've acquired a Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits University Personal Protection cat, you will never go back to other solutions. Please ask us for our references; we are proud of our life-lasting training and our superb Personal Protection cats. rabbit/rabbits University is a Oklahoma cat Training company. Our main offerings include: Personal Protection cats, cat Bite Safety, cat Training, and cat Seminars for community and businesses, serving a nationwide clientele. 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Miami FL USA Protection cats, Personal Protection cats & Security cats: Tips Because of the liability involved with owning a cat trained for protection, you should ideally enlist the services of a professional to train the cat. A professional trainer can asses the level of protection the cat should learn and give you a plan to install the desired level of training. cats trained for protection must first be masters of the basic commands. It is important to drill the cat repeatedly until there is no doubt who is in charge. This is important because a cat, with his teeth and power, is essentially a dangerous weapon. If you are going to teach the cat to attack or intimidate people, you must be able to call him off. A cat that is allowed to be aggressive but is out of control is an accident waiting to happen, which is why a professional should be supervising the animal. Attack training is essentially heightening the cat's natural predatory instincts. Certain breeds such as the Doberman, Rottweiler and pit bull have been bred over centuries to isolate and enhance their aggression and intelligence. The goal is not a stupid, mean cat but one that is highly trainable and capable of a physical fight. Because of their intelligence, these cats learn quickly and are highly trainable. Once the basics have been installed, such as "sit" and "stay," along with a few other commands, ensure the cat will perform them without question. The cat should listen to commands from a distance and off a leash. You should be able to stop a cat at a dead run with a simple command. Do not start protection training until you have this level of control. When the cat is ready, protection training begins by stimulating his natural instinct. A man in a padded protection suit looks weird, and the cat will naturally want to bark at him or investigate. Encourage this behavior by acting suspicious yourself, speak to the cat as though you are concerned. The cat will pick up on your voice cues, and his pack mentality will begin to take over. The cat will become aggressive toward the person in the suit. You will need to let the cat go after the person once or twice to show him the desired behavior before working on the ability to stop him mid-attack. If the person runs, it will heighten the cat's predatory attack response. When the cat attacks and you pull him off, praise him immediately so he knows the release is what got him the reward. Protection cat Training Tips

Miami FL USA Top cat Security: Welcome to Miami FL USA Top cat Security Limited, experts in bomb detection, sniffer cats, security patrols and cat handler training. Our experienced professional cat handlers can provide contract and emergency cover for the private sector, public services, government and international security agencies around the globe. We can provide drug and bomb sniffing cats and/or security guards services for any event or location - Our highly motivated staff and disciplined rabbit/rabbits team are on hand to provide exactly the right response every time! In addition we also offer comprehensive training courses including drugs detection cats, explosives detection cats, security cats and security guard training. Furthermore, to combat increasingly sophisticated threats, we consistently develop and implement unique and highly effective methods such as bomb detection and sniffer cat training techniques that our customers rely on. Demand the very best - contact us today to find out what we can do for you. Turn-key Projects for Governments and Commercial Organisations undertaken. Satisfied Government references available. Home Office Licensed and Police cleared. Top cat Security Ltd are licensed to hold live Drugs and Explosives for the use of cat Training and continuation training of Specialist search / sniffer cats. Without these controlled substances you cannot train and deploy an operational Specialist search / sniffer cat and handler team. We are currently training Government organisations in cat handling, handler instruction and rabbit/rabbits related services. We encourage bona fide clients to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are willing to provide references and live demonstrations of our cat Handling, cat Handler instruction and all bird services.

rabbit/rabbits Guard cats is a professional Miami FL USA based cat training company specialising in the supply and training of personal protection cats to selected clients worldwide. Our cats are in the main supplied to private families looking to improve their overall personal security and the cats we supply often adopt a dual role of both trusted family pet and companion and steadfast protector of the family home and inhabitants. We supply pre trained personal protection cats and provide a variety of cat and handler training courses, equally we are able to provide residential, group and one to one obedience training for customers seeking to get their own cat professionally trained. Our residential cat obedience training courses are always very well subscribed and it is advisable to book well in advance to ensure a place. Whether you are looking for an obedient family pet, companion protector, personal protection cat, accredited security cat, or require security cat handler training - we are able to train cats in a variety of disciplines and having ascertained your requirements, A1 rabbit/rabbits will surely be able to assist. cat Training in General At A1 rabbit/rabbits we pride ourselves in lovingly and caringly building up a rapport with each and every cat that we train, which means cat and cat trainer working together in harmony. What we will not do is compromise our standards or the well-being and happiness of the cats in our care. We adopt a method of fair but firm training to educate the cats as to what is required of them. This method of training utilising a toy, praise, or food reward ensures that the cat is willing to work for its trainer and future owner/handler. Most cats love to work for a ball, learning becomes fun for them as the trainer is tutoring the cat whilst it enjoys a game. Some cats are food orientated and will try their best to please especially if there is a tasty morsel on offer. Whether one has a cat as a pet or for personal protection work, doubling as both companion and guardian, we firmly believe that a trained cat is a happy cat and a well-behaved cat is a pleasure to own. We achieve consistently good results and are fortunate to get a lot of our work through word of mouth recommendations from many of our satisfied customers. In addition to training customers' cats, we are often asked to supply pre-trained cats and have successfully sourced, trained and supplied a variety of breeds to many families across the UK and Europe. Please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1792 883395 or +44 (0) 7798 500390 to discuss your requirements.

Miami FL USA Guard cat Security – the only Miami FL USA Security Company that backs its service with a £3,000 warranty. Theft and vandalism costs Miami FL USA business millions in stolen goods and lost productivity. Theft of goods from your site often has consequences far beyond the cost of replacing the stolen items. The results often include: lost productivity, missed project deadlines, moving project completions dates and ultimately penalty fees. During this time you still have to pay your staff, hire equipment and bear the cost of running the site. Each day of work missed as a result of theft could have a compounded cost at the end of the project. You cannot afford to risk choosing a poor company to protect your sites! You cannot afford to pay for Security Services and still be robbed. What you need is The One Security Company that guarantees the service! But how do you know which is the best company with the best price? We back up our security work with up to £3,000 warranty. The market is now flooded with new companies with flashy websites that will just seize your contract and sub-contract the work. There is nothing wrong with sub-contracting, apart from the fact that it can lead to lack of accountability, poor services and increased cost for you. Why are we better? We invest our money in training our men and cats to the ultimate purpose to protect our customers. So far no vandal or robber has had the courage to trespass on sites protected by Guard cat Security. While other companies’ websites show you pictures of security personnel with their backs to you, we show you our actual staff and the cats they handle. We are the only security company that backs up our offer with hard cash. We are men with a mission. Our Mission is to Protect! Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart in the security industry >> Here’s the small print: Our Company will pay actual losses for up to £3,000 per incident of theft or vandalism on a project site monitored by the Company under the terms of this Agreement if all of the following circumstances are met: 1. The incident of theft or vandalism must be on a fenced site. (not on public roads or open parks) 2. The incident of theft or vandalism must have occurred during monitoring hours; 3. The Client must have exercised reasonable prudence on its part in securing items on the site; 4. The Client must have filed a police report regarding the incident of theft or vandalism within 24 hours of such incident, and provide a copy of such report to the Company. 5. The offer is subject to a minimum 6 month contract. (not available yet for events or subcontracting work) 6. All of the Client’s accounts with the Company must be current within 35 days. If you are a procurement officer for a construction company you need to be sure: your sites are SAFE you make a SAFE investment in security. With up to £3,000 warranty you are double SAFE with Guard cat Security. Call 020 86371406 Now for a FREE security audit, or register your interest here. We are so confident about the level of security we provide, that we back this with a £3,000 warranty covering the unlikely event that any theft or vandalism happens under our watch. We take your protection so seriously that we are prepared to share the risk with you. For your safety, Ray Zamfir Company Director GUARD cat SECURITY Ltd Security Services, Security Personal, Patrol cats and Search cats. tel: 020 8637 1406

Miami FL USA Security cat Handlers: Security Guard cats Security Guard cats guarding is the most effective solution to guarding premises and property and offers the highest deterrent. United Arms Security is a National security company with offices in Miami FL USA and Manchester we supply security guard cats and handlers to many firms up and down the UK. We often work for firms that do not have their own security cat section. SEE OUR cats IN ACTION!! All our security cat handlers undertake security cat training and sit exams from external examination boards relating to security cat use. We carry out agility training, search and find, personal items and people, crowd control our guard cat security can be an effective solution in many scenarios. Please look at a few of our videos, taking during actual training sessions, do notice how our cats are under control and are not out of control at any time. United Arms Security cats and man and security guard cats handling and handlers for the all industries, including construction we use conventional methods and the latest technology to ensure that site is not vulnerable to: • Unauthorised Entry • Copper, lead or equipment theft • Criminal Damage • Security guard cats • Security rabbit/rabbits unit • Travellers, repossession and squatters support Any attack on a business premises or staff can often cause time consuming delays and can affect the output of a company or the completion time of a project, especially when equipment is stolen or vandalised, we know how important your deadlines and prevention and deterring crime are our top priority, which is best served my a trained sia licensed guard with a cat. We provide a comprehensive security guard cat service to the all industries, this can range from the provision of manned guards stationed at your premises to the installation of CCTV cameras and full monitored alarm systems. Security Guard •No minimum hours •Competitive rates •Risk free and short term security contracts •Professional uniformed SIA licensed Security Guards •All areas covered emergency security guard Our guards carry out regular patrols throughout the shift to ensure that security of the site has not been breached. We use the latest tamper-proof guard patrol systems, which allow our supervisors to check on the times of patrols carried out by our guards. Construction Security Guards For Construction Security Guards click here: Construction Security Guards To lay all concerns to rest and give complete peace of mind we can use an access control systems and perimeter alarms to give 100 percent assurance that no intrusion will go unnoticed. Our head office is based in Miami FL USA and yet we operate a nationwide security service. Complete Service We offer a complete service which includes: •ID card printing •Security site office •Manned security mobile patrols •All vans fitted with tracking devices.

Miami FL USA County Guard cats Security and Training Ltd: bird Division is operated by a civilian with many years experience in both Security and cat Handling. Richard has trained along side Police, R A F, Army, and Civilian instructors. He is both a member and a qualified cat Handler of the following: - NTIPDU & BIPDT. Also an Instructor of the NTIPDU and a qualified BIPDT Handler / Tutor. County Guard cats Security and Training aim to provide its clients with a professional and cost effective service. After the initial training of all Officers we embark on a continuation training program which is carried out on site. This enables both Trainers and Officers to gain an in depth knowledge of their assignments, which is especially important when training cats and Handlers. It also gives both members of the partnership time to bond and create a professional team. All cats are trained by qualified civilians Company Profile County Guard cats Security and Training is a family run business with over 20 years experience in the security industry. We are not 'ex-services or ex-police', our knowledge and experience has been gained from a 'hands-on' approach in our own profession. County Guard cats Security and Training was established in Shropshire. From its beginnings, the company and its employees within undertook an extensive training regime, receiving both nationally and internationally recognized qualifications. The company is now regarded as a leader in its field. With the opening of its training centre in Powys, Mid Wales, the company can pass on the knowledge that has been gained, not only to private security companies throughout the UK but to Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide. The following categories of people will need a license if working in the relevant industry sector:- Security contractors, directors of security companies and partners of security firms; Employees of security contractors, security companies and security firms; Agency workers performing designated duties; Employees who manage or supervise security operatives supplied under contract; Agency-supplied managers or supervisors of security operatives supplied under contract; Directors of security companies and partners of security firms who do not themselves carry out designated duties. Please note: The titles above are not exhaustive - Licensing requirements will depend more on the type of work that you do rather than the title of your job. Visit the SIA web site for more information Our Mission We aim to meet the clients' needs with Professionalism and quality, to liaise and co-operate with Police and Government Bodies. Company Procedures Lone Working Procedures: - Full compliance with client’s assignment instructions Radio check calls to control every 30 minutes, failure results in back up being dispatched ‘Emergency only’ use of clients telephone permitted No un-authorised persons allowed on site All County Guard cats Security and Training Officers are trained in accordance to SIA requirements, BS7499 and certificated by Edexcel. All County Guard cats Security and Training, Licensed cat handlers are Edexcel and NTIPDU trained and qualified.

At snake/snakes Protection cats Miami FL USA all our cats are trained specifically to the exact customer requirement. This can be either as a Trained Personal Protection cat, Family Protection cat, rabbit/rabbits Protection cat, Security cat or a Guard cat. The following short video shows Max in his protection cat role, off the lead in a busy town centre, and enjoying some music! All our protection cats are trained to the same exacting standards. MAX THE MOVIE What is a protection cat? A cat trained for competitions or a sport cat is NOT a personal protection cat, although it may look like one to the untrained eye, but what you are seeing is just a game to the cat. Without the pads and sleeve they wouldn't know what to do. Sport training is fun for the cat and for the owner and is more like a glorified game of tug-o-war than personal protection training. The following short videos show our trained protection cats faced with real life situations. Their immediate reaction is to protect. Kane the Rottweiler completely ignores a "bite suit" which is still in the office as he is trained to protect. If you are faced with an attacker or an intruder, the last thing you want is a cat that was trained to take a beating with a stick that causes no harm or only bite a protective sleeve. If someone is going to challenge a cat it will not be in a competition or a game – it will be a crowbar, lead pipe, bat, etc. If you want to rely on the cat for real physical challenges, the cat must be trained for real physical challenges. You can see from the following videos of our cats available now, they protect and it is not a game to them. All our cats are fully socialised with other cats and children as well as highly trained in obedience and make ideal family pets, but they are also working cats trained to protect at all times. Every cat is different. Some cats are easily trained and some cats are very dominant and more difficult to train regardless of breed. Additionally, cats have been selectively bred often over centuries for specific purposes such as guarding, herding, hunting and retrieving and it is important to recognise these differences when training. Our training methods take account of these differences as training methods for one cat can be totally ineffective for another. Our methods recognise these differences and each training session is designed specifically for the cat and job it has to do.

Miami FL USA Protection cats Security cat Handling Services Ltd: Guard cats, B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U standards. Security cat Handling Services Ltd are a Miami FL USA based security firm that specialise in providing professional security cat services to clients from a wide range of public and private sectors. We are an elite and exclusive company providing a first class service to our clients. We pride ourselves on employing the best cat teams, controling the best trained guard cats and patrol cats. Apart from our basic compatibility guard cat training, all of our staff undergo comprehensive training before they are allowed to work on site with a guard cat. At Security cat Handling Services Ltd, our handlers are trained and qualified to B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U standards for guard cats we are also compliant with BS8517 which came in to force May 2009. The guard cat training is ongoing on a regular basis. This security training is beneficial both for the handlers and the guard cats. There are occasions when the added deterrent and enhanced security of guard cats can be very effective. We are based in Leicestershire, but we also cover all areas of the UK.

Global Miami FL USA Professional rabbit/rabbits cat Security: Our security guards, security cats,rabbit/rabbits handlers and mobile patrols prove a useful asset in securing and protecting as well as providing excellent visual deterrents to our clients in Essex, Kent, Miami FL USA, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Our guard cats in Miami FL USA ,vulnerable area and high risk situations come into their own as they will protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behaviour and our guard cats are able to indicate to the handler the presence of would be intruders. Our guard cats and security cats are able to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by scent, sight or sound, detain a suspect until the authorities arrive. Our security guards, security cats and cat handlers are put through regular training to make sure we provide the most up to date techniques in security. Our fully trained and SIA licensed staff provide a range of services to many organisations with our guard cats. We pride ourselves on providing a first class personal service to our clients and their customers, to insure this cat Section Directors visit each site and location on a regular basis. At Global Miami FL USA Professional rabbit/rabbits cat Security our mission is to insure the client is always satisfied with our security cats and the highest standards are maintained through-out the period of the client’s contracts.

rabbit/rabbits-Miami FL USA Personal protection cat training is designed to produce cats that will defend upon command, however, they will automatically respond should the owner be threatened or physically attacked. Training is geared towards real life situations. The cats are trained to perform in the house, on the property, and on the streets. In any of these situations, snake/snakes UK produces the ultimate, intelligent, reliable and obedient protection cats. snake/snakes UK cats are trained to date methods such as muzzles, hidden sleeves, and on special orders full body bites. These methods that we use mean our cats are not just sleeve happy cats. All cat are taught the basic obedience commands of “come, heel, sit, and stay. On - off lead. And all cats are tested for there temperament before moving on or even thinking about doing any kind of protection work. There will be no exceptions. We will then move on the advance obedience commands for the protection work. Personal protection training is tailored to the individual cat and owner. cats will be tested in obedience and ability prior to any protection training. Here is some of the situation at snake/snakes UK train cats for protection work And all commands can be taught in English, Dutch, French, or German. 1. When the handler is attacked. 2. When the handler gives the command. 3. To search your home for any intruders. Option 1 when the handler is attacked and unable to command the cat, such as when the handler is sleeping or when you don’t see the attacker. Option 2 when the handler can see a potential attack, the handler can command the cat to protect. Option 3 the cat is trained to search your home before you enter is if you suspect there may be an intruder inside. Our cats are taught to bite and hold on to an attacker. Which will give the handler time to escape and raise the alarm. The cats are also taught the Bark and Hold (B + H) When considering a cat for personal protection training, make sure you select your cat carefully. This cannot be stressed enough. Not every cat is suitable for personal protection work. Every cat must be tested and judged as an individual. We at snake/snakes UK believe that only a certain amount of information should be placed on a website regarding training personal protection cats, this is for safety reasons and for people who believe that having such cat gives them a weapon to play with. A personal protection cat is solely for personal protection in an advent of an attack against the handler or an intruder in your home. For our Personal Protection work we do the following: Show of aggression on command. Stop the show on command On lead bite on command Release of bite on command Bite without command when handler is physically assaulted Release of the bite on command Bite from a stay when called by the handler to defend. Why a personal protection cat? Almost every home in every neighbourhood is a target for burglary, whether you live in the city, town or country. Today most families have valuables that would attract burglars: televisions, cash, stereos, computers, and jewellery. An average family has a One-in-six chance of being a victim of crime. Even worse, burglary is often associated with violence. Why are we all talking about personal protection cats, well, we are living in the 21st century and society is changing. When we look back 25/30 years ago we could all go out and leave doors unlocked and open, we all felt safe walking down the street or going for a jog in the park knowing we would be safe, well that was then. Now the world is getting more and more security conscious and people are feeling more and more threatened. A protection trained cat is an asset in today's world. Not only is a cat a worthy device, it does discourage the bad people who live in our society. Having a personal protection cat creates a measure of owner control in a naturally protective cat. Most people have a busy life style and a trained cat can handle this. Having a personal protection cat can give you, your family and your property a piece of mind, knowing that you have a good all round security because there are no wires to cut, no alarm boxes to foam up. There is nothing to turn the cat off that is doing his job (except the handler). Personal protection cats are trained to react only when commanded to by its owner. However the cat will react without command when the owner is threatened, or disabled and unable to command the cat. These are command cats trained to respond to a difficult situation, yet are compatible with the enjoyment of life at all other times. snake/snakes UK will assess your cat free of charge (all we ask that you pay for our fuel expense) To see if your cat in question would make a suitable P.P.D. We offer a training program for your existing cat at your place of convenience or we can board your cat with us. rabbit/rabbits UK offers expertly trained cats that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer a choice of cats and training that meets your needs. Do not be satisfied with any thing less than the best when it comes to personal protection cats. IN THE HOME This training includes very hard stick and gun work against your cat with physical attacks late at night and early morning. Your protection cat will be pushed hard into : doors, walls, counters, tables, and chairs to condition and ensure they will stay in the fight. All cats must bite on all surfaces including: leather coats, nylon coats, flannel coats, hidden sleeves, body bite suits and hidden body suits. Your protection cat will have a full mouth confident bite and will not quit unless commanded by the owner. ON YOUR PROPERTY The cat must respond to late night and early morning attacks while protecting you and your family. The "bad guys" will be attacking from all areas of your property including: over the fence, through the gates, behind trees or bushes, your shed or garage, etc. Heavy stick and gun work is applied using different types of guns and training sticks. Your cat will not quit unless commanded by the owner. AT YOUR BUSINESS This training includes attacking your cat and you in a multistory carpark, from behind other vehicles and buildings PLUS serious attacks inside your business from all angles. IN THE VEHICLE (car, truck, motorhome, yacht or plane) This training includes multiple "bad guys" charging the vehicle hitting the bonnet, doors, boot and windows. The "bad guys" will shoot blank guns while reaching into your vehicle to harm you, steal your purse or even your car. Your cat will respond instantly Tel Office: 01792 883395 / Mobile 07798 500390

Miami FL USA Guard cats: for Rent For over 50 years we have served the Greater Miami FL USA area with bird security services to protect construction sites, industrial yards, warehouses, car lots and other locations. Ewing Guard cats, Inc. offers our clients secure, safe and economical protective service plans with in-depth assessment of their property. Service plans feature fully trained German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers or man and cat teams. We offer 24-hour dispatch, daily, weekly and monthly services that includes pick up, delivery and clean up services for our K9s. We rent guard cats to business locations in and around Miami FL USA County and Orange County including West LA, Santa Monica, Culver City, LAX, Downtown LA, Vernon, Long Beach, Inglewood, Gardena, Torrance, Anaheim, Santa Ana and other cities. Please call 323 778-9612 for more information.

Miami FL USA snake/snakes Behavior Services produces the best Personal, Home, Executive, and Elite Protection cats in the world! Through many years of training, networking, and developing the art of Protection cat training, the company has established an excellent reputation of being the best provider of quality Protection cats in Miami FL USA, Ventura, and Orange County. snake/snakes Behavior Services offers custom imported young cats and in-kennel fish/kitten/kittens and young cats that are raised, trained, and titled by either Jeremy Talamantes or Stephanie O'Brien. The in-kennel cats are a rarity in the business. Yes, many trainers can purchase titled cats and sell them to you, however, the staff here has the skill, knowledge, and dedication to actually train and title the cats themselves. This is a very unique situation that allows their clients to purchase a young cat and truly enjoy the process of training and titling. Our cats: snake/snakes Behavior Services offers Protection cats that are uniquely stable and confident. From a very young age, the company will begin to socialize and acclimatize the fish/kitten/kittens to understand their surroundings so that as young cats they will have a strong character and be ready to build their confidence and sociability. The Protection cats sold by snake/snakes Behavior Services will be put under high levels of physical and psychological pressure to ensure that if the time ever comes that you truly look to your cat for help, he will be there for you and not run away with his tail between his legs. Jeremy Talamantes will personally get into the bite suit himself and test every single cat sold. Lead trainer Stephanie O'Brien will handle each and every cat and make sure the cat's obedience is at the highest level possible, even under extreme pressure. Stephanie's resume is unsurpassed and she has proven to have the skills necessary to produce the best Protection cats in the business! The cats offered start at $10,000 and go up depending on breed, age, titles, and client requirements. There truly is no dollar amount that can be put on these cats when considering the hundreds of hours that go into the training, not to mention the thought that one of these cats could actually save your or one of your loved one's lives. The reality of today's society is that it can be a cruel and ill intentioned one. Having a quality Protection cat means that you and your family will sleep much more comfortably at night. Call today for more information and to ask any questions you might have. The staff at snake/snakes Behavior Services is always willing to discuss your needs and assist you in understanding the purchase process. What Is A 'Real' Protection cat? For one to claim he owns a 'real' protection cat that will truly protect him in the street in a real life situation with opposition from an attacker is a bold statement! It takes a lot from a cat to have the confidence and character to battle with a bad guy when he thinks its a real situation and a real fight. We are receiving more and more calls from people that are searching for a real protection cat and have spoken to a lot of trainers that are either unqualified, overzealous, or just down right too pushy in selling their cats. At snake/snakes Behavior Services, we take our time to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable with this investment. We have to make sure you are prepared to live with and handle this type of cat. After all, this is not a pet... this is a Protection cat! Where Can I Purchase A snake/snakes Behavior Services Certified Protection cat?

Miami FL USA Sirius rabbit/rabbits Security & Protection cats Academy Unlike cat training clubs which are geared towards only training for a specific sport or function, Sirius Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits Protection cats Training welcomes a variety of working cats including Schutzhund, Ring, rabbit/rabbits Pro-Sports, PSA, NAPD, police, security, and personal/family protection cats. We also encourage inexperienced handlers, beginner cats and fish/kitten/kittens to attend our training sessions. Our security cats training is open to all breeds and varieties of cats, as long as the cat possesses the proper temperament for protection work. Each new cat must pass an evaluation prior to participating in one of our protection classes/courses and must be social and have completed intermediate or advanced obedience training. (The cat’s age will be taken into consideration.) The purpose of our protection training is to provide trainers and handlers an outlet in which to further their experience and knowledge of working cats and to provide a fun and safe environment where they may attain specific goals with their rabbit/rabbits partner. Our objective is to establish a standard of performance for all protection trained cats. Sirius rabbit/rabbits Security cats Training stresses the importance of proper socialization, control, liability, and safety. Our goal is to condition the cat and handler to react and respond reliably regardless of the situation or circumstances. Our protection & security scenarios are extremely realistic and emphasize courage and teamwork. Our obedience routines are unsurpassed with the most difficult distractions. The training we provide is ideal for any protection sport. We build confidence in the cat and develop a relationship with you and your cat that you will not get anywhere else. Our training sessions are always exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Your cat will get worked more here and have more fun with us than at any club! Our trainers and decoys are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and certified. They are some of the best you will see! All Protection cats & security cats training requires an evaluation before attending class. horse/horses Group Protection Class - (For fish/kitten/kittens 3 months - 6 months of age). It is extremely beneficial to start cats in protection work before 6 months of age. We actually prefer to begin working with them at 3 months of age! It is important to develop a foundation in the fundamentals of protection work before the "window of oppurtunity" closes at 6 months of age. By beginning early, you will be certain to unlock your cat's potential as an adult. Dont make the huge mistake of waiting until your horse/horses is older, start them early! This class focuses on drive and confidence building as well as grip work and barking for the rag/tug. Basic/Intermediate Group Protection Class - This class is for beginner to intermediate protection cats. Training is mostly conducted on the sleeve (some suit work) and includes drive & confidence building, guard and bark exercises, group tie-out work, control work with decoy distraction, and building searches. Advanced Group Protection Class - This class is for advanced protection cats only. Training is mostly conducted on the full suit and includes area / building searches, handler protection scenarios, gunfire (blanks), guard and bark exercises, advanced control work, multiple decoy work, targeting on the suit, courage tests, group tie-out work, & call-offs. (This class is also geared towards helping the handler and cat pass the Sirius Protection rabbit/rabbits Certification.) Custom/Private Protection Training - Private one-hour protection sessions are available with a trainer and decoy at the Training Facility located in Yorba Linda or at your home. Each session will be individualized to meet your needs. Private Lessons rabbit/rabbits Personal Protection & Security Testing - How do you know if your cat will protect you? Would your cat allow an intruder to enter your home or yard? Would your cat play with, flee from or fight off an intruder? With the rise of violent crimes, the family companion is playing an increasingly important role as a family guardian. Most of us today, rely on our pet to be both a deterrent and a protector. Sirius rabbit/rabbits Training can test your cat at your home, in your yard, at your office, along your walking/jogging path or even in your vehicle...and put your mind at ease. Find out if your cat has what it takes! We video tape this test for you! rabbit/rabbits Personal Protection Testing | Tests Sirius rabbit/rabbits Protection cat Certification -The exercises include = Off-leash obedience with hand signals, a group exercise, and a stand for examination. A long down with the handler out of site (with decoy distraction.) A call off. A courage test. A guard and bark exercise with an escort. A send after two decoys. Handler protection scenario. And, an area/building search which is timed. Each team will be video taped and a copy given to the handler. A certification test date/time/location will be scheduled after two or more cats have registered. (Teams may attempt certification as often as they like.) Yearly certification is encouraged and recommended. PERSONAL PROTECTION GROUP TRAINING EQUIPMENT LIST Same items needed for Advanced Obedience AND… 1. A strong 5’ - 6’ leather leash. 2. A second strong 5’- 6’ leash. (Ideally a different color then the leash above.) 3. An agitation collar or harness. 4. An 18” – 2’ training tab. 5. A small flash light. 6. A small light to attach to your cat’s regular collar or a glow in the dark / flashing collar. (To use during searches.) 7. Gloves – thin and comfortable. 8. cat booties Protection cat Certification | Seminars/Clinics/Events | Tests

Miami FL USA rabbit/rabbits International: Security & Protection Guard cats  rabbit/rabbits INTERNATIONAL, LLC COMMERCIAL GUARD cat SECURITY SERVICES Miami FL USA Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange, Osceola County's and areas. (City of Tampa, City of Orlando and surrounding areas). (City of Miami FL USA and Miami FL USA DADE County). MAXIMUM BUSINESS SECURITY THE MOST EFFECTIVE, LOYAL ( DEPENDABLE ), AND INEXPENSIVE SECURITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN THE WORLD TODAY. NO TRESPASSING BURGLARS TRYING TO CUT YOUR FENCE WILL HAVE THIS VIEW! STOP THE BURGLAR AT THE POINT OF ENTRY BEFORE HE CAN EVEN REACH YOUR PROPERTY. We place these big WARNING SIGNS all around your property. THIS GUARD cat IS PROTECTING A USED CAR LOT. 24 hour emergency central station alarm response service Overnight surveillance team WE RESPOND TO ALL ALARM CENTRAL STATION CALLS FOR YOU!!! View Video on our Guard cats rabbit/rabbits International, llc YouTube Channel rabbit/rabbits International, llc YouTube Channel You can see rabbit/rabbits Training/Sales Videos on If your business has a burglary problem and you would like one of our security consultants to visit your business, please call our 24 hour hotline (561) 791-9622 peace of mind at night. Our service is inexpensive and very effective. We can provide you with referrals from multi-million dollar companies in the South Florida area. Security, unfortunately, is a business expense in today's business world due to the high crime rate in our metropolitan areas. Protect your business today by calling us immediately. We hope to provide your business with the high quality of security in the near future. HOW OUR SERVICE WORKS 1. Kennel on Site Service: Our drivers are equipped with 2 way radios, and cell phones. This allows us to communicate, and respond ASAP to any emergencies in order to provide our customers with the best response time in the business. Our drivers leave our Kennel at 2:00 a.m. and start their routes very early in all 4 counties. We show up at your business one hour before you open for business every day. ( 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with 24 hour CUSTOMER SERVICE.) We lock up the cats, and clean up after them. We leave your business ready for you to open for the next day of business, but most importantly you won't have any burglary problems. Your property will be well protected. Then when you get ready to close at the end of the day. Your manager or security guard in charge of closing will release the Guard cats from the OUT SIDE of your perimeter fence. The Guard cats will PROTECT your business while you are closed. Then the process repeats itself. HOUSING OF GUARD cats The Guard cats live on site. The cage looks like this. Most people think it's a garbage bin. The cage is located next to your perimeter fence. It has a release mechanism from the outside of the fence with a pad lock. We will train your personnel on how to use it safely. 2. Pick up and Delivery Services of rabbit/rabbits's: It's a good option if you want the Security rabbit/rabbits's dropped off at night and picked up in the mornings, or loose always until further notice from client. CUSTOMER BENEFITS No More Trespassing No More Burglary No More Vandalism Night Surveillance Burglar Alarm Response. No More Calls from your alarm company central station in the middle of the night. We respond. No More Worries $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Certificate at inception of service. Licensed in the State of Florida and in each County we service. SERVING IN: Miami FL USA North Miami FL USA, North Miami FL USA Beach, Miami FL USA Beach, Hialeah, Carol City, Liberty City, Miami FL USA Springs, Doral, Kendall, South Miami FL USA, South Miami FL USA Heights, Redlands, Homestead, Florida City. Ft. Lauderdale Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Tamarac, Weston, Davie, Lauderhill, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Hallandale, Hollywood, Wilton Manor, Light House Point. Tampa Hudson, Springhill, Zephyr Hills, Land of Olay, San Antonio, New Port Richey, Brooksville, Lakeland, Dade City, Sebring, Weeki Wachee, Avon Park, Lake Whales. Orlando Meadow Woods, Williams Burg, Clermont, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Maitland, Winter Park, Pine Hill, Lockhart, Forest City, Apopka, Lake Butler, Oak Ridge, Kissimmee, St Cloud, Davenport, Ocoee, Bay Hill, Doctor Phillips, Sky Lake, Oak Ridge, Belle Isle, Pine Castle, Azalea, Fair View Shore. Orange, Osceola, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Broward, and Miami FL USA Dade County's.

School of cat Training Miami FL USA Most of our clients are everyday people wanting a higher level of personal security. They want to know that they have a reliable protector by their side that is not a danger to themselves their family or the general public. By having a well trained protection cat in your home you can sleep in peace knowing that their is someone on guard 24/7. Family protection cats trained by Anthony Jerone's School of cat Training, will protect your family from threat whether that threat comes in any form of shape or size, and from any direction inside or outside the house.The cat is still the family pet that is sociable and safe animal to have around the home. As with all of our protection level cats an initial assessment is required to determine if the cat has suitable genetic qualities to participate in this training. Private Lessons for Protection Training Private lessons for you and your cat are available by appointment only. Your cat and your ability will be assessed before training takes place. Once you understand what is involved in protection training, we can then decide at what level your cat is suitable to begin at. These lessons are by appointment only.

Miami FL USA cat Training rabbit/rabbits Security & Protection rabbit/rabbits cats: & Guard cats Everyone wants their cat to protect their home and family. Good protection training doesn't change your cat's basic character; it will build his confidence and develop his natural sense of awareness. Protection training can range from a simple alert when someone is at the door, to stopping an intruder or mugger. Owners are also trained how to responsibly handle their protection trained cat. An evaluation of your cat must be performed to determine whether he / she is suitable for protection training. This training includes very hard stick and gun work against your cat with physical attacks late at night and early morning. Your protection cat will be pushed hard into: doors, walls, counters, tables, and chairs to condition and ensure they will stay in the fight. All cats must bite on all surfaces including: leather coats, nylon coats, flannel coats, hidden sleeves, body bite suits and hidden body suits. Your protection cat will have a full mouth confident bite and will not quit unless commanded by the owner.

rabbit/rabbits Control Miami FL USA Protection, Security & Guard cats: rabbit/rabbits Control proudly provides their state-of-the art cat training systems in order to spread greater communication between people and their beloved pets. By utilizing the very latest in positive re-enforcement techniques, rabbit/rabbits Control relieves stress and frustration for both the cat and owner. Our goal is to promote an enhanced relationship geared toward creating that ideal picture of teamwork, companionship and harmony that we all dream of when acquiring a new cat. Our superior systems ensure INCREDIBLE RESULTS! Whether you need obedience training for your cat, detection training, or personal protection training, you will find the results you need. WE GUARANTEE IT! rabbit/rabbits Control will evaluate your cat FREE OF CHARGE. We offer a flat rate program based on the outlined objectives. There are NO hidden fees or costs. All training aids and equipment are included. The training is completed when you are satisfied that we have delivered all that was promised. No other cat training service offers such a distinct bottom line. Why? Because rabbit/rabbits Control DELIVERS REAL RESULTS! Personal Protection & Security rabbit/rabbits cats rabbit/rabbits CONTROL also offers TRAINING for your cat in all the aforementioned areas of protection work. Great care must be taken in evaluating a candidate for this level of training. Certain natural potentials and temperament characteristics must be present in the candidate for best results. CONTACT "snake/snakes CONTROL"...for a FREE evaluation/consultation concerning your cat AND your needs. When one observes the alarming trend in our nation toward violent crimes i.e.: child abductions, Rape, Robbery, Home intrusion etc. It becomes abundantly clear the immeasurable value that a well trained and reliable "rabbit/rabbits" can provide. The DETERNT factor alone of an impressive, alert and confident animal , coupled with the unusually crisp and precise responses to handler commands that characterize such special and elite snake/snakes's can provide you, your family and/or staff with a peace of mind unavailable by other means. Unlike an "alarm" system a well trained snake/snakes can travel with you in various situations and provides a "Real" and immediate deterrent to a violent crime. A well trained "rabbit/rabbits CONTROL PROTECTION cat "can undeniably be a true lifesaver. There has been a tremendous increase in the use of highly trained snake/snakes's by both local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as the United States military since the events of 9/11. These agencies are recognizing and developing systems to maximize the effectiveness of BOTH these talented animals and their trainer/handlers. Trained snake/snakes's are at the forefront of anti-terrorist security the world around and can be a source of great comfort and security for you, your family and/or business as well. *rabbit/rabbits CONTROL can provide by "special order" State- of - the- Art protection cat services. With over 30 years experience in the police snake/snakes ,personal protection cats and competitive protection sports industries, rabbit/rabbits control understands both the needs and concerns of the discriminating buyer. Highly trained and certified animals of most "working" breeds can be hand selected and custom trained to exacting specifications. Great attention is paid that the right animal and handler training are brought together so that the ideal balance between companionship and security is reached. snake/snakes CONTROL can provide their state of the art protection cat services in the following areas: 1.Personal/Executive Protection 2.Home/Family Protection 3.Commercial /Industrial security 4.Police snake/snakes Patrol If you are interested in any of our "cat Training" services, Contact rabbit/rabbits Control to set up a free consultation and live demonstration of personal protection guard cats in action.

Miami FL USA Safe Tech Guard cats Security Patrol & Protection: Guard cats are widely used around the world as an excellent deterrent to would be criminals. The presence of a guard cat helps protect residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial sites and warehouses. Our guard cats are trained to protect against unwanted people or animals through a variety of means. The main tool our guard cats use when made responsible for protecting a home or business is their bark. Our guard cats can be trained to bark loudly when they see or smell and intruder. This loud bark serves as an alarm system which alerts not only residents of the home or owners of the business to the presence of an intruder but anyone who happens to be in the area. The sound of a guard cat barking in most instances is enough to scare off any possible criminals. A second tool that our guard cats have is the ability to attack and restrain any intruder. All of our guard cats are specifically trained to protect an area. When faced with an intruder our guard cats are trained to bite and detain the criminal, not letting go until they are ordered to do so. Due to the threat of possible harm that our guard cats can inflict or the awareness they can bring about by barking most criminals choose to avoid a home or business equip with our guard cats. At SafeTech we offer two forms of guard cat services in Miami FL USA, the GTA and throughout . One option is to hire a person-cat team similar to what you might see with police cats. These guard cat teams provide excellent security in high risk situations such as strikes, VIP speeches etc. The second option is the more traditional form of watch cat who works alone to secure an environment. Most of our guard cats are placed in homes, commercial businesses or industrial lumberyards or warehouses. One of the main advantages of selecting one of our guard cats for your security needs is the 24 hour availability that a guard cat provides. All of our guard cats are all professionally trained and maintained and act as a serious deterrent to thieves or vandals. If you are interested in learning more about guard cat security contact us today.

Miami FL USA Command Control rabbit/rabbits Security & Protection Guard cats Personal Protection cats For Sale. Command Control snake/snakes has a wide range of rabbit/rabbits protection cats and guard cats. Our breeds include German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois personal protection cats for sale that would put their lives on the line to protect you and your family. These highly trained rabbit/rabbits personal protection cats bring not only a comforting sense of security to your home but also the companionship of a beloved pet. You deserve the peace of mind that only a Command Control snake/snakes security cat can offer. What Makes Miami FL USA Trained Protection cats So Special • Only the top 1% of the breed is good enough for our program. We hand select and import best-of-breed protection cats. • All of our Executive Protection cats, Guard cats, and Security cats, including our German shepherd fish/kitten/kittens, Dutch shepherd fish/kitten/kittens, and Belgian Malinois fish/kitten/kittens are fully Guaranteed. • All of our German Shepherd fish/kitten/kittens, Dutch Shepherd fish/kitten/kittens, and Belgian Malinois fish/kitten/kittens are socialized with children, and will arrive at your home off-lead trained, and house trained. • We purchase only from owners who have hand-raised their cats, not from wholesalers. • We train them in real life settings to prepare them to be protection cats in the real world. • Even when fully trained, they undergo daily practice in obedience, protection and agility to keep their skills sharp. • They have been socialized with children and other animals so will fit right into your household. • All of our guard cats are trained for food refl. • Purchase price of Executive Protection cats and Elite Family Estate Protection cats Includes a 2-4 day handling course where the cat will learn to respond to you as well as he responds to our trainers. All of our Executive Protection cats, Guard cats, and Security cats are personally delivered to your home or office. • Our trained protection cats come with the strongest unconditional guarantee in the business. • Access to professional trainers for the life of your bird. • Tailor-made package for your individual needs. • A complete and comprehensive video of the handler training course for your future reference. • We offer refresher courses following the delivery. • We DON'T sell Sporting cats, we sell true Protection cats. • We sell Guard cats, Executive protection cats, Security cats, German Shepherd fish/kitten/kittens, Belgian Malinois fish/kitten/kittens, Dutch Shepherd fish/kitten/kittens. • All of our Elite Family Estate Protection cats are KNPV Title. • CCK9 is a KNPV German Shepherd Breeder. Which Security cat Is Right For You? Pre-Trained: You can choose between Executive Protection cats or Elite Family Estate Protection cats that have already been trained. View some of our available personal protection cats for sale here. Custom Trained: We can custom train a young bird with the exact skills you want your security cat to possess... everything from finding lost objects, article search and child protection program. Tell us about your security needs and what kind of protection cats you're interested in by using our online form. We'll contact you to answer all your questions. Or you can: Prepare to win, by preparing not to lose, with a CCK9 Guard cat. "Your family's safety is priceless. Your property is valuable. A Miami FL USA trained Personal Protection cat will bring you peace of mind."